Saturday, 17 January 2015

More day four and others, I hope!!!

Don't forget it's day 5 tomorrow. I thought day 4 was pretty straightforward so it would be a good idea to let day 5 out at the weekend when hopefully people have more time. Really good to see new people joining all the time.

So, first in this morning is from Miranda with a vivid imagination and who says:-
"Hi Jane, 
Well, the computer is almost behaving itself today. I clicked Create Mail and went to get the laundry out of the dryer, and by the time I got back, it was actually ready to create some mail! 
Day 4 was certainly quick to tat. I happened to have similar colors showing on both threads, so my lock chain is not quite as striking as some people's undoubtedly will be, but I'm betting there will be more lock chains later. 
At this point, the wing seems too narrow for a bat. Perhaps it's not a wing at all. Perhaps it is a Chinese dragon holding a pearl in its mouth. Time will tell. 

Claudia has popped in to say this which may help other people who speak Spanish. 
"hi jane, i have translate dia 1, 2 and 3 , and you can find them at my facebook page, in my album. 
Here is the link". Maybe others will join who haven't been able to before. 

Next to arrive is Marie who has a new guess:-
"Hi Jane, 
I am going to jump right into a new guess. It must be a Toucan! 
Marie Smith in South Carolina"

Now another new joiner with her days 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Welcome, Linda.  You are number 100 to join us but that doesn't mean that 100 will finish!!!!!
"Hi Jane
Thank you so much for doing this tias once again.  They are so fun.
I am playing catch up and hope I will be able to keep up. 

Oh, Miranda has popped back with another comment for Maureen!!!!!
"Hi Jane, 
Here's another guess. I really don't understand what Maureen is so disappointed about, because I have never seen anything on a TIAS that looks so much like the ear of a rabbit! 

I'm going to start calling Helene the 'octopus lady'!!!! Here's another picture of an octopus!!!!
"Hi Jane, 
Well as far as I am concerned, the octopus still works for me!! 
Unless day 5 changes everything? Noooo, you wouldn't do that; would you? 
See you on sunday! 
Hélène, Québec, Canada"

Next is Sonya with her day 4 and the following comment:-
"Good morning, Jane, 
Here is my Day 4. It is definitely looking like a wing or hmmmm... a fin? Could it be a shark? Or may be a giant squid? 
Yesterday's high was 36*F. Today it was in the 50's. Tomorrow's high is forcasted to be 65*F. You gotta love the weather in Oklahoma, USA. 

Marla has been struggling to keep up but here she is now!!!
"Once again I am slacking.... and lagging behind! 
It's like the new year has started with a rush and everyone is pushing to get everything done.... all at once! If things keep up like they have I will run out of gas way before spring!! 
That being said, It is really really nice to take a few minutes and relax long enough to tat just a tiny bit! :) Thank you for that! 
My brain is fried and my wits are frazzled, so I can't even begin to think of what we may be making...... so far my wildest guess is a pelican beak? HA! 
Till Sunday...... Then it could become a slice of pie! Cherry, I think! :) 
Marla "

Bernice is here now with both her day 4's.
"Oh I got busy on the “Big D” trying to finish a round but still a few elements to go and it was getting late so I finally remembered that I needed to complete Day 4. It looks like it may be an insect. I would love it to be a dragonfly. 

Just joining us with her days 1, 2, 3 and 4 is a very busy Corina who says:-
"Dear Jane, 
I'm happy you spoil us with another TIAS. Although I don't have a lot of crafts time (I have a six month old daughter), I couldn't resist making the TIAS pattern, and blog about it (in Dutch). Here's my version. 

Another new starter is my friend Lyn who says:-
"Hi Jane, 
I didn't think I would get to do the TIAS this time as our campsite is and has been SO busy. 
Lots of kids enjoying the beach. It is very hot here today 35*c or 96* f. 
So I am indoors with the air con on and tatting ! Something good has come out of the heat ! 
Thanks for all your effort again this year 
Regards from 
Wester Aust"

Back home after a walk to visit a friend and some shopping on the way.

In this afternoon session I have, first of all, day 4 from Marie who says:-
"Hello Jane ! This is my Day 4. These were my very first lock joins ! 
Have a nice day 
Marie - Rue de la Laine"

Following on shortly after is Nicole with the pretty turtle who seems to be doing a lot of work towards the TIAS!!!!
"Dear Jane, 
I made my very small picots VERY small, so I had a VERY hard time joining my lock chain. But I managed to do it last night while babysitting (fortunately, the baby was fast asleep). Ready for Day 5 now! 
Best wishes, 

Emilia has just sent in her days 3 and 4 along with the pictures and her comment:-
"Dear Jane, 
I am happy that you release the next part on Sunday. I don't need to catch up for it's a Day off. I think this is the lower jaw of a crocodile. 
Kind regards, Emilia"

Welcome back, Judy. Here's Judy's comment and her picture:-
" Jane, 
No clue. The possibilities are endless a bunny, an elephant, an anteater or possibly a starfish." 
I like your ideas, Judy.  Specially the starfish.

Sherry is the next person into my inbox with the following comment and picture:-
"Here it is day four. Now I am worrying did I pick the right colors for this mystery. Should I chosen colors with more contrast. You know ..colors that jump right out at you. Now I thought this was maybe either a star or a snowflake that is why I chose the colors I did but I really haven't clue what this could be. Could it be a chicken...I have seen a lot of chicken posts lately...I know you have done a chicken before so I don't think that is it. My brains cells are very cloudy on this design... 
Wind To Thy Wings, 
New York, US of America 

Another new arrival to the TIAS is Sharon. Welcome, Sharon. Here's her comment and her days 1 - 4.
"I am a fairly new tatted, but I am struggling along figuring this out. What fun. My day 1-4. 

Now Mariya is back with her days 3 and 4. She says:-
"Hi Jane, 
I do not have much time for tatting during the work week, so I tat all the clues available on weekend at once. So these are the clues 3 and 4 done. This thing looks more like animal now, probably a butterfly or (I have this picture on my mind) an octopus :) Oh, it also can be a bird, the one that is small and fast, like a seagull :) 

Now Kat's arrived with her day 4. She says:-
"I had a busy day yesterday so I just got time this morning to sit and tat! I think it is a starfish or T-Rex, since it reminds me of a tail. My husband thinks it might be a caterpillar. 
Looking forward to Day 5! 

Next to arrive is Coretta with this comment and picture:-
"Day 4 
Which makes me think crocodile or alligator even more. 

Claudia is next in my inbox with her day 4. Her comment and picture are below:-
"HI JANE...My day 4 is just ready!! Talking about the weather.. imagine.. we have 34 C degrees but a sensation of 43 Cº!!! .. so hot!!.. 
the spanish translation is ready too.. thanks for let me do it.. 
claudia meza 
formosa, Argentina"
Sooooo very cold here, Claudia!!!!

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