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Day 2

Day 2 of the Tat It And See is now available here.

Sorry about the delays in updating the TIAS blog yesterday but it was Friday 13th and it certainly lived up to it's reputation for me all day!!!

First in today is Caroline with her day 1. She says:
"I hope I have this right. We are bracing for an ice storm Sunday thru Tuesday. I have follow up appointments with doctors Tuesday and Thursday so hope it does not get to bad. I am getting a slow start but hope to be able to keep up. This picture is not the best but will try to do better next time. I will have to check what color of Lizabeth thread this is.


Omaha, Nebraska USA"

Another day 1 has arrived - sent in by Denise who says:
"I would definitely like to play this year. I'm going to use my new shuttles and see what I think about them. Here is my day one. 

This is the first of the day 2's to come in and it's come from Jane who says:
"Hi Jane, 
Day 2, which I hope won’t get lost in space!"
No, Jane it didn't it's now here!!!  WOW, love the shuttle with your name on - very classy.

Blanche is here now with both days and she's feeling very musical too!!!
"Hey Jane, 
I'm sooooo happy to tat again with you ! But before I show you my work, I wish you a very beautiful 2017 ! 
Here you are the photos. 
Day 1 : pianist tias. 

Day 2 : my tias is still feeling the music ^^ 

And so I think the 2017 tias is an orchestra ! 
Or maybe George Clooney ? What else ? 
"grosses bises" like we say in french ;-) 
You are SO funny, Blanche.  George Clooney?  That may give me an idea for TIAS 2018!!!!

Julie has just sent in her day 2 and I now have her link for the French translation which is also available on the side of both blogs. 
Julie says:
"I am happy to see that we are 36 on the french TIAS Facebook event !

I send you my picture of my day 1."
Thank you, Julie and mostly for the translating service you're providing.

Next to arrive is Maureen with her day 2 and a tentative guess too!!!
"It is so very insignificant at this point that I thought I would add to the ambience by taking it's picture next to Fox's lovely little blue doily which she gave to me. The diagram looks nice and symmetrical, I was thinking that perhaps it is going to be a ball gown - but there are too many picots to attach feet to? We haven't had any tatted people since the Button Family arrived. 
I don't think I like this colour, but Time will tell."

Jaycee is next with her day 2. She says:
"Hello Jane, 
Here's my second submission - no clue just yet. 

Fiona has followed on pretty quickly after Jaycee with her day 2. Here's her comment and picture:
"Hi Jane 
Here is my day two...perhaps it is a plant pot base? Hmmm... 
A plant pot base?  Hmmmm, I wonder!!!

The next day 2 is from Irene who says:
"Hi Jane, 
A kissssss from Belgium with Day 2 
Thanks a lot"
Thank you, too, Irene.

Now I have AnSo's day 2 with her comment which is:
"Hi Jane ! 
My Day 2. I have no idea what it's going to be like. 
AnSo Alia "

Next to arrive is Barbara who has translated her message too. Thank you, Barbara:
Dziś dzień 2 
Myślę, że to będzie statek (prom) kosmiczny. 
Bawmy się dalej... 
Pozdrawiam Barbara 

Day 2 
I think that it will ship (ferry) spaceship. 
Let's have fun on ... 
Regards Barbara"
I like the idea of a spaceship, Barbara.  I wonder if it is?!?!?!?!

Next to drop into my inbox is a message from Gaborne (I think) who has sent me a lovely emoji smile:

One of my new Hungarian friends (Jolimama) has now arrived with day 2. Here is the comment which came with it:
":-) Küldöm a 2. napot én is, öröm volt készíteni :-) Barátsággal Jolimama 

:-) I will send the second day I was, it was a pleasure to make :-) Friendship Joli Mama 

Now I have Caroline's day 2 and her comment as follows:
From my snowy Belgium, I have time to tatting next to the fireplace ;) 
Help my children in their school work certainly helped has to keep the knowledge of my English 
See you next step, 

Muskaan is the next person in my inbox. Here's her comment and picture:
"Hi Jane, 
Tweedle dum or tweedle dee 
whatever will it be ??? 
A lady's skirt or a cart wheeled, 
Jane has our brain twiddled !!! 
Glad you survived Friday the 13th, Jane ! 
muskaan :-) 
Thanks, muskaan - I survived!!!!

