Saturday, 10 January 2015

Day 2

Here it is - the link to Day 2. Also the link can be found to the left of the page - just in case you want it again.

Bit late getting out of bed this morning, sorry.

First in from yesterday is Frances who says:-
"Dear Jane 
Its great to be back with the 2015 TIAS. Here is my day 1. I always get in a muddle with the shuttles so have put 5 yards of thread on each. It never occurred to me to choose a button to match the thread but I don't think men's shirts have purple buttons do they? 
Kind regards 
Frances Burgess, Waltham Abbey, UK"

From the opposite end of the world is Clare who is a 'first timer' with the game. Welcome, Clare.
"Hi Jane! I'm Clare from Brisbane, Australia and I'm so excited to be doing my first Tat It And See! I'm pretty new to this so not sure if I've done it correctly but here's my pic so far. The blue button choice may look a bit random but there is blue in this thread eventually! Can't wait for the next step! Thanks for doing such a fun activity Jane! 

Now Rose Anne has joined us with her day 1. Here's her comment and photo.
"Thank you Jane for giving us another TIAS!!! I've chosen a sold green Lizbeth #676 - my favourite colour. The join to the button was troublesome for me but after "undoing" the first try this time I got it! My tatting has kinda taken a back seat to trying to get myself back on track - not working so great either! LOL! BUT I have undertaken tatting a child's bonnet for my doll and if it works out I'll sew a gown with Battenberg lace and maybe some tatting and my newly tried bobbin lacemaking as embellishments. So it is good to have the TIAS on now - keeping me tatting!!! 
Rose Anne, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA 

Coretta has arrived next in my inbox. Here's her comment and picture!
"Hello Jane! 
So excited to be joining again this year. I was resting watching the kids dance in front of the fire (sounds tribal, but it's not, :) we'd built a fire because Central Florida is surprisingly cold right now, and my husband had turned on music for the kids) and I remembered TIAS should be starting now. Sure enough! I had to get day one done so I wasn't behind right out of the gate. I've never done tatting on a button. Shame, I know, so I'm excited to be trying something new. :)"
I can't think of Florida as being 'cold', Coretta but I'll take your word for it!!!!

Wow, this is fast. First of the day 2's has arrived from Muskaan. Here's her picture and comment:-
"Is it a Crocodile , Jane ?! Looks like the lower jaw ;-) 
Is it looking for meals from all those boats that sailed in last TIAS ? 

Finally before I go out - this is from Jane who says:-
"Hi Jane, tiny rings are tricky to get neat, aren’t they? xxx"
Yes, Jane, they are but sometimes they're necessary!!!!

Back after breakfast and before I have to go out in the wind and (possibilly) rain.
Next to arrive with day 2 is Maureen who says:-
"The Household Rabbits are supervising, as you can see - we are all QUITE sure that it is a rabbit. Just in case it isn't, though, we have reinforcements to bring in..... I'm not happy with Ring 1, but will look at it again tomorrow."
Maybe I should just call her 'the rabbit lady'?!?!?  Least you've already got rabbits, Maureen, even if the TIAS turns out to be something else!!

Now in the past there has always been a race between Maureen and Isa to see who can get theirs done first. OK, so Muskaan won this morning but the friendly (very friendly) race between these two was won today by Maureen as Isa came in very, very shortly after her. Here's her message and picture.
"Good Morning Jane, 
I have a flu, fever and pharyngitis :(, but I feel better today and here it's TIAS day 2 . 
Have a wonderful weekend. I think it's a lobster :) 
Isabel from a rainy day in south of Sweden with 5C degree."

Back after a long and windy walk to see a friend and get some shopping.

Isa is back with her second day 2!!!
"Jane It's me again: 
Here it's TIAS day 2, the second one :) 
Isabel I feel much better now from my flu :)"

Next in is Sonja who's weather sounds pretty awful too.
"Hello Jane 
Here is my day 2. No idea what it will be. 
Sonja from Holland 
(Very stormy weather)"

Firanghish has now arrived with her day 2 and her comment and picture below:-
"Hi Jane, 
It's second day, have no idea what are we tatting. 
Picture of today's work. 

