Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Day 8

I maybe a bit late getting uploads done today as I'm off out with a friend to the nearest Apple store. Just hope I'm not tempted to buy anything!!!

Nancy has arrived overnight with her day 6. She says:
"Finally day 6 complete. I'm still thinking a Victorian lady. 

Claire is next with her day 7. She says:
"Hello Jane and fellow tatters, 
Here is my day 7 and its corresponding blog post. I still don't know what it will be, but I really like the suggestions that it could be a snail or a turtle. Wait and see... 
Have a nice day, "

First in this morning with day 8 is Maureen. She's rabbiting on AGAIN!!
"I thought it might have been a bubble car - but cleverly turned it upside down, because we still have free picots to join on to, and there is the issue of that one Beady Little Eye.....so I have no idea still. But for form's sake, there has to be at least one rabbit in the picture this year, and this is my very old little alabaster bunny."

I'm back and with a rather full inbox!!!
First in is Jaycee who says:
"Good morning, Jane. Not a crinoline lady? Ballerina, perhaps? 

Fiona is next with her day 8 and the following comment.
"Hi Jane 
This is really looking like a butterfly wing now. Can't wait to see day 9. Looking for my seed beads ...I'm sure I'll find them by day 9. 

Jane is going round and round in circles - I think!!!
"Hi Jane,
I’ve turned it this way and that, but I have no idea what it is!"

Tim is the next to arrive and he has a novel idea too.
"I know. It’s a fancy shoe!

Frances is next in my inbox. This is her comment followed by her picture.
"Hi Jane 
Have caught up after demolishing the shop. We now have a 2mth wait for the new one to be built. 
Thank goodness for TIAS to pass some time. I think it is a goldfish.
Tatting in friendship
Frances S
Warwick Australia"

Sonja is the next person waiting in my inbox.
"Hello Jane 
Here my day 08. No snail, I see. You are a master in changing our mind almost every day. My compliments. Sonja from Holland."

Sue should be reported for cruelty to her cat!!! Her EFUS is sitting on top of it!!!
"It's a very odd shaped EFUS! Are you trying to tell me it isn't?? Incidentally, it's standing on the cat's back!!"

Oh, NO. Patricia has excelled herself yet again. What a clever idea for a TIAS. If that's not the answer to this one it could be the answer to a future one. What do you think?
"I'm turtley not giving up! 
Patricia Lyn Cobb 

P Melanie doesn't know the answer to the mystery either!
"No clue."

Next to arrive is Gea with her days 4, 5, 6 and 7 and who still seems to be puzzled!!
"Hello Jane, 
Well you still have me guessing..a skirt? A melon? Pumpkin?? Or the hat of a rich person..so I will keep on tatting... 

Irene is thinking 'butterfly' like a few others. I wonder if she's right?
"Hi Jane, 
Day 8 and I think about a butterfly ;) 

Next in is Muskaan who says:
"Hi Jane 
Yes, definitely a gown ! Glad I chose a colourway that is reminiscent of Victorian velvets ;-) 
Happy shopping - the :"early lark" gets more in her bag ! 
muskaan :-) 
Love your picture, Muskaan.

Next in is Nancy with her days 7 and 8. She says:
"Catching up with day 7&8. I think we have half a butterfly.

Elirosa is next with her day 8. She says:
"Buon pomeriggio Jane, 
concluso anche l' ottavo giorno senza che mi si accendesse nessuna lampadina. Probabilmente il mio cervello é un po' stanco ☺☺. 
La saluto cordialmente 

Good afternoon, Jane,
also concluded the 'eighth day without turning on me any light bulb. Probably my brain is a bit 'tired ☺☺.
Cordial greetings

Carole has just arrived with her day 8 and she's another 'Madam Butterfly' too!!!
"Hi Jane, Looks like we may have a butterfly. If so, mine will be very colourful. Carole" 

Annie is another butterfly lady too. She says:
"Hi Jane,
On Day 8, I think I had one of butterfly's wing... but I still confuse..
Happy Tatting,"

Melanie has sent in her day 8:

Cathlen has just finished her days 7 and 8 and has sent in this comment and picture:
"Hi Jane!
TIAS finished the 7's and 8's part.
I have not worked in the thread, but it's available,
desirable, the important thing to succeed.
I still can not I realize what will this do?
But soon it turns out be sure!:-)
Hi: Cathlen Hungary"

I think Linda needs to get her eyes tested!!! See what she calls me - a lady!!!! I've never been a 'lady' Linda - just an old git!!!
"Hey Lady! 
Here's day 8... I still need to load my shuttles for the 2nd half of your pattern. 
I'm guessing maybe a butterfly at this point? 
Linda Barnes"

The next arrival is from Denise R who has sent in day 7 in this picture.

AnSo has just arrived with her day 8. She's another butterfly lady!!!
"Hi Jane !!
This is my day 8.
It looks like a butterfly wing.
AnSo Alia "

Caroline also thinks it's a butterfly!!! Here's her comment!
"Hello Jane,
With this step I come back to butterfly profile view.. like Facebook ;)
But I’m pretty sure to make a mistake seen your tortuous spirit J

Next to arrive is Fran who asks a good question. The answer is whatever you like!!!! Perhaps the same thread would look better, though.
"Dear Jane 
Here is my Day 8. It looks very pretty and perhaps a one-eyed butterfly is in the offing? 
By the way, are we using the same coloured thread for Day 9? 

Hmmmmm, is Wendy being very 'English' in her comment?
"I think it might be a tea or coffee pot "

Mary thinks her great grandchild is right:
"Think my great grandchild is right a beautiful butterfly"

Coretta's managed to do her day 8 in spite of being very busy:
"Today it looks like a butterfly wing. 
I have a large family so laundry day begins on Monday and lasts till Wednesday. So another day of folding and instructing children on it.

Anna's day 8 is next. Jolimama sent it in for her.
"Kedves Jane! Anna elkészült, küldöm a munkáját.
Barátsággal: Jolimama

Dear Jane! Anna is ready, I will send the job.
Friendship Joli Mama"

Finally today I have Marty who has been experimenting! This is her picture and comment:
"Day 8 tonight! What I have done so far is day 7 -- with additions. I think this is a hat and I've made additions to show the beaded top and feathers. ;) I'll probably look really silly wearing whatever it really is on my head."
What a clever idea, Marty. I can really see that being the answer. BUT!!!!!!


Tim Kaylor said...

Get a peach instead. (Yes, I know what you meant, but I couldn't resist.)

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Tim, you crack me up!!!! I love peaches but apples from the Apple store are my faves!!!