Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Day 6

First in with day 6 is my rabbit mad friend Maureen!!!! This is her comment!!!

"Reinforcements have arrived, in large sizes. A bit chewed as well, but Rabbit has been part of the family since here are my yellow rabbit ears, and if they are not rabbit ears, then perhaps they are the spokes of a wheel - or a windmill."

Next to arrive is Julie with her day 6. She says:-
"My day 6 ! It is so much fun !!!!!!! Could it be a crocodile ?"

Marie follows on shortly after with her comment and picture:-
"Hello Jane, this is my Day 6. Now I’m starting to think about a rabbit, too 😉 
Marie - Rue de la Laine 

Jacee follows next with hers:-
"Hi Jane, 
Made another in a less colourful thread - mine would be a green RABBIT - if it's one. 

Muskaan is determined to keep me busy too!!!!  You've just GOT to read her rhyme!!
"Good morning Jane :-) 
With my Day 6 instalment, a few lines based on the main guesses/ categories : 
Squids are slippery 
Birds follow suit . 
Dragonflies flutter away 
Plants hafta take root ! 
Dolphins are playful 
Bunnies are cute . 
Crocodiles are toothy 
Scissors' a brute ! 
But the Foxiest conjecture 
A Cowboy without Boots ! 
Oh, Whatever we guess, 
Jane cares not two hoots ;-( 

Isa is next - a little later than usual!! Here's her comment and picture:-
"Hi Jane: 
Today I have a busy morning, but here it's TIAS day 6. 
I think it's a ladybug :) 
Isa in a winter day with 1 degree C, in south of Sweden."

Irene has arrived with her day 6 too. She says.
"Hi Jane, 
This my day 6 :) 
Thanks a lot. 

Diane is like so many of us - sometimes she forgets to attach her picture but this time she did!!!
"Good morning, Jane! 
I’m going to remember to attach the picture today. I have no guesses. I’m just enjoying the tatting. 
Diane Cademartori 

Shelly has sent in her picture too along with a smilie but those won't show in blogger for some reason.  Here it is.

Emilia is next with this comment which made me laugh!!!
"Dear Jane, 
Or should I say: what's up Doc? As some more tatters do, I think were making a rabbit 
But I know you won't give it away yet. I am curious for the next part. Kind regards Emilia"

Adrian has sent his picture next with a comment too. Don't worry folks - if you forget the picture I email you and keep your comment until it arrives!
"Hi Jane! 
Hopefully I've managed to attach the image before I send the email this time! 
I still think it's looking like a pair of scissors! 

Sonja has now arrived with her day 6.
"Hello Jane 
Here is my day 6. I think it will be a person, dont know what kind of person. Still fun. 
Greetings from a cold Holland 

I think Firanghish is the last in this batch and she says:-
"Hi Jane, 
Windmills second blade is completed, if it's. 
Sending picture of the day 6. 
Thanks a lot. 
Love to you and all fun loving tatters. 

After a small break I have more to show you. First is from Marie who says:-
"I still see a bowlegged cowboy doing rope tricks with his lassos. And he is pretty good at it, don't you think?"

Jane has now arrived with her day 6 and she says:-
"Day Six is done, 
It’s lots of fun 
Though I cannot see 
What it will be."

A novel new suggestion (from what I can remember of previous posts) comes from Elizabeth who says:-
"It could be a rabbit or a hat decoration. Who know. It is such fun. Elizabeth USA" 

Next I have a comment from Kathy who says:-
"Good morning Jane 
I am going to venture a guess on the TIAS. The two rows we have tatted are bunny ears. OR they could be crab claws and the button is the crab body? 
Hugs from USA TN 

The next to arrive is Fox who is set now on a toucan!!!
"Ah, Jane. How you love to titilate! It is surely a tantalizing Toucan. Obviously." 

The next message from Claudia includes another new tatter who has joined us. First her message which explains.
"Good morning Jane!! today is a sunny day.. not so hot. so we get a little relief!! 
Just thinking.. may be it is a kind of rabbit!!! at this part it seems like a pair of long ears!!! lol... 
With my day 6 , i also attach a pic of day 5 by Haydee Pavon, Argentinian tatter, and also a new one, Maria Dolors Vandellos , a Spanish tatter, from Spain!! , with her day 5 too!!! 
hope we could increase tatting land ! 
I am a bit puzzled how an Argentinian tatter knows a Spanish lady who tats too but who cares - everybody is tatting!!
So, first is Claudia's day 6.

Next is day 6 from Haydee who joined us recently.

Finally is new tatter from Spain with all the days 1 - 6.  Welcome, Maria.