Just back from helping a neighbour and my inbox needs attention again!!! I'm HAPPY to say!!
In this session the first in is Tim who says:
"I suppose this is how people send these! 
My first TIAS. This is fun!! 
Yes, you're spot on, Tim!!!

Celine is next in my inbox with this comment and picture:
"Hello Jane,
Here is my day 2
Warm regards, have a Nice week-end
Céline Puech"
Thank you, Celine.  

Now I have Melanie's day 2 with her comment. She says:
"Thanks for posting all these guesses. My guess is a caterpillar. I tried to do your blipless join for the final ring. Things went well except for the DS right before the join. Somehow, I twisted the finished DS before executing the join. Sigh. I do the same in music. The mistake you hear is usually just a beat behind the REAL mistake. Gotta love a brain."

Following Melanie is P Melanie!!!! Now how confusing is that for an old brain?!?!?! I'm coping, though. 
"Oh, goodie! I was hoping today would be Day 2--but then, to be honest, I was also hoping yesterday would be Day 2, although I was sure it wouldn't be. I didn't expect it to turn back on itself so soon. It looks pretty--like a tiny skirt"

Now a welcome to Firanghish who has arrived with her days 1 and 2. Here's her comment:
"Hi! Jane, 
I am sending you day 1& 2 to gather, as my network had some problem. 
Thanks for the wonderful TIAS. 
Happy tatting."

Back with her day two next is Shirley:
"No clue, Jane .... Shirley"

Also back with day 2 is Sue (aka Pigmini) with her comment.
"Told you it's an umbrella! A very tiny one tho!
Must be raining up in Yorkshire to cause her obsession with umbrellas!!!

Celine is next with her day 2. She says:
"Bonjour Jane. Voici mon 2ème jour du TIAS.... Ca pourrait ressembler au sommet d'une pyramide inca... mais les picots me font penser que non.... Vivement la suite .

Hello Jane. This is my second day of the TIAS .... It might look like the top of an Incan pyramid ... but the pins make me think not .... Highly later"

I'm puzzled over Judy's comment below. I must go and look at that SR8!!!!
"Must say I loved SR8. "

Linda has just popped into my inbox with a very good guess. I wonder if she's right?
"Here's my day 2....a bald eagle? ;) 
Linda B. 
In Virginia, USA "

Before I go any further I want to say one thing - I LOVE my tatting friends and I also love that there are no rules to this game. Why? Well look who's just arrived 'hot' from TIAS 2016!!! Dee has sent in her rabbit!!!!
"He HAD to get finished since I needed the shuttles for 2017 TIAS (I had stalled out on that second ear, Jane. It was a challenge and I’m not sure it’s right but it’s done!.) 
Thank you for all your work and enthusiasm. TIAS certainly promotes tatting! 
Dee in northern Alberta, Canada"
Thank you, Dee - we may make 100 for last year!!!

Back to TIAS 2017 with Sonja's offering. She says:
"Here my day 2. It looks like a collar. "

Carole is back now with her day 2. She says she agrees with Fiona:
"Hi Jane, No ideas yet, but I thought Fiona’s plant pot idea showed promise. Carole - Burlington, Ont. Canada"

Fran is here next with her day 2 and the following comment:
"Hi Jane 
Happy to be part of the 2017 TIAS! Here is my Day 2. 
Fran Burgess 
Essex, UK"

Sarah is back now with her day 2. This is her comment followed by her picture:
"Hi Jane, 
Here’s day 2. 
Sure is fun tatting with you. 

I think Wendy is suffering from a vivid imagination!!! OR is she right?
"See I was right, the dome of St Paul's 😁

Next into my inbox is Elisabetta who has this to say:
"Le invio il mio lavoro senza azzardare cosa possa essere perché non ne ho la più pallida idea ☺☺☺. Le auguro un buon fine settimana 

I send my work without venturing what might be because I have not the faintest idea ☺☺☺. I wish you a nice weekend

This is my final post today as I'm now going to bed!!!! Hope to have a few more in my inbox in the morning!!!

These are Maruzsa Anna's pictures. Both day 1 and day 2. They have been sent to from Jolimama who is sending Maruzsa's work for her. Thank you to both of them. 

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