Thursday, 15 January 2015

Day 3 continues

Tomorrow will be day 4 so keep watching for the links!!

First in today is Sarah who says:-
"Hi Jane, Sorry I'm a bit late with day 3 but here it is with another rhyme. I never know if I can keep this rhyming thing going! 
Could # 3 brain cell 
Have created a carousel? 
I do not know and you won't tell! 
Sarah "

Next in is Sue who says:-
"My centipede is getting longer. Or is it taller? I can see this becoming the Eiffel Tower soon. I love reading all the other ideas from everyone around the world as well. 
Sue Fugere"

Patricia has now joined in with her days 1 - 3.
I'm behind already, I had to skip Day 2! Lizbeth # 643--Medium Grape. I am in such a fog as to what we are making...that I looked through the mists and saw a ______!!!! From Muskogee OK USA. 
Patricia Lyn Cobb 

Now I've got Denise who has joined us too. Here's her comment:-
"Hello Jane, 
Thank you once again for hosting a wonderful Tatting adventure. I look forward to the TIAS at the start of each year. I didn’t look for the start soon enough and almost missed it! I just started today but managed to pick my thread, button, wind my shuttles and tat all three days. Whew! I’m caught up.
My husband guesses it is a drag racer. Here is a photo in case you don’t know what a drag racer is
I have a question about Day 1. What is the point of the lock chain there? I didn’t really like my lock chain and would have preferred a regular chain. Some of my stitches seemed to get a little wonky on the lock chain. 
And here is my pretty little tatted piece complete with button! I can’t wait to start attaching buttons to my tatting. I had so much fun with that. I never thought to use a button instead of a bead. I love it."  
The reason for the lock chain will hopefully become obvious in time, Denise!!!!

Julie has got her mum involved too with the guessing!!!
"Hello Jane ! 
Here is my day 3. My mother, who is very interested in this game, thinks it could be a flower ^^"

Finally as I have to go out I have Marie's day 3 with her comment:-
"Hello Jane! This is my Day 3! I love this tatting adventure, I spring to my computer every morning to check the news on your blog ;-) 
Have a nice day 
Marie - Rue de la Laine"

Next to enter my inbox is Nikki who has just joined in with this year's TIAS. She says:-
"Here are my 1-3 days... Lol was so excited about the new Tias I forgot all about it lol .. 
Using Lizbeth in Rainbow and found a pretty little yellow button."

Joanie (my wonderful host in Florida last September) has now joined us with the following comment and picture of her days 1 through to 3.
"Well, I couldn't stand it any longer!!! Forget about all the other things I'm supposed to be doing, on with the TIAS!!! I found 2 shuttles. Then I located the small bag of buttons that Martha graciously gifted me with at Tat Days and chose my button, which determined thread color! I wound my shuttles and have tatted Days 1, 2 and 3! So I am awaiting Day 4, as everyone else is!!! 
I also have trouble with the teeny tiny rings! And the thread colors in Rings 7 and 8 make the rings look wonky!!!"

Miranda is the next to arrive in my inbox. She says:-
"Hi Jane, 
My aged computer has been increasingly recalcitrant of late, but this morning I was finally able to get online long enough to print out Day 3. I still see no reason why it couldn't be a bat, although I think the wing is just about long enough now, don't you? I suppose it could also be a hand plow. 
Now I'm going to see if I can stay online long enough to post to my blog-- wish me luck! 

Another new arrival with her day one is Starlene who says:-
"I am behind because we just moved and I can't find anything!!! Had to buy some buttons for this!!!"

Back a few minutes later is Starlene who says:-
"Finally got caught up!!"
Well done - you're fast!!!

Next to arrive on this cold, cold evening is Tally Tatty who says:-
"Hi, Jane, 
Why can I never win? I started again with darker thread, corrected a mistake and tried to minimize gaposis. 
Result: my double stitches are on the wrong side of the button symmetry. Nom d’un chien! 
It looks like a comet right now! 
Sleep well! 

Robin has joined us again this year and has just sent in her days 1, 2 and 3. Here's her comment and picture.
"Hi Jane, 
I've had a bit of a late start. Here is my progress on this years TIAS. It will be my second time around (first was the sailboat). I have no idea what this could be, maybe something reptilian? The green thread didn't go as well with the button I found, so I'm using Lizbeth's Niagara Falls. Can't wait to see how this progresses! 
Robin "

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