Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Tuesday and more coming in

First of all - day 9 will be tomorrow.

The first one into my inbox overnight is Kathy who says:-
"Dear Jane 
Well, the question about whether my button was too large has now been answered and that answer is YES. I had to take liberties with your lock chain to make it fit around my fat button. Even then I wet my work and tried to stretch it. It reminds me of when I try to squeeze into my jeans :>) 
I was beginning to think this is a bow-legged cowboy, but your last “leg” to the TIAS proved that wrong. Rest easy my fair tatters, you are not alone on the misadventures of not reading a pattern. I did not do a lock join on one of the legs and by the time I noticed, I didn’t want to take out that much work to correct it. SO, now that I’ve drawn attention to it, it screams at you, doesn’t it? Looking at my picture I wonder if I’ve even completed Day 8. I must go check. Well, I still say it’s a crab. 
Jane, don’t feel badly, it’s gloomy and dreary here in Tennessee too. 

A comment only has just come in from Rhonda who says:-
"It's a lobster! At least, that's what came to mind the minute I saw the results of people's day 8 tatting. The slightly curved shape of the first two segments is the one thing that has made me think it isn't a rabbit. 
I and my friend are still on day 5 -- last week was the beginning of Spring semester so I've been swamped in writing syllabi and herding students, so I'm a bit behind. 
Still tatting along, 
Rhonda in Denver"
Thanks for your comment, Rhonda.

Now I have Grace with her days 6, 7 and 8 along with her comment which is:-
"Hi Jane, Grace C here. was a bit busy to send in 6 and 7 so here they all are. Have no idea what this is after I tatted day 8. 
Maybe it is a wrench or a pair of scissors."

Time for breakfast - back in a bit!!!

Mistene is the next to arrive with her days 4 to 8!!! She says:-
"Dear Jane, 
Life got in the way so I couldn't get back to this fun project until tonight, but I didn't cheat! Did each day before I looked at the next day's instructions. I thought it might be a fish, but after Day 8, not so much! 
I didn't do the lock chains right but was consistently wrong so there's that. Funny, I love doing split rings but my hands just refused to make that second stitch right in the LCh. Maybe because I was holding the thread differently than I do while making SRs. It's a mystery, just like this little thingamajiggy we're making! 
--Mistene in Kentucky who loves to tat and hopes she doesn't get behind again."

Now Lyn has arrived all the way from Australia with her day 8. Her comment is:-
"Good morning Jane, 
Here is my day 8, that I forgot to send in yesterday. 
Well it is 1pm and 35.8*c here so I am inside tatting ! Any excuse is a good excuse ! 
Lyn West Aust"

Martha is next with her day 8 and she says:-
"So, here's another day. I am much relieved that it is now looking less like a pulled tooth. A new guess? How about a big letter X, and later you will give us an O, so we can make hugs and kisses. 

Finally this morning Catrin has sent in her day 8 along with days 1 - 7. Welcome to the TIAS.

This afternoon I have Lindy with her days 6, 7 and 8 and who has this to say:-
"Hi Jane,
Last weekend I didn't have enough time for taking a reasonable picture and sending an email, but of course I made some time to tat!
Still have no idea what it is going to be, may be tomorrow we'll have a better clue? Looking forward to it.

Patricia is next to arrive in my inbox with this comment:-
"honestly don't have a clue!! I'm just being silly with my "guess." Has anyone come close with their guess yet Jane? Excitedly waiting to see what comes next!! Muskogee, Oklahoma -- Lizbeth size 20, #643. 
Patricia Lyn Cobb 

Sharon is now back with her comment and picture. She says:-
"Hi Jane, 
I forgot to include the picture last time, don't know what day it was. Here is my--thru day 8 picture. No idea what it is but, I am learning to recognize my mistakes which means I am getting more proficient as a tater. 
I forgot to do the last picot and 3 before I closed on 17 and I looks like I twisted my hair when I joined to 9, I think it is. What do you think? 
I was wondering if everyone on this is shuttle tatting. I recently learned needle tatting, just not as much fun and not old school tatting. 
Sharon in Va. Also skispinner on Rav"

Julie has now sent in her day 8 along with her comment too:-
"I have just realised that I didn't send you my day 8 !!!" 

Next to arrive is Stephanie who is still puzzled!! She says:-
"hi Jane! 
Here's my Day 8. 
Ok, I confess....I'm stumped. Much as I love thinking of really crazy things it could be....outrageously crazy things....I haven't a clue this time. COULD it be a bunny? But there are no beads....so it's not likely... unless he has his eyes closed... A starfish with a missing leg? (I can see where a 4th leg COULD go, but no space for a 5th one.) DH asked me if I was tatting a lobster....looked like a big claw to him. 
Waiting for Day 9. Maybe another 'clue' will shed some light on this whatsis. 
Have a terrific week! 

Wendy has just sent in her day 8 with this comment:-
"All I can think of is a wonky star fish 
Well, Wendy, I'm trying to work out what a wonky star fish would look like!!!


occhitat said...

Love Martha's guess: X and O for hugs and kisses!!!
Katie V in NC

Wendy said...

Wonky, of course