Tuesday, 20 January 2015

More TIAS and more news

The 'more news' is that day 6 will be available tomorrow. I like a day which is 'less busy' between each stage so today it might well be my 'less busy' day. If it isn't then that's good too!!!

First in this morning is from Alba who says this:-
"A rabbit ? ? ?"
There was a cute little picture of a rabbit but it just came out as a square on blogger. Sorry, Alba. 

Another new arrival this evening is Sonja who has worked her days 1 - 5 all in one picture. She says:-
"Dear Jane, 
I do work day 1 - 5 in one time. Here is my first picture. Your instructions are great. It's a animal? Rabbit, Crocodile? In same days I believe so, I know which of the two it is! 
Sonja (Switzerland)"

Now yet another new arrival - welcome, Melanie. Here's her comment and all five pictures of her progress.
"Good morning Jane- 
I have been following along this year. I've always enjoyed the game, so couldn't resist. My guess so far for this year: An animal yawning. Myabe a crocodile or a hummingbird....although that would be a lifesize hummer. 
So, here's my photos to catch up. I just haven't had my trusty laptop in the same room as my tatting supplies nor hooked up to the scanner. Until today. Your choice what to post. 

Shirley has now sent in her day 5 along with the following comment:-
"These are the legs of a cowboy who has been on his horse too long. Shirley "

Just arrived is Denise with her days 4 and 5. This is what she says:-
"Here is day 4 and 5. Possibly still a flower but may be some kind of animal or maybe a fish. 
Denise Royal 

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