Monday, 12 January 2015

More day 1 and 2

Tomorrow will be day 3 of the TIAS!!!!

Today, however, I have more newcomers and more with day two as well. First this morning is Linda M with days 1 and 2 and who says:-
"This is the only email I could find. I have attached day 1 & 2. 
Always a fun project during all this snow and cold. Linda M in NM 

Jan has arrived with her day 2 and this comment:-
"Day 2 - both colors. I am still not sure which one I like, but I do know I want to keep going! Now my daughter wants me to start a third one for her even though we don't know what it is 😉 
Jan B. "

Sorry about the delay in getting the rest of this morning's posts in. I started with toothache yesterday so managed to get an emergency appointment at the dentist this morning - early. The tooth fairy is now richer by two teeth!!!! 

So, next to arrive overnight was Caroline who says:-
"I'm a little slow with day 2. It is turning colder and Wednesday it is to start a warm up. Hope it happens as the cold is starting to get to me. My kitties both want on my lap to keep warm but then they want to play with what I am working on. Not always a good mix. :-)))) 

Now the next to arrive is Sue who has sent in her days 1 and 2 combined. She says:-
"I finally got started. First time doing a lock chain. That was a bit finicky on a tired brain but not too hard either. 
From snowy Northern Michigan 
Sue Fugere"

Next in is Susan who has sent in both days 1 and 2. Welcome, Susan.
"First year joining in and loving it!!!  
Susan P

Next to arrive is G who has sent in both day 1 and day 2.  Welcome aboard.
"Here are my day 1 & day 2.  Don't know what it is yet.  Maybe later."

Next to arrive is Gea who has sent in both days 1 and 2. She says:-
"Hello Jane, 
Already in December I looked forward to this TIAS. Having again fun with the intriguing new techniques and all the guessing what it would or should become. 
(all family members take turns in guessing). 
Hereby my day 1 and 2, combined. This is the second attempt because the first thread was to thin to keep on working. 
Looking forward to the next days. 
Greetings from Holland 

Another new arrival to this year's TIAS is Claire who says:-
"Hello Jane, 
I am a French beginner in tatting but I decided I would give a try to Tat It And See and find out how far I can go! Starting was a little difficult but Day 2 was okay and now I am impatient to discover Day 3 :-) 
Here are my photos. 
Have a nice day! 
Marie - Rue de la Laine"

Next to arrive in my inbox with her combined days one and two is Denise who says:-
"I have started and I'm caught up ! Attached is my progress. 
From Denise Brant"

Marie has arrived with a splendid drawing along with her guess on day 2. I wonder if she's right?
"The waiting is killing me. Is it a snail? 
Thanks for all the fun! 
West Pine Creations"

Martha is back now with her day 2 and the following picture and comment:-
"Here I come limping in late. I'm blaming the camera. The battery was dead and had to wait to recharge. I was worried about the button size, but so far so good. Still liking the colors. 

Another new lass joining the TIAS today with her days 1 and 2 combined. This time it's Marie from SC. She says:-
"Hi Jane, 
This is my Day 1 and Day 2 together. We were in Oklahoma to see family and meet one of our newest grandsons when TIAS started. We now have 10 and another little boy due in 6 weeks! They are all so wonderful. My guess is a snowman. It looks like the carrot nose on my beautiful shuttle. I love you, Jane!! 
Marie Smith, South Carolina, USA"
That's a LOT of grandchildren, Marie.  They'll keep you busy.  Bet you stole lots of cuddles!!!!

Another new arrival in this year's TIAS is Sherry who has sent in her combined days 1 and 2.
"Here it is….I wanted to make this in Ice size 30 Lizbeth thread but couldn’t find it so I had to make another choice so I am going with white and Country Turquoise Lt. 
My guess to the mystery is either a Snowflake or Star. I hope my color choice will suit the TIAS. 

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so sorry you're having dental issues. Hope you heal quickly. Will send you a pic soon!