Sunday, 18 January 2015

Day 5 now available

Day 5 of the Tat It And See is now available on this link. Hope to see you later in my inbox!!!!

First in overnight is Wendy with her day 4. She says:-
"I still think an elephant, although I notice some have suggested a crocodile. Might be. 
Wendy x"

Next to arrive is Anne with her picture. I like the little bag she keeps her tatting in. Least I think that's what I'm seeing. A tatter can never have enough bags or boxes!!!

Sharon has sent me a picture of her day 4:-

Next in is Sue who has this to say:-
started a second TIAS and the cat got involved. No longer seeing the Eiffel Tower but it could be a windmill. 

Finally I have Julie's day 4 and it's time to get dressed and have some breakfast!!!
"Hello Jane ! 
Here is my day 4. Looks like a wing...?"

The first day 5 is in. This time it's Isa who has won the self imposed race!!!! This makes me laugh when two or three people from different parts of the world try to be first with the new part of the TIAS. 
"Good Morning Jane: 
TIAS day 5 ready and here it is, today it's a starfish. 
Have a nice Sunday, here in south of Sweden it's a winter day without snow. 

Second in today with her day 5 is Lyn who lives 'down under'!!! She says:-
"Hi Jane, 
Is it a wing belonging to an insect ?? Very hot here again today, but as evening approaches it is starting to cool off. Thanks again. Lyn"

Next in is Irene who says:-
"Hi Jane, 
Here my day 5 I hope it's right. 
I can not wait to see what it will going to like in the end. 
This is my first participation and I find this a very exciting idea. 
Have a nice Sunday. 

Jane seems to be obsessed with 'sticky out bits'!!!! This is her comment:-
"More sticky out bits. A windmill? Or a beak? xxx" 

I was beginning to get worried - no Maureen so far. Thankfully she's just arrived with rabbits still on her brain!!!!
"Heatwave happening here, too hot to tat! - but here is a picture of rabbit ears! - and I think it is either a rabbit , in spite of Stone Cat muscling in, or else it is a TV aerial ...... Wascally Wabbit here we come!" 

Firanghish is next into my inbox with her 'windmill'. Well, let's let everybody think it's that!!!!
"Hi Jane, 
Windmills fans first blade is completed and started second. I know you will not tell us, but it's fun. 
Sending a picture of day 5. 
Thanks a lot. 
Love to you and all fun loving tatters. 

Jo from right here in my 'neck of the woods' has arrived with her day 5. Here's her comment and photo.
"Hi Jane 
After I sent you my day 4 I started thinking that maybe it will be a crocodile but was sure that day 5 would make me change my mind. It looks even more like a crocodile's jaws now. This makes up for my thread being boringly the same colour on both shuttles for this part. 
Just for a change you can see the other shuttle in today's picture and I'm wondering did the bobbin colour influence my thread choice or was it the other way around? 
Jo in England"
Interesting thought, Jo.  I wonder.

Arriving a short while ago is Muskaan who says this:-
"Hello Jane :-) 
Girl Interrupted ! 
C'est la vie ;-/ 
So happy that at last there is enough contrast in threads to show up the lovely lock chain ! 
Still going with crocodile ... possibly one that has been to a dentist & now has a toothless grin ;-P 
That is the more exciting guesstimate, knowing your penchant for fun :-D 
At this stage, however, it also looks like a tool such as a Nutcracker or Pliers, where the button is the central 'screw' .... You really Are screwing with us, Jane ;-D 
Many of the Day 4 pics taken with the button on top, look like a puny soldier (or Popeye for some reason) trying to salute ! The button is the head.... 
Love how angles & colours can change one's perspective . 

Emilia is next with her day five and this comment.
"Dear Jane, 
Here aan picture of my Day 5. I still think it's a crocodile. He probably forgot his dentures. :-) however a bunny might also work. Hopefully the next piece will make it clearer. 
Kind regards, Emilia"

Next to arrive in the very busy inbox is a picture and comment from Marie. She says:-
"Of course 
Here is my Day 5. It starts to look like a bird beak… 
Have a nice day! 
Marie - Rue de la Laine"

Sandi has now arrived with two days on her photo!
"here is my day 4 & 5. 
Thank you for posting these pictures. 
I don't know what this is going to be. I can see butterfly wings though with the button as the body. 

