Saturday, 24 January 2015

Day 7 continued

Well, day 7 and any others that come in!!  Sorry for the delay but I'm having connection problems at the moment.

First today is from Barbara who has sent in days 6 & 7 combined.
"Hi Jane: 
Here’s my Day 6 & 7 combined. I think we are tatting either a moth or a Jacob sheep. Hmm, then again, I do see a bunny rabbit, too. I think I’ll go with the rabbit; it has chubby cheeks! 

Next to arrive overnight is Miranda who says:-
"Hi Jane, 
Here's Day 7, and this is the moment when it becomes clear that my button really is too big. I will carry on, though, and if I decide to tat another Venus fly trap later (because that's definitely what this is), I will be more careful with my button size. 

Another new arrival to this year's TIAS is Dani who has sent in her days 1 - 7. She says:-
"hi Jane! 
you have the TIAS up and running again, and i'm already running behind trying to keep up! i've been an average of two "days" behind the whole time! 
here's my composite of days 1-3 and 7... there was a mixup at the end of the first ear (yes, i'm with the rabbit crowd!) and i had to start over again... in the middle of church, which made pictures problematic. 
hope to keep up for a while! 
Hope you do keep up, Dani!!

Kat is back again with her day 7. Here's her comment and picture:-
"Boy it does look like a rabbit at the right angle! Lol but I don't know anymore. I'm just having a lot of fun! 

Diane understands my need to keep to a routine - shuttles down and into bed once a day!!!!
"Hello Jane, 
I’m sure you’re fast asleep. I’m starting to feel a bit sleepy myself, but I wanted to send a pic of my Day 7 progress. My Internet was spotty this morning, and it took me almost an hour to get to the directions. Needless to say, I did not have time to tat and post before school, and I almost forgot about my accomplishment tonight! I still have no clue, but I’m enjoying the tatting. 
Diane Cademartori 

Anne has a simple statement to make!!!  Here it is:-
"A bunny? "

Final one as I really must go and have breakfast!! This is from Helene who says:-
"Hi Jane, 
Don't know what happened to me, my day 6 was "SNIPPED" somehow. I did not even see it go by, and already your wonderful TIAS was on day 7. 
I cannot "CUT" myself away from reading all the comments as to what it is we are tatting. Such "SHARP" guesses! So much fun! 
Here is my day 6 and 7. 
See you soon. 

Eating breakfast!!! Next is Linda with her day 7 and this comment:-
"Hi Jane, 
Linda here again with my day 7. It’s just gone 3am and I couldn’t sleep, so what better way to fill my night than with this TIAS! I’m starting to think perhaps a rose now... some sort of flower? Ok, I know, you’re not going to tell me lol. Besides, that would spoil all the fun. Looking forward to the next part 
Kind regards, 

Bernice has just arrived with her day 7 and the following comment:-
"Hi Jane 
Here is day 7 are we half way yet? 
Loving all the tatting from around the world. 
Bernice in Canada"

Another person guessing scissors. A dangerous thing around tatting unless absolutely necessary!!!
"possibly scissors? 
Carol, blogging as Lelia at 
Stitches of Life II 

Must share this little rhyme that came from Marie yesterday after a conversation with her.
"Never an old moo are you! 
And not the least dozy, too. 
You created this page, 
So you are the rage 
Of all us lucky tatters. 
And that ..... is all that matters!!!"

I now bring you a turtle, a day 7 and a weather forecast from Nicole!!!
"Dear Jane, 
Still keeping up, though I am very busy working. We've had some snow last night, but it's melting, so I think I can go outside later today. Turtle keeps an eye on the weather forecast! 

Now I have Lyn's days 6 and 7 combined. Here's her comment.
"Hi Jane, 
Here are my day 6 & 7 together. I still have no idea what it's, I must lack imagination ! Lol ! 
It is overcast and cooler here today thank goodness ! 
Regards from Western Aust 

Next is Fran from 'just down the road'!!! She says:-
"Hi Jane
Here is my Day 7.
Fran UK"

Back to Australia now and Jenni who says:-
"Hi Jane. Caught up tonight thanks to Voltaren and lots of Paracetemol...but we got there." 

I'm travelling backwards and forwards between Australia and England in the last few entries!!! Love this picture from Jo.
"Hi Jane 
A day late to day 7 and the poor quality of my day 1 has come back to bite me - accidentally joined to the wrong picot on ring 1 and didn't realise until I closed the ring! Luckily I managed to re-open it but then I still couldn't find the ring 1 vsp... but managed to join to something. 
Not looking so much like a crocodile head any more. Police Dog says its a rabbit so he's going to watch it so it doesn't run away. 
Jo in sunny England"
Well, Jo, it looks fine to me.  Sunny in my part of England too but will it last?!?!?

The next to arrive in my inbox is from Marie who says:-
"Hello Jane, this is my Day 7. Could it possibly be a pair of scissors?? 
Marie - Rue de la Laine 

Barbara is next to arrive in my inbox and she says:-
"Hi Jane 
I had a real challenge on this one - to my utter horror, I discovered that my thread on my chain shuttle had broken! EEESH! So I checked through a bunch of YouTube videos and learned how to "add a thread"- and I actually DID it! How exciting! 
Then I had lots of trouble joining to the button - the thread kept flipping - but after about 6 tries, I finally succeeded- this is a fabulous learning exercise! 
I'm still thinking Bugs Bunny - 
Looking forward to Day 8 
Regards, Barbara"
Glad you sorted everything Barbara.

Sonya is now back with her day 6 and she says:-
"Hi Jane, 
All caught up. Day 6 is done. 
Here is an off the wall guess - pliers? 

Now it's Wanda's turn to arrive in my inbox!! She says:-
"Hi, Jane. I'm a little late this time. We're halfway through and I still have no idea. I bet you are really enjoying yourself, aren't you? I know I am."

Shirley has just arrived with her day 7 and the following comment:-
"Hi, Jane, 
Found a brightly colo(u)red button and put this guy in new clothes! Shirley from Ohio"
WHAT a pretty button and I love the thread too.

Next to arrive is Denise with her days 6 and 7 and who thinks it's a - well, I'll let her tell you.
"Here are day 6 and 7. Tooth is my new guess. 
Denise Royal"

Sara is the next to arrive in my inbox. She's sent in days 6 and 7. Here's her comment and picture which is an unusual guess!!!
"At last I've done my day 6 and 7. A wild guess is that it's going to bee a stag beetle." 

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