Monday, 19 January 2015

More day 5's and others

Good morning. A full inbox this morning so it's going to take time to catch up.

So - first in this morning is from Bernice who says:- 
"We had a light dusting of snow this morning but it has melted once the sun came out. What have you done with Jane, only three split rings?"

Bev has just joined her with her progress from day 1 to day 5. Welcome, Bev.
"Hi Jane 
I have been tatting along since Day 1 and read with interest the suggestions for what we are tatting. I can see why rabbit and crocodile have emerged as possibilities, but I think you are too devious for it to be apparent too soon. 

Back after breakfast!!

Next to arrive is Rose Anne with her day 4 and also her day 5. She says:-
"OK I think I'm going to change my guess to a pelican - we get lots of those at the lakes. They have a larger pocket like under bill and skinnier upper bill. The wait and see is still on!"
Another later comment from Rose Anne!!
"OK looks like my "windmill" idea is still there but just maybe.  So I'm now thinking it might be a "pelican" with a larger pocket lower bill and a skinnier upper bill that we see around our lakes and rivers.  Guess it's wait and see."

Next in the inbox is Claire who says:-
"Hello Jane, 
You are probably in bed while I'm writing this message, and I will be sleeping when you will read and publish it. ;-) 
Here are the pictures for my days 4 & 5 and the link to the related blog post
As others have mentioned, I am wondering if it could be a starfish? But could it be the two legs of a horse otherwise? 
Have a nice week, 
Claire (Canada) 

Next into my inbox is Nikki who says:-
"Looking so cute.... Can't wait to see what it will be!"

Sharon has now sent in her day 5:-
"Can't remember if I sent this 5th day picture. I am so busy trying to do the work, can't think about what this might be. Can't wait till the next time.
No, you hadn't so here it is now!!!!

Maria has now arrived with her day 5 and she says:-
"Finished day 5! :) I found I had to add a small 3 stitch lock chain to the one with size 80 thread in order to get to the next button hole... I hope it doesn't mess up the final outcome too much.
I'm starting to think along the same lines as the bunny contingent! 
Or....... & I like the Star Fish idea.......or..... how about this.....
Tatting on a button!!! :) yeah, that's it! I got it figured out!!!"

Lori has just arrived with days 3 and 4. Her comment is this
"Hi Jane Well I finally got days 3 & 4 finished and photographed
And now sent to you.
Really enjoying this! Thought I might have an idea as to what it might be but now I don't .
Thank you"

Almost straight after this last message came in another from Lori!!!
"Hi it's me again
Finished day 5, photographed and now sending to you!"

Joining us today with her days 1, 2 and 3 is Sue Anna and she's sent her pictures and comment:-
"I'm a little late getting started but... Here are days 1-3 . All I've got done so far. Plan to do 4&5 tomorrow ! Wish me luck! Thread is Yarnplayer HDT Pansy .
Sue Anna"
I've been working with Pansy too, Sue Anna. Wonderful colourways as usual from Yarnplayer.

Now another newcomer to this year's TIAS is Stephanie G who says:-
"Hi, Jane. I've been following along like a good ol' girl. I still think it's an elephant."

Linda has arrived next with her day 5. She says:-
"Hi Jane.
Hope all is going well. Thank you for the TIAS. Love that we always have different stitching to do.
Have a good day.

Finally, for this morning's posts, is from Coretta who says
"Hello Jane,
Here is my day 5. Certainly if it was an alligator or croc you wouldn't have started at the mouth, that would be too simple to guess! But that's my husbands guess as well at this point. :) 

Next to arrive is Barbara with days 4 and 5. She says:-
"Hi Jane, 
Here’s my Day 4.

Here’s Day 5. Hmm, doesn’t look like wings anymore but it could still be a giant squid. So, I remain with my guess that this is a giant squid.

Lyn has returned with her day 5 again!!!!
"Hi Jane, 
So I untattered (if that is a word) and then re tattered day 5. 
No idea what it could be ! But my friends are very interested. 

Now WOULD I be this cruel? I think this is Helene who seems to think I'm a torturer!!!!
"Hello again Jane, 
Are we really? Are we really making that dreaded instrument that we sometimes have to take out to cut away errors? 
The Octopus Lady."

Next in is Cheryl with her day 5.  She's also posted it on her blog.  

Caroline has just arrived with her comment and picture. She says:-
"I am really enjoying this. It is fun to practice different techniques. I have to look up how to do some if they are not included in your instructions. The club I belong to try to do different techniques each month. Since I am retired I look the pattern up and do it and look for more patterns that use the same technique. I love your technique library on your site. 
We are having beautiful weather for winter. I know it will change but we are sure enjoying it for now. 
I have no idea what it is but like several of the suggestions that have been made. 
Here is my Day 5. 
Thanks so much for all of the fun. 

