Monday, 16 January 2017

Day 3 is out now!

First in this morning is Coretta's day 2. She says:
After a lovely Sunday nap I tatted up day two. 

Next into my inbox on this dreary grey English day is from Rose Anne who says:
"Day 2 of 2017 TIAS and no idea of what this could be. This image looks like the Ninga Turtle mask! I see my size 40 Lizbeth thread will make a miniature whatever."

Now I have Martha with her day 2 and this is what she has to say:
"Here is Day 2.  The variegate thread, Lizbeth 100 Falling Leaves, is looking a little blotchy, so I hope it will settle down once I've tatted more.  I never can tell how well a variegate will behave ahead of time."

Marie is next in with day 2 and she says:
"Find here my day 2

Happy To tat with you  Jane !"

Now I have Cindy in my inbox with her day 2. You're making unbelievable progress, Cindy and I can't see where you had the problem either.
"Hi Jane, 
Here is my progress, just before day 3 comes out. My first time doing a join into another picot! Messed it up the first try, but attempted to fix it. Unfortunately the thread did deteriorate a little because of it. Hopefully it won’t show. I can’t believe I have been tatting for about 2 weeks, it is so fun! I am starting to think it is a monkey… This would be the top of his head, and his big ears one on each side…"
Claire has just joined us - welcome, Claire:
"Hello, I started in frivolity but I decided this weekend to follow you into the adventure. My job is not perfect sorry !!!! 
In any case the idea is super nice! 
Thank you! 
See you soon. 
Claire says Fior Di Stela"

Now here's a problem that not many have with the TIAS!!!! I found this very amusing although I don't think Frances did!!!!
"Hi Jane 
So I took my picture for day 2
Then I turned around and found that it had been claimed
Didn’t get it back without paying some attention to the bandit.
Frances S
Warwick Australia"

Next in the inbox this morning is muskaan. Her comment follows:
"Sorry about the blurry pic, Jane. Like my ban, it seems to be too mushy at present to think or see clearly :-D 
muskaan :-) 
Don't worry, muskaan.  My brain is permanently mushy some days!!!

First in now with day 3 is Jacee. My, you're fast, Jacee.
"Good morning, Jane. Here comes Day 3 - still no clue....

Fiona followed on shortly after with her day 3 and this comment:
Hi Jane. 
Well, I dont think it is a plant pot anymore...perhaps an animal...maybe a horse? This could be a head and front leg... maybe. 
See you on day 4! 

My goodness - Marie is back in the same upload! This time with her day 3!!! 
"Hi Jane 
My day 3 ! 
Have a good day !"

The next person in is Celine who says:"Hello Jane
This is my 3rd day. This is much like a diplodocus head
Good day to you.

Tim's just arrived with his day 3 and this comment:
"Day 3’s entry, Jane.
Waiting for these pieces is like a kid at Christmas.
My guess is a flamingo."

I'm just back from a brief break and a walk into town and my inbox is full again!!! 
This time the first in is Shelley who says:
Morning Jane
I am playing along and wanted to say Hi and Thank You. This is year 4 for me.

Sue is still sticking to her EFUS and says:
"Now I know you're going to say I definitely have bad weather in the head.... but this is definitely the side of my elephants foot umbrella stand!!"

Now I can understand why Diane's changed her mind!! She could be right too!!!
"Good morning, Jane! 
Something's definitely wrong here... today's appendage cannot possibly be a cheerleader's leg. Therefore, I must change my guess to a a jellyfish."

Next in is Sandra. Who asks a very valid question.
"Day 1, I can’t understand why there appears to be picots on day 1 & 2, but the rings on day 3 are stacked right together. It would seem it means that there SHOULD be picots between the rings on the first 2 days?" 
I put the spaces between (they probably do look like picots!) the SR's just to show the way the design progresses but you've made me think that in future I shouldn't!!!!  Thanks for your comment, Sandra.

Maureen is next with her day 3. Wish I could complain about the heat, Maureen!!!
"I wasn't expecting Day 3 today! - and it is SO hot, almost too hot to lift a shuttle. Grumpy cat must think so too, he is sticking out his tongue at whatever-it-is. Maybe we have just tatted a very long neck?"
It could be a long necked rabbit this year, Maureen?

Back with day 4 is Jolimama from Hungary. She says:
"Dear Jane! 
Örömmel küldöm az elkészült 3. napos mintát :-) 

Dear Jane! 
I am pleased to send my 3-day sample of the finished :-) 
Joli Mama 

Irene has sent in a good guess. I wonder if she's right?
"Hi Jane,
Day 3 ready, maybe a seahorse ?

Orane has sent in her wonderfully coloured 'something' with the following comment:
"Hi Jane 
Voici mon jour 3. Je pense que je réalise une vache multi-color 
Hi Jane

Here is my day 3. I think I realize a multi-color cow"
Well I've never seen a multi-coloured cow before Orane but you could be right!!!

Shirley is the next arrival in my inbox. This is what she says:
"Greetings from Ohio USA. Smiling and ready for the next day. Shirley."
Oooooh, that's a happy frog, Shirley!!