Finally in this round of updating the blog I have Shelly who says:-
"Hubby says it's an amulet. I think maybe a dragonfly. 

Sara has changed her mind about what you're all making. I love the picture!!!! I need a guy like that - as long as he's house trained too!!
"Here is my day 5. I think I was wrong before, about the anteater. Now I see it! It's going to bee a cute little muscle builder! 
Please give us the next day soon!!"

Emma is next with her days 4 and 5 combined. She says:-
"Hi Jane 
I cheated and did Day 4 and Day 5 in one go. I start to think it looks like a rabbit. Or maybe a bird. How many more days? 
Emma TatsRight 

Lindy is next in with her days 4 and 5 along with the following comment and picture.
"Hi Jane, 
Day 4 & 5 completed. It still could be a nice fish, or something else too. 
I like joining my first TIAS and learning some new things. 
It is not difficult keeping up, because I'm very curious what it will be at the end. 

A brief comment next from Sue (aka Pigmini). She says:-
"It's ears for a bat!!! Lol 
My contribution to day 5!!"

Nicole is next in my inbox with the following
"Dear Jane, 
Today it looks like a person, with two legs and a button for his belly. 
However, my turtle seems to be more interested in his food, after all the hard work! 

Julie has now arrived with her day 5 and the following
"Hello Jane! 
Here is my day 5. I'm thinking it could be a dragonfly ! I still think we are tatting wings ^_^"

Diane is next with her comments and picture. She says
"Good morning, Jane! 
I felt pretty confident following today’s pattern segment. However, my hummingbird has flown away. Now I see Winged Victory. 
Diane Cademartori"

Just after the last update a few more people wandered into my inbox. First of those is Margaret who says:-
"Hello Jane, well at last I can see something! I think we have just tatted a crabs pincers! The question is , am I right or am I wrong? 

Oh dear. Poor Lyn must be suffering badly with the heat. She realised that she'd got the TIAS wrong and so has started again. Bless her cotton socks. 
"Hi Jane, 
Redid it all and I did have it wrong. I should not have tatted the last 2 weeks ! Brain dead when reading patterns LOL ! Anyway I realised I was doing Lock joins instead of lock chain ! 
So here is an update of photos. And yes you can have my share of the heat.😬 
Goodnight from West Aust. 

Well, Marie also thinks this TIAS is going to turn out to be some form of human shape. I wonder!!!
"This is beginning to come together now. It is a bowlegged cowboy! A beautiful day today, sunny and warmer. 
Big oil' hug, 

Anne has arrived now with her day 5. Don't be disheartened, Anne. It won't spoil the end result, promise.
"Forgot to do the LCh for the first 2 chains....rats. But pressing on :)" 

The next person to arrive with her day 5 is Barbara who seems to be worrying about nothing - it looks fine to me, lass!
"Hi Jane 
Ok- I'll be brave and say ok to post! 
Here's my day5 update and my guess is that it's going to be a pelican!"

Kat is obviously getting help like many others. This time it's her small son!! They (both) say:-
"I still think it's a starfish, but it does resemble bunny ears! :-) My 3yo thinks it will be a dolphin. lol 

Judy is obviously not only keeping up with her tatting but also with blog reading! She says:-
I love that I wake up in the morning and see the next day 5 plus I get to see what others are thinking. 
I can see the bunny, the muscle man and the cowboy..My hope is that we get to finish this 'ear' bent. I am excited to see how far off I am." 

Next to drop by is Miranda who says:-
"Hi Jane, 
Here's Day 5, and I do think Maureen might have finally gotten her rabbit. I haven't completely ruled out the Chinese dragon, though. 
She's been reading the posts too!!!!

