Thursday, 29 January 2015

More day 9 and others!!!

As day 9 has taken longer for people to do I'm going to hold back on day 10 until Saturday. Also that will give me time to catch up on home things too!!!!

First in this morning is from Adrian with his day 9 and the following comment:-
"Hi Jane 
It's starting to look a little more scissory! ;-) 

Next in my inbox is Caroline who has this to say:-
"Well, we are to be close to a high in the 60s today and then it is to get cold and we are to have snow. Not sure what it is but scissors looks like a good guess. It is weird how to can keep us all guessing. 

Just a comment now from Cynthia and for obvious reasons, no picture!
"My computer's printer died as I was doing day 4....still waiting for it to get back from the shop or to know if I have to get a new one...My phone does not take pics and no camera.  I will get the a scan as soon as I can.   I am following and I have the same is the 2015 Awesome TIAS from Jane Eborall!    Still not sure what else it might be.  Hugs Cynthia"

Katie is next in the inbox which is overflowing!!! She says:-
"Hi, Jane, 
well, these rabbits are taking on a strange curve. Perhaps they are scissors and Day 9 is the fob. Gosh, Jane, it's Day 9 and we still don't know what the heck we're tatting. You're just too clever, you and your BC3!! 
Thanks for the fun anyway, even if we don't know what we're doing. 
Katie V in NC "

Starlene has sent in her day 8 with this comment which is short and sweet. I used to be short and sweet but now I'm just short still!!!
"Not sure now what it could be"

Sonja is next with her day 9 and the following comment:-
"Good morning, Jane, 
If you are trying to baffle us you are succeeding! It is not pliers. It is not a lobster. Bunny? May be, but some how the proportions do not look right to me. When I first saw Day 9 I thought it looked like a scorpian, but that does not seem like some thing you would create. Sooooo.... I am totally and entirely baffled. 
I feel for those of you living through terrible winter weather. I lived through the blizzards of 1978. For warmer thoughts, we have been experiencing record highs - 77* yesterday and today. 
Thanks for all your work, Jane 

Next to arrive is Robin with her days 4 to 9. She says:-
"Hi Jane, 
Finally sat down with the TIAS today, and after an hour caught up with days 4 through 9. It's starting to remind me of a pair of heavy duty scissors. 

Bridget is next with her idea and her picture too,
"Okay, it's not a cowboy. Maybe a scorpion?
Anyway, here's my Day 9.

Coretta seems to think it's going to be scissors too. Really?
"Jane! Scissors! I love scissors. I mean, I guess it could be a bunny still, but why when it could be scissors!? :) 

Starlene is next and she thinks it's a star.

Finally before I toddle off to get dressed and have breakfast I have Bernice who says:-
"Good evening Jane, 
Hmm I hope it is not a moth as I don't like them. 
Nor do I, Bernice!!!!

Sorry about the delay getting more on the blog but Thursday is a busy day for me!!!
Next in is Jane's day 9 with the following comment:-
"A question mark 
I surely see. 
Now what can 
This tatting be?"

Next to arrive is Lindy who says:-
"Hi Jane, 
A new idea just got into my mind, I think it is going to be a florist who is giving us all a little flower, as an award for all our guesses! 
At least you deserve a big bunch of flowers for all your efforts in designing this TIAS and keeping us up to date with all the mad ideas from all over the world!!! 
Although it could also be a pair of scissors ;-) 
Best regards, 

Sonja has now sent in her day 9 with this comment:-
"Hello Jane 
I changed my mind, I think now: it is a rabbit. 
Sonja from a cold and snowy Holland"

One of our missing participants has now arrived once more!!! Sarah has obviously been spending her time well and making rhymes again too!!
"Hi Jane, sorry I have been absent for the last few bits, but it is nice to see others have kept you supplied with rhymes. Here is my latest. 

I'm sorry I didn't get day 7 & 8 sent off to you 
but I had many things to do. 
The weather service kept shouting doom. 
A giant storm was coming soon. 
We must all prepare t survive 
and stay alive 
With snowfalls of many feet 
and no power or water or central heat! 

My woods did fill up with snow 
but thankfully the wind didn't blow. 
The lights glow and water continues to flow 
The heat is working fine 
Keeping us warm at this cold time. 
I finally dug through the piles outside my door. 
Please dear Lord, don't send any more! 

I still can see that snipping tool 
But I know how you like to fool 
So what it will turn out to be 
I will have to wait and see.

Now Julie has just arrived with her day 9. She says:-
"Hello Jane! 
Here is my day 9. 
It's every day more surprising ! All my ideas were wrong ! But what can it be ?????????????"

Whoooopeeee. Another new person has joined us. Welcome, Marcella. This is what she says:-
"Hi Jane, 
Thanks so much for the Tat it and See games, I really enjoy them. I have been following along, this is the first scan for 2015. I think I may be the only one using a needle instead of shuttles. I also think I don't know how to do the lock chains correctly, oh well, this seems to work. 
Thanks again, can't wait to see what it is."

Stephanie has just arrived now with her day 9. She says:-
"'s a tooth holding a balloon and floating away in the sky. 
No, wait! It's a walrus! 
It *could* be a walking question mark, except this one looks like it's flying through the air. (Thanks Marie, I really enjoyed that guess!) 
I think I'm going to join in with the people who see a pair of scissors taking shape. Something about the tips of the two 'bunny ears' seems to match 'scissors.' More and more, it's looking like a pair of scissors to me. Wouldn't it be great if we could just tat a pair of scissors when we needed them? Can't find your scissors? Just tat another pair! 
What wonderful fun I am having with this game. Between tatting and guessing....and looking at the other tatted TIAS bits and guesses from other people, I have almost forgotten the dark, dreary winter days. It's looking more spring-like indoors with all these beautiful colors everyone is using to tat. 
Big hug to all the TIAS participants....AND an even bigger hug to Jane for making this fun possible! 

Next to arrive is Wanda who says:-
"Hi, Jane. Curiouser and curiouser. Is it right side up, upside down, or is it on it's side? Maybe I have no imagination as I have no idea what this is! Doing a great job again this year, Jane, keeping us entertained to the end. 
Wanda in Kansas"
I think she's been reading Alice in Wonderland!!!

Next is Marie who has now decided that SR's are OK!!! She says:-
"Hello Jane, this is my Day 9. I used to feel uncomfortable with split rings but not anymore :-) 
Marie - Rue de la Laine 

IsDihara has now dropped in with her days 1 to 8 and the following comment. Welcome to the TIAS, IsDihara. She says:-
"Hi Jane, 
Today I started the T.I.A.S. For the first time I haven't been able to craft a camel guess, which must mean that it a camel for certain. Perhaps my camel is hiding behind Fox's Eiffel Tower? 
Just LOVE this one so far and looking forward to the next installment on the weekend. 

Judy has now returned with her day 9 and the following comment.
My guess is a bunny baby rattle."

Dani has now popped into my inbox with her day 9 and this comment.
"hi Jane!
the guy in overalls went out the window when we went to the head without any arms… and a straight-type clothespin wouldn’t have a hinge… maybe the scissors crowd has it?
or a lobster? nah…
ah, well, i’ll see when i see!
dani, the geek"
Next to arrive is Mariya who has this to say:-
Here is next clue. I must admit that I have no idea now. Which make the whole story just more interesting :)"

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