Friday, 23 January 2015

Day 7

This is the link for day 7. As today's part is short I have decided that Day 8 will be on Sunday.

First in on my overnight emails is Sonya with her day 5. She says:-
"Hi Jane, 
I bet you think I dropped of the face of the earth. I tatted day 5 up, but my phone was dead so I could not snap a picture of it. Then, well, I got busy and forgot. Maybe I will pass the blame to Cyn who took me to a lovely yarn store yesterday not too far from her home. Of course they have ALL the LizBeth colors. I felt like a kid in a candy store!! Eye candy that is. Seeing all those luscious colors for myself, not distorted by print or computer screens. I spent too much money, but then I won't get up that way again for a while. It took me two years to get up there as it is. Now I can order what I want with confidence! Next bucket list item is to stop by Georgia's on my way to see my parents. 
Well, my day 5 us attached now. Now I can get to day six. 

Next in is Coretta with her day 6 and the following comment.
"Scissors? Off to bed now too late, but better than not at all.

Linda follows closely behind with her day 6. She says:-
"Hi Jane, 
Here is part 6. Still no guess. I'll just keep stitching. 

First in with her day 7 today is Muskaan who says:-
"Good morning Jane :-) 
Federer is human too! So who are we to know for sure ?! 
Wondering whether I should hop over to the bunny club ....or wait a while longer, coz the whiskers are still missing. 
Maybe I'll get it right on the 10th day (a là Seppi overcoming the Fed Express after 10 failures) ...Sorry, deep into the Australian Open ..... 

Finally I have Maureen with her day 7. Just beaten by Muskaan by a minute or so.
"First the heat, now the floods - but I had to rush home from a gripping School Holiday movie to see what the next step of our rabbit was going to be. I think we have just finished his face, with that last join to R1, and here he is. And I never want to see a tub of popcorn ever again...."

Jane has now arrived and my 'chores' are done for the day!!!! Here's her comment:-
"Moment of panic as I thought my button must be too big!" 

Next in is Isa who says:-
"Good Morning Jane: 
Here it's TIAS day 7, from a very sunny winter day in south of Sweden with -0.2 without snow. 
Today I have not any idea what kind of thing will be appear this year in this TIAS's game. 
I could'nt sent my contribution before because I have been at the dentist in the morning. 
Have a wonderful day hugs 

Jacee has now arrived with her day 7 and the following comment and picture.
"Dear Jane, 
Here are Mr & Mrs Bunny Heads!! 

Oh, look at the background on Anne-Marie's picture - dragonflies. So pretty. Here's her comment:-
"Hello Jane, 
To-day,as soon as I am up, put on computer and hasten to do my day 7,to send you photos before my cardboard 's afternoon. 
My ideas don't advanced since yesterday evening.....Nevertheless, I did'nt dream about the monster -rabbit-giraffe,etc...... 
Anne-Marie "

Sue has just sent in her day 7. Really must recommend reading her blog if you like to have a laugh!!!! 
"Bat ears etc as listed on me blog!! 

Sonja has just sent in her day 7 with her comment too:-
"Hello Jane 
It looks more and more a man (or woman) for me. 
Still fun with it. 
Greetings from a cold Holland 

Next is Margaret with her day 7 and this comment:-
"Hello to you, Jane, on this sunny but freezing day 7. My crab has morphed into an orchid and the butterflies are gathering round! So that is my guess, an orchid. 
Love the fabric.  Soooo pretty.

Firanghish is next in my inbox with her guess.
"Hi Jane, 
Ooh Jane my dream of windmill is no more, sad sad I am, but it's still fun to tat. 
Ooh let one of the tatters dream of rabbit, crocodile..... come true. 
You want tell us as fun will be out of it. 
so tat tat till the end. 
Thanks sending you a picture of day 7. 
Love to you and all fun loving tatters. 
Have a wonderful weekend. 
Sorry you've changed your mind but it could well be a windmill. Wait til day 8 - you may change your mind again!!!

Now this is a creative arrangement on this picture!!!! Love it, Marie.
"Here is Day 7! I am sticking with bowlegged cowboy, but for some reason it is beginning to turn into a snowman with bowed legs. Hmmmmm." 

