Thursday, 8 January 2015

More day 1

Good morning and welcome back. First in at the bottom of my inbox (I take all offerings in strict order of arrival) is Linda who says:-

"Hi Jane, 
I just wanted to say thank you for setting up the TIAS, this is the first one I have taken part in, since I only learned to tat last February. I hope I’ve done it right so far. 
I did have to chase my son around the house to try and get one of his shirt buttons as all the ones I had were either two-hole or too big. He’s too quick for me though and I ended up cutting one off an old shirt I found. 
I’m really looking forward to the next part and to find out what we are making. 
I have posted to my blog which is – only recently set up to try and keep my tatting adventures in one place. 
Thanks again for offering the opportunity for some mystery fun! 
Kind regards, 
Linda (aka Cariad837)"
Glad you found the button but hope you weren't too exhausted after the chase!!!

Now I have Jan B's day one with the following comment:-
"Day 1, first try :) From Cedar Rapids IA USA 
I have no idea what it could possibly be this early in the "game". But I certainly want MORE!! Now I just want to keep going!! I hope the next step is a bit longer :) 
(I was tempted to wait a few days and do several steps at a time.) 
Thank you in advance for a cool challenge. 
Jan B."
Yes, Jan, some of the steps will be longer as you all get into the game.

Whoopppeeeee - here's a familiar 'face' back again this year. As usual Sarah's comes with a rhyme.
"Tatting on buttons is new to me 
But with your clear instruction, 
as you can see, 
I managed to complete day one 
And join in the fun. 
Connecticut, USA"

Sonya is next in my inbox with her day 1.  She says:-
"YAY!!!  TIA is finally here!  Thank you, Jane for all your work.

A newcomer to the TIAS is Sharon who is welcome to the group. Here's her comment followed by her picture:-
"Here is my first day. This is very interesting, I have never done a TIAS before. 
I usually work with size 10 thread, and I find that this one seems to twist when I try to close the ring. Do you have any suggestions? 
Thank you so much for all your work. 

Finally in this morning's inbox is Martha Ess who is a well known and much loved designer and who has taken time from her busy, busy life to join in. Thanks, Martha. Here's her comment:-
"Dear Jane, 
If there's anyone capable of overthinking choosing a button and thread, it's me. I've been known to spend hours, if not days at it. So this time, I took myself firmly in hand, pulled out a small box of buttons considered and rejected from an earlier project and told myself to use the first thread I found that would go with one of them. I like the colors, though the tatting looks small next to the button. After a few days, I should be able to tell if I can continue or start over."

It's a good job I check my spam folder before I delete things from it. Why? Well I found Denise's day 1 lurking in there!!! Here it is with her comment:-
" Day 1 done. No idea yet. 
Denise Royal 

Back after teaching computers in a local library about eight miles away (very busy), a big grocery shop and then another computer session in the care home behind where I live. Now time to sort out the TIAS entries.

The first one this afternoon is from Nicole who says:-
"The big advantage of finishing my sailboat so awfully late, is not having to wait that long for the next TIAS! Thank you so much for organising this again. 
I do agree with 'the other Jane', I'd definitely have lost that small button hadn't we used it on Day 1, so I am glad we did! I tatted this last night after an exhausting day, had to use a strong light to be able to see what I was doing. I felt a bit like a surgeon! But I guess tatting is much nicer 'work', with no blood and scary instruments involved! Waited for a new day to take a picture. Didn't help a lot, as it's once again very rainy here in the Netherlands. Well, at least all the messages and pictures make me happy! 
Oh, and Katie V (with the many Day 1's), if I may ask, where did you get those wooden shuttles? I absolutely love them! 
Best wishes, 
Love your little turtle, Nicole.

Jan is back again with this comment and now I'm looking forward to day 2 to see her second TIAS done in green.
"I'm glad for that. I like to jump in with both feet. I learned about 4 years ago, and I guess I am one of the few that "got the flip" on the first try!! I even taught myself split rings the week after I learned rings and chains. 
I didn't like the button I used in the photo I sent you, so I started a second project in Spring Green (Lizbeth #680) with a smaller white button. The first one is done in Lizbeth #628, Salmon Med). 
I haven't done the previous TIAS projects, but maybe I will do one of those to keep me busy in the mean time :) 
Happy Tatting! 

Shelly has now arrived with her day 1. Her comment follows along with the picture. 
"Morning Jane 
I am using Lizbeth Twirl in Monarch color. My guess will be a butterfly. I liked joining to the button early because now it is captive on the thread. It kept trying to escape and get lost. I also liked using the non-core thread to join. That was new to me. 

Another Day 1 has just arrived from Kat who says:-
"Dear Jane, 
I did it! It didn't take very long at all, either, even though I haven't used buttons yet, split rings in a pattern, or lock chains. Well, I was pretty chuffed when it came out but the nice people on Craftree politely told me I had done it wrong! ha! I guess I got too excited and didn't completely read the directions. (I had joined in the next hole instead of the same hole) So I fixed it this morning. The diagrams and the written patterns are very easy to follow in any case. I'm really excited to do this tat-a-long. :-) 

Next into my inbox is Caroline who says:-
"Almost missed this year. Every day I checked to see if you received any new ships so saw this year's. Was surprised as last year I think you sent an email to Here-Be-Tatters. 
I found two buttons the right size so am going to make two. I will have to look up and see what thread colors I am using. 
Yesterday was discount day for shopping but it was so cold I decided to wait a day for groceries and a month for my household items. I think I can wait that long. All of the schools were closed as it was below 0 most of the day. Hoping my car will start today. 
Caroline in Omaha Nebraska USA"
That sounds cold, Caroline, VERY cold.

Sonja has just arrived in my inbox and her comment and picture are below:-
"Hello Jane 
Here is my tias 2015. I’m happy that you did it again. 
It is a nice thing to make between my Moje Robotki from Jan Stawasz. 
Terrible rainy weather today, so I’m glad I did not have to go out. 
Sonja from Holland"

Next to arrive is Bernice who says:-
"Travelling through the mountains but always ready and tatting. Day 1 attached 
Good to see you back, Bernice and to see the wonderful view from your camper window.

I now have a link to Marina's blog where she has started her TIAS. Here's her comment to me along with the link.
I think the TIAS game is a great idea. That is why I decided to take part in it and report about it in my new German blog
I hope it is okay? Do I have to add any special comments or something like that when I post about the project? 
Best wishes, 
I use Safari and Google Chrome as my browsers and have added an 'add on' which allows them to translate the page for me if it's another language. A very useful tool which has allowed me to read Marina's blog. I'll be adding hers to the blogs I follow too. 

Next in is Stephanie who says this:-
"Here's my Day 1 TIAS. It's a seal, balancing a ball on his nose. Unfortunately I'm not quite sure if the button is the ball or if it's part of the seal's anatomy. He has his eyes closed, that's why we didn't need beads. ;-) 
Oh, how I love the TIAS. Takes the dark and dreary right out of the winter months! Thanks for putting so much work into it and sharing it with the rest of us! 
p.s. - Wouldn't I be shocked right out of my chair if it turned out to BE a seal balancing a ball on his nose!"

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