Whoooopeeee - another new arrival with her days 1 - 5. Welcome Graciela.
"I hope you have begun well the year. I send my Tat it and see, that just saw it today! I am very anxious to know that is it this time ... I think it's a starfish. 
Here is very hot 37 degrees Celsius, we are on summer vacations, and just start to rain. 
We'll send you many kisses and look forward to continuing the challenge. 
Thank You!
Graciela Gutharz
Buenos Aires Argentina"

Fox is next and this is her comment:-
"Okay, okay...if not a cicada, A cowboy for sure...."
Hmmmmm, you think? 

Maggie has now arrived with her days 4 and 5 combined. She says:-
"Hi Jane - am combining Day 4 & 5 plus I'm also including my 'test tat' since it shows Lizbeth Mountain Breeze and one of my David Reed Smith shuttles. Oonagh and Ysabeau declined to assist me today so everything went well for a change. I'm calling my photo the Battle of the Shuttles and Pterodactyls!! 
Enjoying this TIAS very much - Maggie"

Next in is Sherry who asks a simple question:-
" No clue but tell me Jane from looking at my picture should I have chosen a smaller button."
Did you measure it, Sherry?  It does look a bit big but it may work.  The measurements are on the introduction.

Wendy has followed with this comment and picture:-
"Unless it is an elephant with two trunks, I think I'm going with a crocodile or a star fish. 
Wendy x"

Cathy has just sent me her days 3 and 4 with the following comment:-
"Hello jane 
here my 3rd and 4th steps, I'll go to see the next one tomorrow. 
Thank you for all 
best regards 

Next to arrive is Sue who thinks she knows the answer to the riddle!!!
"Could it be a couple of fairies I see? 

Sarah has now come back with her day 5 and another rhyme. An interesting and different guess too. 
"Hi Jane, 
I think I see something new. 
I think I see what you're having us do. 
Are we making a tool used to snip 
When in our tatting we make a slip? 

Wanda is next to pop into my inbox with her day 5. She says:-
"Hi,Jane. It's looking very interesting and still maybe a plant but maybe not a Triffid. My husband is now sure it is a plant of some kind as the url has rhubarb in it. I've assured him you are sneaky-er than that, you were probably only thinking about pie. 
Already looking forward to the next part. 
Wanda in Kansas"

Claudia is back now with her day 5 and she's brought along Haydee - a new person who has joined us. Haydee is - well, I'm going to let Claudia tell you all about it!!
"hi again!!! my day 5 is up!!! and i will attach , with her permission, a pic of day of another Argentinian tatter Haydee Pavon.. She got so enthusiastic that she forgot to take indiviual pictures.. 
and I will copy again the link to my album where spanish tatters could find the Spanish translation of your game.. 
thanks again! 
claudia meza 
formosa, Argentina 
So first of all - Haydee's picture.
Now Claudia's day 5.

I haven't got a name for the next one - just a screen name of Cariad. Doesn't matter as she's sent in a comment and a picture too.
"Hi Jane, 
I’m sending you both my day 4 and day 5. I had completed 4 on the day but have only just managed to wrestle my camera from my son’s grubby paws so thought I’d send them both in at the same time. I still have absolutely no idea what on earth this is going to be when it grows up, but it’s great fun to do so thanks for the opportunity. It’s fantastic seeing everyone else’s work, there are some awesome colours and gorgeous shuttles on show. I have seen several that I “need”."
Just heard that Cariad is Linda.  Thanks, Linda!!

A new arrival with her days 1 - 5 is joining us now. Welcome, Mary. This is her comment and picture.
My first submission - what fun this is. Not a clue what this is but guessing there might be a third "leg or arm" or ... 

Arlene has also just joined us with her days 1 - 5. She says:-
"Day one thru five, Done all at once as I catch up. 
I think it's a bird, with the button as the eye, we're starting on the beak. 

Last one today is from Patricia who says:-
"I don't have a clue, I got the Flu. 
Patricia Lyn Cobb 

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