Sunday, 25 January 2015

Day 8

Just thought you'd like to know that I've been tatting along this year too!!! Well, I usually tat with everybody so I can help people out if they need it. Here's my offering!!!

First in this morning with day 7 is Marie who agrees that it's a rabbit!
" Ahh, I see it now. We are making a bunny. 
West Pine Creations"

Poor Sonja missed the join between rings 16 and 1 so had to re-do them.
"Hello Jane 
Here is my new picture. In 20 it is not so difficult to re-tat. 

Now Patricia is next with her great idea of what you're all making. Love that picture!
"Hi Jane-- 
Well, I seem to stay behind, catching up every other day! I'm working in Lizbeth 20, color #643, Medium Grape. This is so much fun seeing everyone else's comments and looking at all the beautiful shuttles. It is amazing how the different colors of thread even make the pattern look different! My guess this time is a bow-legged cowboy! That button has got to be a rodeo prize-winning belt buckle (I've seen some around Oklahoma that you would think you could use as dinner plates!--haha!) 
Patricia Lyn Cobb 

Now I have Sandi's days 6 & 7. She says:-
"I figured out what I was doing wrong. 
Here is my day 6 & 7. Could be several critters. Not sure which one. 
Looks interesting. 
Thank you 

I can't remember when Stephanie sent in her previous days so I think this may be a combination of several!!! She says:-
"Here is my ....umm...well, it's probably not a seal unless those two long things are his flippers. It's either a tooth (remember those posters showing a molar wearing a cowboy hat in your dentist's office when you were a child? Shoot down tooth decay and all that....?).'s a tooth....except it's not wearing a cowboy hat, it's part of a necklace worn by a cannibal. 
Or maybe it's a walrus and the two 'points' are his tusks? 
Thanks Jane! Great fun! 
Have a wonderful week! 
Big hug! 

Next in is Jenn with several days too! That's always fine by me, folks!!! Here's her message:-
"Hi Jane, 
Got busy there for awhile but I got caught back up. Attached are my day 3-7 pictures. While I was in town the other day I found some really pretty thread and thought I'd just start over and use it. I'm liking it so much better than the white thread with a black button. Happy Tatting! 
LoveMeKnot - Jenn"

Starlene has now sent in her day 5. Here's her comment:-
"Looks like a bow legged cowboy!"

Back with day 6 again, Starlene says:-
"Still looks like a bite legged cowboy."

Once more and with day 7 is Starlene's final picture and comment:-
"It looks like a person."

Now I have Margaret who says:-
"Hi Jane - today we are having those wonderful Santa Ana winds that plague SoCal - very hot, strong gusty winds from the east that dry out everything - a good day to stay in-doors and tat. No felines were available to help so tatting went smoothly except I used the wrong button hole - discovered it is easy to undue a split ring, unlike regular rings. I still think this could be a plummer's wrench but it could also be an elf with really, really big ears!! 

Now I have Rose Anne with her comment and day 7.
"So far things are going well, maybe my button is a bit too big or my tatting too tight, but it's still good. I think my windmill guess is out; still might be a ballerina; but it sure looks like a TOOTH right now! LOL! 
Rose Anne, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA 

Now for Linda who says:-
"Hi Jane, 
Well, we meet again. 
Stitching is going well. No guesses as yet. 
Will check in Sunday. 

Now that I've cleared my inbox from all the overnight important emails (the TIAS ones) I can start with the new arrivals on the day 8. Wait for it - the first one in today is - ISA.
"Good morning Jane: 
here it's my TIAS day 8, from a snowing Sunday morning in south of Sweden. 
Send you and all people around the world my best wishes. 

