Wednesday, 14 January 2015

More day 3

First in this morning is from Adrian who says:-
"Here's my Day 3. 
Is it a tentacle? A trunk? A leg? I'm intrigued! :)"

Next in is from Tally Tatty who has this to say to all of us:-
"Hi, Jane, 
Her are my day 2 and 3 combined. This lovely pistachio does not look well scanned. I have to change the color and strat again or get my camera out. My first guess: something with 8 arms. Hmmm, an octopus? 
Sleep well, TallyTatty"

Denise is next with her day 3 and the following comment:-
"Here is day 3. Still think a flower. 
Denise Royal"

Diane was right with her comment but I'm awake and ready for Wednesday now!!!
"I’m sure you’re sound asleep right now, Jane, and I’ll be sound asleep when you read this! Thanks for keeping it simple again today. Simple is exactly what I needed! 
Diane Cademartori 

Next in is Rose Anne who has this to say!!
"OH MY I just love checking the blog for everyone's work - just lovely seeing the threads chosen and also the different types of shuttles!!! I especially love the wooden one along side the painted one - so far those are my favourites. 
OK here is my Day 3 - trying to do closeups but my camera is just not cooperating with me - hope to have a tablet soon - supposedly camera is awesome on it! Well my "turtle" idea I think is kaput! As for my button I think it's quite interesting but time will tell if it was a good choice. Alongside the show n tell of various shuttles I'm also liking seeing the various buttons selected. 
Rose Anne, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA 

Sometimes cats and tatting don't mix as Maggie is finding out!!!
"Hi Jane - I had quite the Kitty Kerfuffle today. Oonagh was engaged in her usual surveillance when my other cat decided to join in. Since Ysabeau has much more experience in tatting interference, they had an argument and my tatting suffered somewhat. For Day 4, I'm locking myself in the back room minus the cats!!! 
I'm wondering if this could be a windmill with the button as the center? 

Mistene is next with day 3 and her comment too.
"Hi Jane. Here's my day 3 photo. I'm still going with some kind of insect or animal but I'm probably way off. Having fun! 
Nicholasville, KY"

Next is Marie who says:-
"Day 3 of TIAS 2015 
Maybe it's a swordfish. Can't wait for next addition to the puzzle. 
Marie Smith in cold and wet SC"

Sonya is next with her day 3 and the following comment:-
I have been looking forward to tatting Day 3 up all day. No viable guesses today. You have done a very good job planning this one. 
Thanks for all your work. 

Now I have Alba who asks if she's doing it right. Looks good to me and I like the green coloured thread too.
"Am I doing it right? Not the slightest idea what this may become in . . . days"

Claire is next with her day 3.
"Hello Jane, 
Here is my TIAS day 3. I'm not sure it will be a horse drawn carriage anymore. Could it be a bird, the button being the eye? Well, time will tell I guess. 
Have a nice day 
Claire (Canada)"

Finally in this morning's inbox I found Firanghish who says:-
"Hi Jane, 
Was not able to send day 3 yesterday, as my uncle expire. It is fun to be here, I feel it's a bird. 
Thanks a lot of a lovely game. 

Just found a long post from Jenni who has joined us. SOOOO good to see you, Jenni.
"Hi Jane,
Behind as usual. Firstly trying to find a button.....buttons everywhere but none the right size!!
Then trying to get my hands to move on such a small item. I had an allergic reaction a few months ago to ??? and it has made my hands raw and stiff.
I am hoping having to fiddle with this TIAS will help the dexterity issue!!
Hope you are happy and well.

Back home and after lunch!!!
First this afternoon is Lindy who has just joined us with days 1, 2 and 3. She says:-
"Hi Jane, 
Bought my first shuttles less than a year ago, so this is my first TIAS. With your clear instructions and the translation of Riet Surtel I must be able to finish it. 
The thread I'm using is Lizbeth 121 Marble size 20. My first thought was a graceful fish with an elegant fin, but I could be wrong ;-) 
Lindy (from The Netherlands)"

Nicole is back with her lovely colour combination and her turtle standing guard over her work!!! She says:-
"Dear Jane, 
It's lovely to take a break and read all the comments. Surprisingly, the tiny, fiddly parts turn out quite well for the time being. Working with Lizbeth helps a lot, of course. 
Back to work! 

