Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Day 9

Here is the link for day 9.

Some more facts and figures for you!! These are the numbers of people taking
part broken down into days.
Day 1 - 122. Day 2 - 107. Day 3 - 101. Day 4 - 93. Day 5 - 86.
Day 6 - 77. Day 7 - 67. Day 8 - 68.
First in overnight is Barbara with her day 8 and comment. She says:-
"Dear Jane,
I tatted this on Sunday, but wanted to send the picture to my computer so that I could send it off to you with less KB’s.
I really thought we were making a bunny, but now I don’t know.
I did make a happy discovery; I found an easy way to write inside my picture!
Barbara in Sunny Northern California"

Dani is next with her comment and photo. She says:-
"hi Jane! 
i'm doing better in "keeping up"... but i can't figure out the pattern... it might still be a bunny, but it's also possibly a guy in overalls... 
ah, well... waiting with bated breath for the next one! 
dani , the geek"

Bridget has arrived next with her day 8 and she has this to say:-
"Okay, Jane, I've decided it's a bow-legged cowboy. (I admit that I might be influenced by the colors of the thread I've chosen. Maybe.) One of the ladies I work with is just as anxious, if not more, than I am to see what it will turn out to be. Every time she sees me with my shuttles she asks if I've figured it out yet. Her grandmother was a tatter and this might turn out to be the impetus I need to convince her to try it herself. 
I've recently started a blog for my tatting as a way to keep things somewhat organized, as well as to encourage myself to tat more. It's
It's nearly midnight here in Texas so I expect you'll be reading this soon. Have a grand day and thank you for this year's rabbit. Dragonfly. Crocodile. Cowboy. Whatever it turns out to be! 
Bridget Hefner"
Oooh, good, Bridget.  I'll be following your blog too!!!!

Really must go and get dressed and have breakfast after this but I was waiting for the first day 9 to come in. Here it is. Muskaan!!!
"Good morning, Jane :-) 
"I begin to think I'm not very good at thinking" (from the story 'Kitty Answers' by WD Howells) .... (( read guessing )) ! 
I do like the coil , like a Scorpion's tail. But, hey, I'm not-a-guessing ;-P 

Second to arrive with her day 9 is Maureen who had forgotten it's Wednesday!!!
"Fat Rabbit thinks we have been tatting a bunny-tummy - but the more slender of the House Bunnies can't bear to watch. 
I forgot it was Wednesday! - peacefully reading with an after-dinner coffee when I suddenly remembered!"

Jenni from Australia too is next she's not a clue!!!
"Baffled beyond belief!!"

Finally as I'm late getting ready to go out - I have Isa who says:-
"Good morning Jane: 
Here from a very busy laundry day with my TIAS day 9. 
I thinks it's a nice big beetle :) 
Have a nice day here from a rainy morning in south of Sweden with 5 degrees! 

Back from the library and now I have Linda's day 9. She says:-
"Good morning Jane, 
Well, you certainly got us going round in circles today didn’t you?! I’m so glad I chose to work this in size 20 thread, if I’d used my favourite 40 or 80 I’d be climbing the walls by now! 
I’m even more intrigued now as to what this is going to be. No guesses today I’m afraid, totally baffled. 
Looking forward to the next part, maybe that will shed some light on it? 
Have a good day, 

Diane has now arrived and has sent in her day 9. Her comment and picture follow:-
"Good morning, Jane! 
Thank you for the practice with split rings. I think I’m starting to get the hang of split ring tatting… at last! This is starting to look like a chubby bunny sitting on his duff. However, I have no orange for a carrot. 
Diane Cademartori 

Bev has arrived in my inbox next and she says:-
"Hallo Jane 
Well it is good evening here. Sorry for the rushed photo but it is my bedtime. 
I think the people who have already guessed scissors were on the money. 
But knowing you, it probably won’t be. 

Linda came back into the inbox shortly after with an additional comment. I thought it worth adding to the blog. She said:-
"Hi Jane, sorry for bombarding you with yet another email but having looked at some of the photos already of day 9 on the blog, and looking carefully at my own work, I’m thinking not just ordinary scissors but pinking shears.. 
Sorry, just had to offload that. 
Kind regards 
Linda (aka Cariad837)"

Next in is Sue who says this:-
"So I did the tatting and then realised I'd joined to the wrong vsp on day 8!! It's corrected now and you can see umbrellas falling out of the elephants foot stand!!! Either that or its a ? on legs instead of a dot!! Lol"

Next in is Firanghish who says:-
"Hi Jane, 
Sending you a picture of day 9 . I am horrible at thinking so have stopped making my brain over work. 
Yes having a good time tatting and reading comments. 
Thanks a lot and love to you and all fun loving tatters. 