Second in is Muskaan with a rhyme too!
"Good morning Jane :-) 
Okay, I wrote the rhyme earlier in the morning, but no longer applies. However, still sharing it .... I now think is is Definitely a Scissors .... or will have to snip this off later :-( 
Another verse-y thingy ,( penned Before Day 8)... 
I bit the bait 
At the TIAS gate 
Tooting a toothless 
Crocodile thing ! 
Come Day Eight 
With a clean slate 
I have hopped over 
To the Bunny ring ! 
Ends the long wait 
For her rabbit mate 
Maureen's Easter Bunny 
Is here with a spring !!! 
My apologies to Fox (Day 6 rhyme) & Maureen for taking the liberty .... 
Hugs to all you wonderful participants 

Next in is the rabbit woman herself - Maureen!!! She says:-
"A Two-Eared Rabbit is Sublime 
A Four-Eared Rabbit's Out of Line........... (apologies to Mr Lear) 
The House Bunnies think there could very well be two back-to-back rabbits hidden in this thread."

Another early arrival to day 8 is Linda who says:-
"Good morning Jane, 
I’m a wee bit keen today aren’t I! 
Here’s my day 8, freshly squeezed for breakfast. Today, it doesn’t look like anything I’ve guessed so far, but I’m still not quite in the rabbit camp yet. It gets more intriguing every day! You certainly know how to keep us on the edge of our seats... And I’ve never really had much patience. Perhaps this will teach me some! 
Have a great day, 
Linda "

I think I've caught up and managed breakfast in between too!!! This final one is from Firanghish who says:-
"Hi Jane, 
I am confused windmill or ...... anyway I just love this game. Sending you a picture of day 8. 
Thanks a lot. 
Love to you and all fun loving tatters. 

Jane has now arrived with her day 8 and a sweet little rhyme too.
"We had a date 
For segment eight 
It was a lesson 
To keep us guessin’!"

Irene is next with her days 7 and 8. Looks perfect to me, Irene.
"Hi Jane, 
Here are my days 7 and 8 I hope I'm in the right way :) 
Thanks too you. 

Diane has just arrived with her day 8 and the following comment.
"Good morning, Jane! 
I now know that having at least a sip of coffee is necessary before I start tatting. While the coffee was brewing I started today’s TIAS and messed up the very first ring. Those tiny rings are a bear to open! 
Dave will be thrilled when I show him that I have a pair of needle nose pliers to sew on to his shirt. That’s what we’re tatting, right? I knew it would be needle nose pliers! ;-) 
Diane Cademartori 

Next in is Sonja who has sent in her day 8 and this comment.
"Hello Jane 
It’s growing. I think still it’s man. 
Love it 
Sonja from Holland"

Back later and firstly with Sue's day 8 and her comment:-
"Here's my Day 8! And I've just put it on the blog with the spoiler alert!!!! LOL 

Next to arrive with her day 8 is - well, I'm not quite sure!!!  Monday update - the missing name is Jenn!!!  Thanks for letting me know.
"Hi Jane,
Here is my Day 8. Hope you've had a nice weekend so far. We got some snow yesterday."

Nicole is next in my inbox with her comment and her turtle!!!
"Ready for Day 9 and tonight's episode of Call the Midwife!"

Graciela has just arrived with her day 8. She has this to say:-
"Dear Jane 
Im very glad to send you my eight day in TIAS 2015. But im not very sure that it will turn into a rabbit or maybe something else. 
Is so fun tu make it day by day!! 
Thank you for all the fun! Have a nice sunday!! Kisses from South America! 
Graciela Gutharz 
Buenos Aires - Argentina"

Jo has arrived now with her day 8 and the following comment.
Here's my day 8. No guesses today.
Jo in still-sunny England"

Good news - another new arrival to the TIAS. Welcome, Virginie. Here is her comment:-
"Bonjour Jane, 
Voici mon travail d' aujourd'hui jour 1 à 8 

A whole troop of day 8's have now arrived!!! Yes, it's Katie with her guys. Whoooops, did I just give it away by calling them 'guys'? I hope not!!!
"Hi, Jane, 
you clever dickens! The farther we go, the less we know. Or, as my husband more eloquently expressed my guess today: 
I approach TIAS with mirth 
but of info there is such a dearth. 
That I'm smart I will show 
and I'll say what I know: 
it is something that's found on this Earth! 
tatty hugs, 
Katie V in NC"

Margaret has just wandered into my inbox with her day 8. She says:-
"Well, day 8 is going to put paid to a lot of our guesses! How do you do it Jane? It is now as abstract as my background! And here I was thinking I was doing quite well this year with my guesses! 