Shelly is next with her day 7 and the following comment:-
"Tiger lily flower! 
I enjoy these little tatting tidbits every couple of days. It wets my appetite for more tatting. On the in between days I like to see everyone else's progress and tat on my serious larger piece. Thank you for hosting TIAS this January. 

Cheryl has now arrived and she's joined the rabbit people!!!! Here's what she says:-
"OK, now it looks like a rabbits’ head. I won’t tell anyone else. It’s likely I’m wrong anyway. 

Now for Judy's comment and picture. Here they are:-
As you can hopefully tell I cleaned up the lock chain. I am now thinking it is a walrus or maybe a bunny. Only time will tell. Judy"

Nikki is the last one in this batch of clearing my inbox!!! She says:-
"OK here is my day 7.... My dragonfly is changing its shape lol so now I'm thinking its a fish lol" 

Claudia has now arrived with her day 7. She says:-
"Well.. it seems to me like very long ears of a rabbit!!! .. orrrrrrrr.. maybe a clown´s legs??.... 
we have to wait until sunday for more!!! 

Caroline has just sent in her day 7 along with the following comment:-
"My hands are so dry that I had trouble hanging on to my shuttles. I think I tat to tight as this section did not go around my button very well. I think the pink and green one is probably the best but think I can fudge enough to make the other one work. 
Getting a little warmer for the weekend. It is sunny so am enjoying that. 
Yes, Jane I was snooping. Your web site is the first place I go if I need help with a technique. 

Oh dear. I'm in trouble again. This time with Fox who says:-
"Trying to foist your patriotism on the unsuspecting tatting community is a bit much, Jane. Over the top. Hmmmph." 
Sorry, Fox, please don't tell HMQ or I might land up in the Tower of London!

Kelly follows next with her day 7. She says:-
"Here it is. I'm still guessing dragon fly although the joins to the buttons are making me think I'm wrong and that it's a rabbit of some sort. Hrmmmmmm!! Guess I'll have to just keep plugging away at it!" 

Pam has now joined in and she's sent in her days 1 to 7 along with this comment:-
"Hi Jane, 
Now that I seem to have gotten over my slump of suddenly not being able to follow a pattern, here is my stab at the tias 2015. 
I have to go with the bunny, at least I hope so, thinking this would look great on my grandbaby's first Easter outfit! 

Adrian is now back with his day 7. He says:-
"Hi Jane! 
I almost missed day seven. 
Here's mine. Definitely still looks like the blades of a pair of scissors to me. So I'm sure on Sunday it'll turn into something completely different! 

Coretta appears to have had a bad day which I'm sorry to hear. This is what she said about tatting her day 7.
"Tatted while my (almost) 4 year old and I wait for a flat tire on my car to be repaired. He says it is a crab. I think it's a bunny. "

Alba has now arrived with her day 7. It looks fine to me, Alba.
"Here it is my day 7. Not perfect, I know, but progressing."

Next to arrive is Cheryl with this comment and picture.  Sorry, she didn't send a link to her blog.
"Ok. I hope you can re follow my blog

Now Kristen has sent in her days 4, 5, 6 and 7 (+ one other)  which is amazing as she and Chris (plus Pip the dog) are re-locating to Australia. They're in America at the moment after leaving Russia where they've been on their last posting.  Actually I must admit trying to keep up with those two is very tiring!!!!!
"Hi Jane!! 
Oh, my did I fall behind!! 
Suffice it to say, preparing to move to Australia takes up all available time--between the packing, running around doing last-minute things and saying goodbye to friends and family, the TIAS has fallen trough the cracks a bit. 
However, Chris, Pip and I started our 3-day drive to DC today and I had a chance to finally catch up!! :) 
Attached are photos of days 4, 5, 6 and 7, and a shot of my boys and me (well, Pip's kennel anyway!) on the road! :) 
Can't wait for day 8, and although I think we have made the pincers of some sort of crayfish or icky bug, I may yet be surprised! :) 
Warm regards from somewhere in Eastern Illinois, 

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