Sunday, 1 February 2015

More day 10 and others

Tomorrow is day 11. Just two more parts after that!!!

First in today is Bernice with her day 10 and the following comment.
"They look like lobsters or shears. Can hardly wait for all to be revealed.

Back after a shower and breakfast - I've had a lazy and late start this morning!!!

Maggie is next with her days 9 and 10. She says:-
"Hi Jane - I started a new job that has seriously interfered with my tatting time so am sending both Day 9 & 10 together since I'm now caught up. After looking at this, I now think it could be either a Tyrannosaurus that just ate a big boulder or one of those camping gizmos that has a fork at one end and a spoon at the other? Granted the spoon won't work very well with a big hole in it but there is still plenty of thread to go.

Fiona has now arrived with her day 10.  She says this:-
"Hi Jane,
Day 10 from  a rainy Melbourne Sunday! Scissors/garden shears....we think...
Fiona T (one mad tatter)"

Next in the inbox is Graciela who says this:-
"Dear JANE
here is my tat it and see 10th day.... Hope you like it!!!
I think is a beatiful scissors !!
Thank you for all the fun ... make this teach me lock chain.
Kisses from Argentina!'

Anne-Marie has now arrived with her day 10. This is what she has to say:-
"Oh! Sorry, yesterday I forgot photo.....
Hello Jane,
I'm disappointed that it appears my giraffes are transforming into scissors......but i got much pleasure to tat this mysterious thing and it's a pity to finish soon this diversion!!!!! We have to get back into more serious works of retired persons! ! ! !
I wish you a quiet sunday waiting for the rush of latecomers next week, which suddenly go to regret to have not taken part at this friendly trip.Read you soon Jane,
Anne-Marie (France)"
Do retired people DO serious work, Anne-Marie?  That's news to me!!!

Next to arrive is Carol who is also throwing in her guess along with her days 9 and 10!!!
Always Carol
Stitches of Life II"

Marla is next in with her days 9 and 10 too. She has this to say:-
"No, I haven't quit... I haven't given up... I haven't gone blind.... though my eyes get crossed once and awhile! It's now 11 pm and I finally found a little time to tat this much.... :) WooHoo!
Here is my Days 9&10... and yes, Now you will release Day 11 and I will be behind again. I ask you.... What's a girl gonna do? ! ! ! Besides head off to bed ....
-- Marla "

Finally in my inbox is Sonja who has changed her mind about what she thinks we're making!!! She now says:-
"Hello Jane
Hi, hi, I have to change my mind again. It’s a sissor.
Greetings from Holland

Another few more have arrived so here they are!!!
First of all is Geraldine with her days 9 and 10. She says:-
"Well I'm back, I hate it when life get's in the way of what you really want to do. TAT and do the T.I.A.S. Here are my day's 6,7,8,9 and 10."

Next to arrive is Barbara who has sent in her days 9 and 10. She says simply:-
"Dear Jane,
Here’s my Days 9 and 10.Well, I thought we had a bunny. It could be a bunny rattle for babies. It looks kind of like a pair of scissors, but blades don’t curve like that. Or, perhaps it’s my tatting that shouldn’t curve like that!! In any case, split rings are getting easier and easier. I even made one too many that luckily came apart pretty easily.
All the best,

Irene has now sent in her days 9 and 10 too. She says:-
"Hi Jane,
I'm here again :) with days 9 and 10.
Thanks a lot
Adrian has returned once more and this time with his day 10 too.
"Hi Jane
Here's my day 10. This will need a bit of blocking, but I love the pattern. A very imaginitive use for the button. :)

 Next to arrive is Miranda who sounds convinced she knows what it is!!!
"Hi Jane,
I think at this point there can be no doubt it's a pair of scissors.

Barbara (not the other Barbara who arrived earlier!) has now arrived with her day 10. She says:-
"Hi Jane
Okay - well, I'm back to the tweezers thought - :+>
This is a really fun exercise!"

Anne has now returned with her day 10 and this picture.

Sharon has just caught up with her TIAS. She says:-
"Hi Jane,
After a brief period of "too busy" I finally got caught up on the TIAS.
Here is my work in progress. My guess... scissors?Thanks... Sharon in Monona, Iowa"

Julie has now arrived with her day 10. She says:-
"Hello !
I think I guess what this TIAS is ! I can see scissors ^_^"

Denise is next to arrive in my inbox. She says:-
"Well I managed to catch up again. I think the last photo I sent you was Day 5. This is my day 6 to day 10 photo. I am also enclosing an image with some guesses. I think Ballerina is my favorite guess so far. I just don’t know how we would manage to put a hat on the cowboy at this point! I’m going to try to keep up with the game since there are only 3 days left. I’m very curious to see just what we are tatting.
Have a wonderful day!

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Claire said...

I like Denise's drawings. Very nice and imaginative!