Next to arrive is Miranda who has sent in her day 8 along with this comment:-
"Hi Jane, 
Here's Day 8. I don't know if this is going to be another sticky-out bit, or if we're now starting on the main body of the whatever-it-is. You will notice that I have no wild-eyed new ideas today. I also notice that the last ring we tatted has no joining picot on the side, but I don't know what that means, either. You really are stringing us along this time! 

Frances is next into my inbox and she says:-
"Dear Jane 
Here is my day 8. I am finding it difficult when only today's pattern segment is shown. Whatever it is I think it is very pretty and I especially like the lock chains. 
That's why I'm only showing a small segment each time, Frances. To stop you clever tatters guessing too soon. Seriously - if it's a problem then I'll go back to what I've been doing in the past.  That's when I do TIAS 2016, which, by the way, is already decided on!!!

Berit has just joined us with her days 1 - 8 all in one picture. Welcome, Berit. Here's what she says:-
"I am sending you a photo of my Day 8. I am afraid it is not a good photo, because I am not so familiar with the ipad yet, and I am not a good photographer. 
Best wishes, 
in Oslo"
Berit - your picture is EXCELLENT. None of us are good photographers but we all love to tat.

Sometimes I worry about relationships and this is one that's causing me concern!! Marie says:-
"Now bowlegged cowboy and snowman have become BFF (best friends forever). I never would have guessed. It may be hard to separate them. 
It is a beautiful day here in South Carolina. We have not had any real winter, YET! 
It is 55 degrees F today and going up each day this week to the mid 60's with lots of sunshine. The snowman is afraid of melting, but I am sure colder weather is coming. 
Marie in SC"
I can send you some cold weather, Marie!

Judy is next with her day 8. She says she's puzzled. Come on, lass, we're getting towards the end!!!!
Well, totally don't know what it is anymore. I am not even sure I am heading in the right direction but here it is."

Next to arrive is Barbara who says:-
"Hi Jane - 
Well, I'm still in the bunny camp .... Or... Could it be tweezers? "
I wonder, Barbara, I wonder!!!!

Emilia is next to arrive with her days 7 and 8. Here's what she has to say:-
"Dear Jane, 
I am back to doubt. No Bugs bunny? 
When I finisht the 2e ring from day 8, I saw that I made a mistake. So I had to cut the frist ring and start over again. To connect the thread I used the weavers knot the way I send you. You van see how neatly the knot hidden. 
Kind regards, Emilia "
I love weaver's knots too, Emilia.

Claudia is the next person to arrive and she says:-
"Good afternoon Jane.. well, no clue about it!!!! im expecting more days!!! one day i think it is a clown.. others a starfish.. then a rabbit.. well .. my tatting cell brains are getting crazy!!! lol 
have a good rest of the day!!1 
claudia meza 
formosa, Argentina 

Wanda has just arrived with her day 8 and she says:-
"Hello, Jane. Hmm, I still don't know what it is. I'm going to have to go read all the comments and see if anyone has any better guesses."

Sonya is next in my inbox with her day 8. She sounds confused!!
"Hello Jane, 
Now that was a strange turn. I am off the rabbit wagon. I am guessing lobster now. 

Bev has just sent in her day 8 and she says:-
"Hallo Jane
I think you need a pair of pliers to pull the teeth!!!

Fox has just arrived with her answer to the puzzle. Here it is.
"It's a STING in true Eborall fashion. Your inner thoughts are manifesting, Jane. It is surely a deadly poisonous spider. For certain."

Finally as I'm on my way to bed Marie has caught me with her day 8. She says:-
"Hello Jane, this is my Day 8. I am now out of guesses!!! 
Marie - Rue de la Laine 

Goodnight all!!! 

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