Friday, 9 January 2015

Day 1 continued!

Before I start today I need to let you know that day 2 will be available at this time tomorrow. Roll on day 2!!!

First into my inbox on this dull winter's day is from Maggie who seems to have a 'wild' button and who says:-
"Hi Jane - I'm Maggie from sunny Southern California. While the rest of the country is freezing we're having unseasonably warm weather so its shorts and flip-flops for the next few days. 
This is my first TIAS. I chose Lizbeth Bright Yellow thread and a brown button. I ran into some trouble with the button - who knew that they could be possessed? I think the lock chain looks like a stalk of some kind so its either an alien or maybe a snail. 
Waiting for the next installment. 
Regards - Maggie (AKA CACatTatter)"

Next in is Miranda who has sent her day 1. Here's her comment:-
"Hi Jane,
On Day 1, I'm guessing it's a unicycle, although I'm sure that will change with the next installment.
My button is closer to 1/2 inch. I hope that won't throw it off by too much!

Lori has sent her picture to the right place, thank you. Here's her day 1 and her comment:-
"Hi jane 
Hope this is where I am suppose to send my picture of today's work. Don't know if you can really see it. It is small 

The final one in this batch is from Cynthia who says:-
"Here is my day 1...This time I have a scanner that works! I put it as a docx and a pdf so hopefully 1 will work. 
I'm using Lizbeth Mountain Breeze 20-134 and a shirt button...I didn't have to chase the wearer it is one that I am harvesting the buttons from. 
Peace, Cyn"
Actually it gives me lots more work as pdf's or doc's, Cyn. It's much easier if you can send a jpg in future.

Back again and this time with Cathy's day 1. She says:-
"Hello Jane 
I don't know why, I image you're in United States !!! Lol ! 
Thank you for explanations I understand all ! I'm so glad ! 
Here the photo of my 1st step, hope all is good 
Have a good week end 
No, Cathy - I'm not in the USA - I live right in the middle of England!!!

Kristen has now dropped in from Russia. She says:-
"Hi Jane!! 
I finally got my fingers unfrozen enough (it's below 0 (F) windchills here!) to get organized, locate my tatting supplies amongst the travel debris, and start on your new TIAS!! I am SUPER excited that you have used the lock chain in the pattern--I have been admiring all your lock chains but hadn't ever taken the time to learn how to do them! :) 
As for a guess about what it will eventually be...hmm. Maybe a whale. Why? Why not. I really have no idea!! :) 
Looking forward to day 2! 

Margaret has arrived now - all the way from Norfolk in England here!!! She says:-
"Dear Jane, we'll I hope this is going to work as it is the first time I've tried sending an email from my tablet! At the rate I'm going you might not even get it today! 
I decided to use up some of the coats thread I inherited from my mother. That started me thinking I'd use her shuttle, (lower left). After that what other shuttle could I use but my grandmother's (top). 
That shuttle is around 100 years old and probably bought when she was in America. The button is new though, and the modern techniques would not have been known to either of them. 
Thank you for another TIAS Jane. Ithink it is going to be a U.F.O. from inner space! 
From Margaret in Norfolk."

Arriving next in my inbox is Sarah who says this:-
"Hello from Vancouver Canada.... Thanks for starting this up again - last year was fun. 
You are right! The lock chain is simple! Thank you for lending me your brain cell #3! 
Currently I think they look like fleas training for their unicycle act -- their part in The Great Canadian Flea Circus with Ring Mistress Sarah. The lock chain is my leash to keep them from running away to join the circus. Some other circus that is, where they would ride a cat or something. "

Sarah now joins us from Sweden and her comment and photo are below:-
Here is my Day 1 of your TIAS! It's a long time since I've tatted, but now I have energy enough to try again! 
And I like that it's a button involved, I haven't done that before. 
Thank you for doing TIAS! 
Right know it looks like a mosquito or a fly sitting on the button, it's very hard to guess what it's going to be ☺ 
Looking forward to try to finish it. 
Best wishes from Sweden, 
Sara Bergman"

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