Thursday, 22 January 2015

More Day 6

Day 7 will be available tomorrow - Friday.

Just thought you'd be interested in a few facts and figures. 

First of all we're just over halfway through the game. 115 people started with day 1. For day 2 there are 109. Day 3 shows 92 participants and on day 4 there are 81. By day 5 we had 74 and on the first day of day 6 (yesterday) I'd had 34 before bedtime.
Obviously these figures don't mean anything as people are still joining in. 

I keep the photos in folders during the length of the TIAS but once it's finished I delete all but the last day. That gets deleted after a few months too. 

First in this morning is from Barbara who says:-
"Hi Jane 
I did it! Day 6 and still in the running!! 
I'm starting to think the bunnies have it!! 
Having fun! 
Regards, Barbara"

Next in is a beautiful picture but sadly no name to the comment. I wish I could remember all the email addresses that come into my inbox!!!
"Only had time for this lonely Tias over my lunch as I had to go for a walk in the sunshine. Blue skies above. 
My guess today is still at an insect with these pinching jaws."
Just found out that this is Bernice's day 6.  Thanks for letting me know, Bernice and don't worry - we all forget.  Now, what's my name?!?!?!!?

Now I have Kat next who says this:-
"Here it is! Such a fun project. I still think it's a starfish, maybe a regular fish? I'm going with swimming-something-or-other for now. 

Linda has arrived now with her day 6. Here's her comment and picture:-
"Hi Jane, 
Me again, Linda (if I tell you now it won’t matter if I forget to sign it this time!) aka Cariad837. 
I would have sent this in sooner but my phone decided it didn’t want to save any photos I took with it today. So I had to coerce my son into letting me borrow my camera for a short while. I made good use of it and took several photos of all my latest projects. 
Now, with regard to this TIAS, there are some great guesses and I can see where people are coming from. However, after tatting day 6, I could see a Stargazer Lily, or perhaps a Columbine, maybe even a Cyclamen in there somewhere. Whatever it turns out to be, I just may end up making more – once I know what it is! 
Looking forward to the next part (and in between the days, I have found several more designs on your site that I want to try out – you troublemaker! ) Thanks for all the fun, 
Kind regards, 

Next in is Rose Anne who says:-
"Hmmmm I'm still sticking with my first idea - a windmill - and the pelican idea I'm scrapping. But as I look at this picture, I see the legs of a ballerina on her toes! HMMMM!!! Guess it's still a wait and see game!!! 
Rose Anne, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA 

Finally of the overnight emails this one comes from Miranda who says:-
"Hi Jane, 
I actually finished Day 6 this morning but was too tired to photograph it, so here it is now that you're sound asleep. 
My thinking has evolved since the previous segment. However much it may look like rabbit ears, I don't believe you would give us something that obvious right from the very beginning. On the other hand, you might be more inclined to give us an obvious feature up front if it were a less obvious animal. Therefore, these are the tentacles of a cuttlefish. That's my story and I'm sticking to it-- at least until next time! 
Well Maureen's still hoping for a rabbit!!!!  Good guess, though!!!!

Sorry about the delay with getting the next batch onto the blog but I've been out all day 'working'. 

So, first in on this batch is Nicole's and I'm not sure now what I look forward to most - her comment or her picture. Love seeing what the turtles are getting up to next!! Hope that one hasn't messed up your tatting inside the bag, Nicole.

Next in is Sue who has had a short delay getting hers to me. I'm sorry to hear your news. Hope things are better for you today.

Next to arrive is Bev who says:-
"Hi Jane
If we are half way then I think it is going to be a bow!!!! 
Well, that's a new idea, Bev!

Emma has arrived next with this comment and picture:-
"Hi Jane 
Finally had time for Day 6. 
Could it be a crab? It looks like a claw. 

Next to arrive is Maggie who says:-
"Hi Jane - as you can see from my picture, I got more help with my tatting. The fuzzbutt is Ysabeau who decided that Oonagh wasn't interfering enough so demonstrated 'how to sit on the pattern' while I was trying to finish up Day 6. She would NOT move when I tried to take a picture so her derriere is included. As for my guess, I've been thinking about inanimate objects - a plumber's wrench perhaps?
Hmmm, wonder how many people would feel the need to tat a plumber's wrench? It's a thought, though. Perhaps that's what it is!!!! Love the picture.

Caroline is next into my inbox. She says:-
"Well, the cold has returned but to be nice again tomorrow. The weather cannot make up it's mind 
When you said we were half through I tried to count 6 more days and the count could have been a dragonfly but ???? 
I went out to your web site to look and see if you have a dragonfly and I did find a couple. So I am guessing this is not a dragonfly especially after tatting day 6. 
I know I guessed the rooster when we did that TIAS but this one has me really puzzled. OK, Caroline just tat and wait and see!!! 
Giggle, giggle, giggle says I!!!!!

Anne-Marie has just arrived in my inbox with her day 6 and her comment which follows:-
"Good evening Jane, 
Before going to bed, you 'll be still working for dicover my two legs's creature. You write we are just half way through the game! Most probably,it remains 2 legs and one head -at least one brain's cell -.unless it's a matter of a species of electronic unspeakable monster! But,in your great kindness, would you be able to create this? That is the question....... 
Thanks Jane, read you soon.... 
Anne-Marie (France)"
That's SOOOOO funny, Anne-Marie. Don't forget - I've got 3 brain cells. Least I did have when I last checked!!! So it could be anything!!!

Sue has now arrived with her day 5 1/2 and she sounds a bit confused!!!
"was tatting the TIAS yesterday and put it down just before the normal chain for the second ear thought I was on stage 6 but when I went & looked at part 6 there is only one ear on it.
Viewed from the back ready to work the chain...
Did I have a brain fart and imagine something that wasn't there?????"
Ummmm, are the men in white coats at your house yet? I think your ears will be just fine once you've finished day 6.  Let me know if you're still worried - can't quite see if there's a problem on the photo but I'm sure there isn't.  

Bev is next with her day 6 and a painful comment!!! Just kidding, Bev.
"Hi Jane 
Me again with a second guess at this stage. 
I know you’ve had these things on your mind lately, having lost two at the dentist. Maybe if the TIAS is a tooth then you will acquire enough for some spare sets of dentures lol. 
Too funny, Bev, but what a good idea!!!

Geraldine is next with her comment and picture.
"Well you have given us lots of guessing to do again is it this or is it that. Well at present I'm sticking with Rabbit, with Easter just a few weeks a head."
Is it really Easter soon, Geraldine? Where does time go. 

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