Now I have Clare next in my inbox and her comment and picture follow:-
"Hi Jane, day 3 done. Hope it's right - I can hardly see the rings!! Can finally see a hint of the blue in my thread though so "yay"!! :)" 

Linda's back with her day 3 and the following comment:-
"Hi Jane, 
Me again, here with day 3. Please excuse the grotty photo, I had to use my phone as my son has nicked off with my camera. Kids! 
I still don’t have a clue what this is going to be, probably even less of a clue today if I’m honest. I’m excited to see what it will be . 
Best wishes, 
Linda (aka Cariad837)"

Next in is Sherry with this comment and picture:-
"GOOD MORNING JANE ( saying this like in the movie Good Morning Vietnam),Here is my day three. I still think the mystery is a snowflake, star or now I am adding a Spring Flower. It is so cold here in New York…that I am dreaming of Spring and getting back outside to my flower beds and feeling a warn breeze against my skin."

Denise is next and here's her comment:-
"Here is my progress. This is the first time I used a button. I knew I would learn new techniques from thisTIAS. 
Denise Brant"

Another new arrival to this year's TIAS is Ann-Sofie who says:-
"Hi Jane, 
Thank you so much for this new TIAS. It´s great fun sharing this with other tatters all over the world. 
Here is my day 3. My guess: we are making a starfish or perhaps an octopus. Looking forward to day 4. 
Ann-Sofie Sweden"

Next to arrive is Coretta with her day 3. She says:-
"Day three. I tatted it up first thing yesterday morning and didn't get to emailing it til today. It could be a crocodile." 

Cynthia is next with her day 3 and the following comment:-
"Day 3 and still no good guess. Will Keep thinking. 
Hugs and Peace, Cyn"

Kat has arrived now with her day 3. She says:-
"Those were some teeny tiny rings!! I'm having so much fun. Thanks for the clear instructions, now I'm confident about split rings. 

Starlene has sent in her day 3 with this simple comment!
"I'm thinking its a bird."

Martha has arrived with her day 3 and she says:-
"Here's another part done. It's exciting to be making a turn." 

So, Helene has solved the mystery. She knows exactly what you're all tatting. Least she thinks she knows!!! Me? Well I'm not telling.
"I don't know about everybody, but I am tatting an Octopus. See, same color, same little suction cups, two holes left for the eyes. I believe I have outsmarted you Jane. 
See you in a while. 
Hélène, Québec, Canada"

Now I have a new arrival with days 1, 2 and 3. This is Sharon who I'd like to welcome to the TIAS.
"I am new to tatting and am learning so much from this experience. Day 1-3."

Sharon has now arrived with her day 3. Thank you. Here's her comment and picture:-
"Hi Jane, 
Here is my Day 3 progress. 
My guess... a gecko ? 
Thanks, from Sharon in Monona, Iowa."

Another new arrival to this year's TIAS is Veronica who has sent in her combined days 1, 2 and 3.
"Hello Jane! Finally I joined you all in this game! One of the things I love in this smart and fun game is to see all these shuttles all together! They're beautiful! But I was thinking that there isn't your work in the various entries! :D c'mon, join the game! :D By the way, I hope it's not a problem if I use the needle and not the shuttle! I guess that in the next step we will go back to the button! (It's the eye of a dragon? Ohhh I would love to tat a dragon!!!waiting is killing me! ) xoxo, Veronica from Italy"

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skispinknitter said...

This is my first time to participate. I am new and learning a lot. I stop and Google what I don't know and then proceed. Very anxious for the next part. I sent you an email with my picture. Can't add one here.