Now I'd like to welcome Irene who has joined us with her day 1 and day 2 together. Here's what she has to say:-
"Hi Jane, 
I made the 2 days together now, but I had to do something wrong because when I put my button to the place, I go in the orther direction .... 
Thank you kindly give me your opinion. 
Best regards 
Irène from Belgium"
If you just turn it over (as if you were turning a page in a book) then it should look fine, Irene.

Margaret is back with her day 2 and here is her comment and photo.
"Here is my day 2 . A slightly larger U.F.O. 
From Margaret"

Back again is Shelly with the prettiest Lizbeth Twirlz I've seen so far. Reminds me of tiger eye beads.
"I like how well Lizbeth Twirlz is tatting. I will be buying more. 

Teresa is a very naughty girl. She's trying to avoid doing what she SHOULD be doing so that she gets some tatting done!!! Are we sisters, Teresa?
"Hi Jane- 
It's 9:30 am here and a very blustery cold day. I was so excited to see you posted the link to day 2 and wanted to get it done before I need to get to my pesky household chores. I am really starting to get the hang of it, I think. 
My guess is that it is a "heart" of some sort because I am trying to think of what would go around a circular button, but in time we shall see......:) 
Well, now off to baking some gingerbread cookies. Have a wonderful day. 
Teresa P"
Oh, you're making cookies?  Now that's nearly as good as tatting!

Next in is Nicole who is having weather problems. Here's her comment and picture:-
"Dear Jane, 
I can definitely confirm the stormy weather here in the Netherlands. I tried to go running this morning. Not the best idea ever, sometimes it seemed I wasn't moving forward at all! Eventually I came home, rather tired but safe! 
A perfect moment to sit down and relax a bit, and to tat Day 2 of course! 
Best wishes, 

Now for a really good guess from Wanda although I'm not saying if it's right or not!!!
"Hi, Jane! 
Here's my day 2 installment of the game. I'm thinking that this year it will be a plant of some sort. You haven't done one of those for a TIAS yet so it must be time for one. Hmm, real or mythological? ? 
Wanda in Kansas USA"

Lovely to see Mariya again - welcome back. Here's her comment and picture:-
"Dear Jane, 
Here is my piece of days 1 and 2. I didn't tat for about a year and was a bit afraid of forgetting everything. However, I'm happy that my hands remember most of the stuff, except that I'm not good at making picots and very small picots - they look rather similar now :) 
I have no idea about the object yet, however working with a button is pretty funny :) 
Mariya Davydova"

Oh dear, oh dear. I'm afraid, very afraid. I do hope Emma's partner doesn't find out where I live and come after me!!!!
"Hi Jane 
First time I'm trying your TIAS. Have been tatting for many years, and this is a great idea! Rainbow Splash and 'borrowed' button from partner's shirt :) 
Emma / TatsRight 
(London, England)"

Coretta has just arrived with her day 2. Here's her comment:-
"Oh, I forgot to mention my thread last time: Lizbeth size 20 Lime Green. I almost did cut a button off my husband's shirt as all my random buttons collected were too large. But then I found one! 
It got down to about 40 degrees F (4 C)last night. It occasionally gets down below 0 C but it is admittedly and thankfully rare. Cold snaps are great for my grapefruit tree. 
That's something we'd NEVER be able to grow in England - a grapefruit tree.

Anne Baker has sent in her photo of her day two.  Here it is.  Thank you, Anne.

Judy from Pheonix is next. She says:-
"I took a break between my chores to complete this. I did have a matching button until I noticed it had 2 holes instead of four. No idea what it is but excited to find out. 
Here it is by my juicy fruit tin that holds it safe. 
Judy from Phoenix,AZ,U.S."

Now Sarah, who sends in a rhyme every time, has returned with her day 2. Here's her latest rhyme.
I picked up my shuttles and was ready to tat 
But something was missing, I could see that 
Looked back at day one 
And saw what I'd done 
"OH silly me!" I said with a sigh 
That little lock chain had not caught my eye 
I fixed that omission quick as a wink 
and tatted day two more carefully I think. 

