Saturday, 28 January 2017

Day 7 of the 2017 TIAS

First person in this morning with her day 6 is Mary who is trying to keep up!!!
Trying desperately to keep up (I'm packing and moving) and still have no idea what it is but anxious for the next day when all will become clear! 
Not easy when you're trying to move too, Mary. Wish I could come and help you.

Claire was also in my inbox from overnight and she says:
"Hello Jane and fellow tatters, 
Here is my day 6 and it's corresponding blog post:
I am puzzled. I must say that I have no idea what this 2017 TIAS will be after this day 6. I don’t think it will be symmetrical, and we know that only one bead will be used later on. Well, all we can do is wait for the next step and clue. You got us there Jane! 
Claire (BC, Canada) "

Muskaan is the first in with her day 7 and she's been reading my url's again!!!
""Whatever next " you ask, Jane ?!
I'd tell you if I knew
muskaan :-)"

LOVE your comment, Ninetta!!!! Made me laugh! Thanks for your day 6.
"Dear Mrs Jane, 
Thank you for the fun, here it is my day6, well I hope that it is a butterfly, the well known "Eborallona Variegata"! Great technique! 
Thread is lizbeth size 80. 
Best regards, 

I can't believe Jacee got her day 7 finished so soon. It's the Chinese New Year and she's got lots of celebrating to do. Thank you for the extra effort, Jacee.
"Jane,Here comes my Day 7. Gotta rush out for those fanatic routines at this time of the year again. 

Irene is next and she's sent in her day 7 too.
"Hi Jane,
Day 7 ...... I don't know what it is ....... Snif snif LOL

This must be my last upload before I have breakfast. My tummy is rumbling!!! This is day 7 from Barbara.
"Day 7 went smoothly! 
Now that I do not know what it would be... a surprise ... 
It is my work ... 
Thanks for having fun together 
Barbara from Poland"

Back from breakfast and shopping and I find Maureen next in my inbox. She's sent in both day 6 & 7 combined.
"All caught up! - and I liked the suggestion that it is going to be a penguin, until today. Today I think it looks like one of those overstuffed headdresses worn by Ali Baba. I am sure that's what it is. 

To distract my eye from how very little thread I have left on my shuttles, I thought I would take today's picture with a box of lovely Sajou threads. Aren't they pretty? I have not yet been able to bring myself to use even one spool."

Next in is from P Melanie.

I think poor Jack is as confused as Jane!!! See her comment!!
"Hi Jane, 
Herewith day 7, a bit quicker off the mark. “What are you tatting?” Jack asked me. “I can’t see which way is up.” No, that’s the idea!"

Two guesses this time from Fiona. Now I wonder which is right. Well, maybe neither is!!!
"Hi Jane 
Here are the pictures of my day six and seven. Perhaps it is a tea pot? Or a sherlock type hat?? 
Until day eight 

Sonja has a new idea. One I've not thought of before - but, I may have and I may just be kidding you all!!
"Hello Jane 
I have a new guess: a snail. Fun, that it grow and grow. 
Greetings from Sonja from Holland"

The next person in the inbox is Marco. She says:
"hello Jane,
here is my day 7
greetings Marco"

Celine has now arrived with her day 7 and a lovely comment too.
"Hi Jane 
À picture of my day 7 and the small motif made with one of your pattern that I made on Wednesday to practise and improve my slip rings.
It is always a great pleasure to discover the TIAS part when released. 
My guess today (with Help of one of my child) maybe it is a fish 
Warm regards

Next to pop in is Arlene - a late but very welcome new starter.
"Hi Jane, 
I finally had a chance to start TIAS. I went day by day, and wrote down my guess before moving on to the next day. 
Day 1 guess: seaweed (possibly influenced by my thread color) 
day 2: clown collar 
day 3: clown, or umbrella 
day 4: coracle 
day 5: dahlia 
day 6: hippo 
I'm looking forward to day 7. Thanks for doing this, Jane."
Not sure it'll be a hippo, Arlene. We've already done that. BUT you never know!!!

Finally before I toddle off to have lunch I have Pigmini's day 7. She'll not change her mind over what it is!!!
"Yep still a downside up EFUS!! Vbg"

Kazia is the next person into my inbox and she has this to say:
"Przysyłam kolejna fotkę, czyli 7 dzień zabawy J
Dziękuję za fajna zabawę. Czekam efektu końcowego, póki co fajnie się bawię.
Mój blog : Robótki ręczne ( iza kama) :

I sent you another pic, or 7 day of fun J
Thank you for the nice fun. Waiting the final result, so far good'm having fun.
My Blog: Needlewo
rk (iza kama):"

Tim has arrived next and this is his comment along with the picture.
"Still no idea, but here is day 7. I can see where it probably goes day 8, (I could easily be wrong), but I still don't see it. Quite the mystery! I think BC3 is a little wicked. Hehe."

The next person to arrive is Ankie. This is her comment and picture.
"Hallo Jane,
Dag 6 en 7. groeten Ankie"

Cindy is the next to pop up in my inbox and this is what she has to say:
"Hi Jane, 
Whatever next? I have no idea. Clearly we are about to turn the corner, but what is next, I have absolutely no idea at this time!"

Well Judy seems to know what you're all making. I just hope she's right!
"Looks like we are heading back up...the hat.."

Finally in this batch is Fran who says:
"Hi Jane
Here is my Day 7. Goodbye to the butterfly theory!

Mary has just arrived and this is what she has to say:
I got Day 6 done just in time for Day 7 and I still have no idea. It seems more fun this way! 
I'm glad you're enjoying it, Mary.  

Anna has just arrived with her day 7. She says:
"Anna munkája :-)
Anna's work :-)"

Following very shortly after is another of our Hungarian friends - Jolimama. She says:
"Elkészültem a 7. nappal, küldöm :-) 
Nagyon jó lenne már tudni, mi lesz belőle, kíváncsian várom :-) 
Barátsággal: Jolimama

I finished the seventh day, I'll send :-) 
it would have been really good to know what it is, I am looking forward :-) 
Friendship Joli Mama 

Wendy has just arrived in my inbox and she's puzzled by the sound of it. She says:
"Got no idea now! Wendy x" 

Just before I close down for the night I have two more visitors. First is Melanie who says:
"Hi Jane- 
It's a nippy day here. Just right for tatting in a sunbeam! 
I'm unsure of what we are tatting. Unless it's 2 dancing jellyfish. 
Thanks for your creative mind, 
Melanie C"

Finally after a busy day I have Ankie.
"Hello Jane,
Now I do not know anymore what it will be, haha
Groetjes, Ankie"

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