Alba is up early in her part of the world! She says:-
"Good morning Jane. 
Mexico repotting at 4:17 a.m. 
My bunny is starting to look like a Martian (green and small hehehe). 
Waiting for next few days to complete it. 
Thanks Jane. It is so fun"

Shelley is next to arrive with this comment:-
"Very clever. I like how we are joining the split rings to start curving. Could be a pair of scissors. 

Sandi is next with her days 8 & 9. She says:-
"Here is my Day 8 & 9
Thank you

Next I have a smile from Anne!!


Kathy has just arrived with her days 1 - 9 and this picture and comment:-
"Hi Jane 
Guess what? The SUN IS SHINING HERE!!!! I almost forgot what it looked like. Here is a picture of my TIAS up through Day 9. What in the world is your twisted little mind dreaming up now? :>) Okay, I’ll nix the idea of a crab, but the bow-legged cowboy is still a possibility. Of course, at this time it looks like he could be an amputee since there are no arms. PLUS, he has a very big head. At any rate, the dust bunnies are calling and I must go and do something productive. Have a blessed day!!! Kathy"

Next to arrive is Claudia with her day 9 and also her friend Maria's day 8. She says:-
"good morning !!!! my day 9 is already!!! well. well.. this part seems to be a claw of a scorpion!!!! 
with my my day9 , I also attach Day 8 of my spanish Friend Maria Dolors Vandellos.. she is very enthusiastic with your game!!! 
First is Claudia's picture followed by Maria's.

Barbara has now arrived with her day 9. She says:-
"Hi Jane - 
Well, the bunny is looking like a scorpion now!! 
Eager for the next "hint"!"

Shirley is next in my inbox with this comment:-
"My TIAS Alice sits like a bunny today. Cheery! Shirley" 

Next to arrive is Marie who has this to say:-
"Well, it is now Day 9 and we all seem to be questioning what this fine piece of art is. Ah, how brilliant, Jane! It is a question mark, a walking QUESTION MARK!! 
Marie in SC"

A comment from Anne-Marie's granddaughter is next. I had to publish this as it's so cute to think that youngsters are getting involved.
"Hello Jane, 
My granddaughter, Léa, who is at home this afternoon, says me that my day 9 looks like a giraffe . 
I said the same since january 19 th. I confirm and impatiently wait for the end. 
Weather is very sad to-day.So,TIAS bring some shine to me. 
Anne-Marie (france)"

Now I have Jacee who has this to say:-
"Dear Jane, 
Twisted the green one to look like one bunny :D Old man in the house said LOBSTER - where on earth are the legs? 
Well we have one thing in common, Jacee - we both have an old man in the house!!!

Next in is Kristen with her day 9 and the following comment:-
"Hi Jane! 
Here is my Day 8! I'm not sure there is any doubt as to what this will be when we're through, but maybe you'll end up surprising us? :)

Finally in this batch is Emilia who says:-
"No guesses this time. I'm clueless again. But I'm having fun. I suppose you to. Maybe the next part will clear things up. 

Next in is Margaret who has this to say:-
"Whoopsadaisy just about sums up my tatting to day! I had twenty minutes, plenty of time I thought. Not to be, first of all there was a lot more of day 9! Should still be able to do it. Carefully made sure I got my work round the right way, or so I thought. Re-did the ring, started on the next one only to find a knot in the thread. Grrrrr! It will have to wait till I get home ..... so several hours later ...... And on top of all that I'm getting more baffled the longer this TIAS goes on! Well done Jane! 
Margaret "

Next in my inbox is Melanie who says:-
"Good morning- 
No new guesses. Good warm up for the day with all those teeny tiny split rings. 

Finally in this batch is Denise who says:-
"A little behind. Here is day 8. Back to thinking an animal. 
Denise Royal"

Fox has just arrived and it appears she truly has the answer.  Or does she?  She says:-
"Oh, Jane, you are such a sneaky gal! You have everyone erroneously imagining scissors, because we ALL especially loathe snipping, but in fact you are slowly directing us to tat the Eiffel Tower at New Years! I commend you on one of your more ingenious designs. Congrats."

Next to arrive is Berit who says:-
"Dear Jane, 
Let me guess: the result will be a pair of scissors. It does look like one, don't you think? 
I enjoy tatting it, whatever it will be. 
in Oslo"

I think Nicole is tatting a cage for a turtle. What do you think?
"Dear Jane, 
Just tatting around my turtle today! 
Discovered on the blog me and my fellow Dutchie Sonja are using the exact same thread, aren't we? What a coincidence! Busy workweek once again, but keeping up! 

Next to arrive is Frances who says this:-
"Hi Jane 
The pattern is getting more interesting as the days go by. I had to resort to screen captures in order to get my head around it. 
It's rather weird seeing something I've typed up on the picture but I LOVE it too.

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