Next to arrive is Sue (Pigmini) who says:-
"Hi Jane 
Here's my Day 2.... I've been at a lace meeting allday and left my destructions at home!!!! So it's still an elephants foot umbrella stand or it's looking like a frying pan today!! LOL 
Sorry about the pics, the lights not too good for photos tonight!!"

Another tatter from here in the UK has just arrived. Frances has sent in her day 2.
"Hi Jane 
Here is my day 2. Using a scanner to take a photo is not working out so well as the thickness of the button is making the tatting out of focus. I have no idea what it is going to be yet. 
Frances UK"
Must admit I tend to use the scanner rather than the camera for my tatting. Too lazy to find the camera!!!

Linda is back again with her day 2 too. She says:-
"Hello again Jane, 
I was so excited to read that we were going to be getting part two today. I got up late and we had some bad news virtually straight away so I’ve only just had a chance to sit down and tat today’s part of the TIAS. 
I’m more intrigued now, mine looks like a seahorse. The lighting in my room isn’t too great when it comes to taking photos. The button is pale yellow and the thread is a sort of pinky-lilac. 
Can’t wait for part 3 Thanks again for the fun!"

Not quite sure what Fox is trying to tell me with her picture!!!  Is the TIAS making her scream?

Next to arrive is Kristen - back again and welcome too. She says:-
"Hello again! :) Here is Day 2:
I am still quite unsure about what this will be--but it wouldn't be fun if we could all guess so early in the game! :)

Sandi has just joined us with her combination days 1 and 2. Welcome, Sandi. Here's her picture and comment:-
"thank you for letting me join with this TIAS. 
This is going to be interesting. I have no idea what this is for guessing the end. 
I have tatted for about 34 years and never knew of some of the techniques I have seen on Pinterest or on the tatting groups on Facebook. 
Thank you 

This next batch of pictures (days 1 and 2) are from Mouse and her ELEVEN year old daughter who is a tatter too and must be the youngest ever to do the TIAS. I'm honoured to have such a young lass joining us. Here is Mouse's comment and their pictures. 

"hi Jane hope all is well with you. I'm delighted to say Meaghan has joined us this year for the TIAS!!!!!!!!!!! I am excited and she is very happy to join us. 
I'm a mom of 9 , 2 of which are angels, I have 3 sons living as well as 4 daughters, My oldest daughter has grown up watching me tat and crochet so last year she jumped head first into tatting and hasn't looked back and she did the same with crochet. Meaghan has joined us in this years TIAS and I couldn't be prouder. My 11 yr old daughter is just starting to learn both tatting and crochet this year. I homeschool my 5 younger children so I have made tatting and crochet art requirements. 
I choose black thread to go with my red button as those are my favorite colors. Meaghan is doing white thread with red button. 
First I'll show Meaghan's pictures and following those will be Mouse's.  

Next to pop in with her day two is Cynthia who says:-
"Jane here is day 2 from Cyn and I know what it is...~~waving my hand frantically to get the teacher's is............... another awesome TIAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when you quit laughing please add my day 2 to the list. 
Peace, Cyn"

Helene has just arrived with her day 2. She says she knows what it is but actually hasn't shared that secret with us - yet!!!
"Hi Jane, 
I know, I know, I know what it is! 
It is waaayyy too early for me to try and guess what we are making. 
Waiting for day 3 
Hélène, Québec, Canada"

Now it's Julie's turn to go onto this blog post. Here's her comment and picture.
"Hello Jane! 
I have just finished day 2 ^^"

Next to arrive is Miranda with her theory now not viable - well, according to her but I think she might've been right!!!
"Hi Jane, 
I knew I'd have to give up the unicycle theory pretty quickly. It is clearly a bat. The button is the body, and this is a wing we're working on now. 
Thank you as always for all the work you put into the TIAS! 

Before I go to bed I must humbly apologise to Shirley who sent in this wonderful black and white picture of her needle tatted piece and which I seem to have forgotten to post.  Here it is

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