Adrian is back now with his days 4 and 5 (combined). This is what he says:-
"Hi Jane! 
I missed out on sending day 4, but here's my day 5. One of my lock chains seems to be a bit long, but I think that is down to me having trouble counting as high as three. 
Although it's looking a bit like a pair of rabbit's ears, I'm starting to think it looks a bit like a pair of scissors... 
Which almost certainly means it's neither! 

Bridget is next with her day 5 and her comment:-
"Okay, I may be influenced by other comments, but I'm going with a dragonfly - maybe. I can't reconcile the position of the first tiny rings with the that shape, so maybe it's one of those daisy-like flowers where the petals point downward. I wish I had chosen a lighter thread so I could see it better; I'm used to working in size 10. This is Lizbeth 136, Autumn Spice. 
Bridget in Amarillo, TX"

Martha has now arrived with her days 4 and 5 combined. She says:-
"Dear Jane, 
I'm catching up here with the last 2 days. It looks like it could be 2 legs (loved Fox's guess), or the beak of a bird, or the jaws of an alligator."

Tally Tatty has now popped into my inbox with her comment and day 5. She says:-
"Good evening Jane, my little friend here knows what it is: 'a smurf', he says! But that does not help me!! 
Oooh, I remember the Smurfs.

Next to arrive is Sonja who has had a busy weekend. She says:-
"Hello Jane 
Here is my day 5. For me a little bit late. I was away this weekend to visit my daughter and later to my grandson. He bought his first house to live with his girlfriend, so I had to see it. 
Total 7 hours in the train (go and back). He does it very well, so I’m proud. 
Greetings from a misty Holland 

Grace has just sent in her day 5 with this comment:-
"Hi jane, grace C here. Maybe this is the rotary part of the helicopter."

Another new arrival to this year's TIAS is Geraldine with her days 1 to 5.  Welcome, Geraldine.  She says:-
"Hi Jane, 
Bet you were wondering where I had got to. Decorating the front room and had piled stuff on top of tatting equipment. All done now. 
Well better late than never, here is day's 1,2,3,4 and 5. Have had a look at the suggestions and there good. I have decided to go with the Rabbit. It make's lovely ears, but I bet brain cell 3 has worked overtime and is foxing us all. 
Happy T.I.A.S'ING 

Another newcomer to this year's TIAS is Anne-Marie. Welcome to you too.  Anne-Marie has sent in her days 1 - 5 in one picture.
"Hello Jane, 
Here is Anne-marie (retired midwife in France). 
I impatiently waited for 7 th of january to begin TIAS. I began with many troubles because of button.  The rings turned upside. I began two TIAS, one with variegated thread (Lizbeth 20 col.139) and one plain (Oren Bayan 50 col.620).  But, graves events occured at the same date in Paris had staggered us as whole world and we got time in front of television to get news of these horrible killers..... We were scotchtaped.... 
Life starts again and we try to hurry up catching black period......I undo my two TIAS and do again
My TIAS 's days arrive 1,2,3,4,5, in the same time and I think about a giraffe......
Thanks for diversion!

Katie has arrived now with her day 5 and the following comment including a limerick!!!
"Dear Jane,
Been thinking so much of Maureen with the emergence of Day 5. Every year she's hoped for a rabbit. Not that you'll admit it, but if those aren't rabbit ears - - -
Here's a limerick in honor of you both!
Our Jane, well, she seems such a tease!
Poor Maureen is so hoping, “Oh please-
Let it be a rabbit-
(you know, that’s my habit!)”
That Jane plays this game with such ease.
Happy tatting, Maureen, even if it isn't a rabbit!
Katie V in NC (with help from the resident poet)"

Last two before I head for bed.
Denise is back with her days 4 and 5:-
"Hello Jane, 
It is a beautiful afternoon in Texas with 72 degree weather. Perfect for sitting outside and tatting two days of a tatted mystery pattern. I didn't have time to tat day 4 before day 5 came out. 
I think the crocodile group might be onto something but I think I'll go with a flower of some type. Lilies or irises. 
Have a great day!"

And the last for today is from Sue Anna who has sent in her days four and five too:-
"Here are days 4&5. 
Marilee guess is a Tochan. Me I was going for jelly fish. 
Sue Anna"

Arriving just now is Sally's TIAS. You'll realise when you read her comment that she's my little sister!!
"My TIAS and this is definitely something that the bee's need!"

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