Next to arrive is Judy who says:-
" Jane, 
All thumbs today but got through it. My chain is a little larger in sections but that is okay by me. Not in the mood to take it out." 
I'll go with your decision, Judy.  I have many days like that too!

Fox always has the ability to make me smile and this return visit has again done just that!!!!
"Jane, can you imagine The Horror when I saw all the lock chains I had tatted? I was so excited to have solved the puzzle with the terrifically tantalizing Toucan, that I did not follow instructions. (for a change) 
After trying unsuccessfully to un-tat the chains ( threads are old, thin -#40 as well- and break easily, I said, Oh, sod it, and brought out the trusty scissors. 
This is supposed to be fun and now the cat is hiding.... But, is fixed. Can't have a pretty toucan with a snaggly beak. "

Next to arrive is Maria who has sent in her day 6 with the following comment and picture:-
"Never...EVER... tat with size 80 when you are distracted!!!! 
I knew better.... oh yes.... I should have started with the size 20 version.... 
but did I listen to my better and wiser self.... oh Nooooo... 
I knew I felt confident and dove right in... did I read the pattern...? 
well, not really.... after all it was just a repeat of what we did before... right? 
Well, after all the interruptions (my son & daughter kept coming in and asking questions!) and the recounting and restarting and recounting and some little retatting......Yes!... I finally managed to get all the 'lock chains' finished! 
Yeah!!!!!....... but wait, you say there are no 'lock chains' in day 6? !!!! 
NOOOOOO! Do you know how hard it is to untat lock chains and lock joins in size 80 thread when you are a confident and very firm tatter? 
well, I almost cried :( but I persevered and finally got it all undone & redone and now all is right with the world..... again, until next time! Maybe, just maybe, I'll learn my lesson? Anyone wanna place any bets?"
Here is my pic of my Mamma and Baby bunny ears. :) 
Marla "
Oh, poor you.  What a shame.  Easily done, though.

Margaret has now arrived with her day 6. She says:-
"Hello Jane, still trying to second guess you! Could still be a crab but I don't really think you would have started with the pincers if is! Can't see anything else yet though!
You never know, Margaret, you never know!!!

Martha has arrived with her day 6. She says:-
"Here's my Day 6. Maybe I'm one of the earlier ones for a change. I thought of a ballerina standing enpointe, but she would have rather a big bottom. Then I saw the second point is shorter than the first. A marijuana leaf? Naughty Jane!"
That's me, Martha.  Naughty!!!!

Shirley has come up with another original thought!!!! Well it's a thought!!!
"It's surely Elvis Presley. Missing the blue suede shoes." 

Next to arrive is Wanda with her day 6 and the following comment:-
"Hello, Jane. Well, here is day 6 complete. I love all the guesses on what this might be, which has inspired several poets - some very cute rhymes :-) My husband looked at it today and came up with the same ideas that have been suggested by other players and he hasn't been reading their guesses. Hmm, still no closer to an answer. 
Wanda in Kansas"

Alba has now arrived with her guess and picture too.
"Good morning Jane. Looks like my bunny is happily listening music with his headphones, hehehe"
Sorry, Alba, the pictures wouldn't paste into the blog.

Next in is Nikki with her day 6.
"Here are my dragonfly wings...."

Anne has sent in her picture of day 6 and here it is.

Next to arrive is Jo who says:-
"Hi Jane 
Here's my day 6 - could still be a crocodile. 
Jo in England"

Wendy has now dropped in with her day 6. She says:-
"Mmm, think crocodile 

The next arrival is Mouse and her daughter.
"here are our day 4, 5, and 6 pics:) mine are the red button with black thread and Meaghan's are the red button and white thread. think it's starting to look like a pincher from a crab but Meaghan thinks it's Bugs bunny 
Today Meaghan did her first LJ :) she did awesome. 
First three pictures are Meaghan's and the following three are Mouse's.

Finally today I have another newcomer who is Donna. She has sent in her days 1 - 6 all in one!!!! Thanks, Donna and welcome.
"Hi Jane, 
I have been working along with you this year. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to do the Tat it and See activity. I hate winter, so I really look forward to seeing everyone's progress and reading their comments. I really look forward to that. Here is my Tat it and See so far. I can sure see the rabbit ears, but wonder if it could be a dragonfly....... 
Donna B in Kansas"


Lisa Redden said...

Hi ,
I've been printing each page on the days you add them,
I will soon give this ago, but i'am not good at reading patterns... To me it looks like a Dragon fly! Can't wait to see the finished item..

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Lisa, be brave!!! I'm around most of the time to help if you have problems and when I'm not here (asleep!) then there's bound to be somebody else around. Take each line of the pattern and read carefully. Do that and then move onto the next. There are diagrams too. It's really not hard.