Lyn is thinking animal too. Now why would I design an animal?!?!?!!?? Joking!!!
"Good evening Jane, 
I was thinking we are probably tatting some type of animal! 

Annie has just arrived with her day 3. Here's her comment.
"Hi Jane, 
Here comes my picture of day 3. 
I hope it would be dinosaurus because of my colour thread... lol 
Happy tatting from Indonesia, "
That's a good suggestion, Annie but I'm not sure whether it is or not!!!  What I can tell you is - I'm not going to tell you if you're right or wrong!!!!

Next to arrive is Melanie who has a lot to say about the TIAS!!!
"Oh, oh! My pretty little skirt has morphed into the head and neck of a snake or sea serpent! 
I was hoping that today would be Day 3, as it's a holiday here in the U.S. (Martin Luther King's Birthday), but you don't typically skip just a single day. Did you even know about our holiday? 
Also, with my son's wedding just FIVE DAYS AWAY now, I've been concerned that soon I would have nothing left to which to look forward (except for my hip replacement surgery next month, if that counts), but then I realized that I'd still have my TIAS to keep life interesting! Thank you for easing the transition for me!"

I'm so pleased to have another Hungarian tatter with her day 3. Welcome Cathlen.
"Hi Jane 
I am Cathlen Hungary. I'm ready to part third I wonder what will happen in the end? 
Have a nice evening!"

Well I wish I knew who this next picture has come from - I sort of recognise the email address but BC3 can't 'quite' remember who it is. Anyway, I'll let you know later and will update this comment if I find out!
Just found out that this one came from Linda.  Thanks for letting me know!!!

Next to arrive is Caroline and she seems to think it's an animal too:
I think for an animal , a butterfly ??? 
I wonder if you're right, Caroline?!?!?!?

Mary is back with her day 3 and she sounds very happy with herself:
"Getting better at split rings! Woo hoo! 🎉" 

Nancy has now arrived with her days 2 and 3. Thank you.
"Hopefully these ones send OK. I sent the other from a different device. 
Perhaps it will be a basket? 
Nancy Moore"
They arrived safely as you can see, Nancy.

Catherine has now joined us with her days 1 and 2. She says:
"Bonjour Jane, 
Voilà j'ai enfin pu enregistrer d'après facebook mes photos sur mon ordi, avec un peu de retard et toutes mes excuses les voici donc. 

Hello Jane,
That I could finally save my photos from facebook on my computer, with a little late and I apologize here they are so.
Good to see you, Catherine.

Denise has now arrived with her day 2 and the following comment.
"So here is my day two, and I see day three is up so I'm off to tat that! 

Judy is next in with her Nessie!! Least she thinks it's a Loch Ness monster!!! I wonder if she's right?
I named this Nessie , even if it isn't the Loch Ness monster! 
Still like SR8.. did you figure out why? More regular stitches than the other half! :) "

Denise has just sent in day 2 with the promise that day 3 will be here soon!!!

True to her word Denise is back with her day 3. Her comment is this:
"I like the snake thought."

Eliz is catching up with her days 2 and 3. This is her comment and her two pictures:
"Hi, Jane. I'm catching up. Here are my pics of Day 2 and Day 3. Enjoying the suspense."

Caroline has also sent in her days 2 and 3. I'm sorry to hear about your weather but ours is just dull and grey and BORING!!!! 
"Here is Day 2 & 3. The first day 3 I saw made me say ostrich. Not sure why variegated thread for an ostrich but it would be very pretty. We have a lot of ice and it has rained most of the morning. It is to get colder and more moisture in some form until 3:00 tomorrow morning. My doctor appointment is not until 3:00 tomorrow in the afternoon so hope the streets will be OK by then. I do not live far from the hospital (about 8 blocks) so hope we can get there safely. Hope all of the other people that are in the line of the ice are all OK and safe. 
Caroline H"
I like the idea of an ostrich.  It could turn into one now I've taken another look at it!!!

Next to arrive is Claudia who is sending in one picture with her days 1, 2 and 3. Her comment follows:
""Good evening Jane. Here are day 1-3 on the picture. Guessing is still very difficult, but I love your comments on the blog with each guess! So I think we are doing a monky, this is the first leg. At th moment it lloks more like a hockey stick, but we will continue for more tatting, and this stick would be finished too closely. 
Greetings from the wintertime near Zurich" 
I hope, there are not too many errors in it. 
Good night and see you soon 

Welcome now to Bev who has just joined us. She's catching up with days 1, 2 and 3 too!!!
"Hi Jane 
Here are my Days 1, 2 and 3. Sorry for the slow start. I must keep up now as it seems a bit cheaty to see everyone's work first. Intriguing as ever - no clue yet. 
Bev (Sydney, Australia)"

Every time I empty my inbox somebody else pops in!!! It's good fun at my end!!! This time it's Anso with day 3.
"Hi Jane !! 
This is my day 3. 
It look like a horse or a giraffe. 
I look forward to discovering what it will be like to. 
Anso Alia"
A horse or giraffe?  Hmmmmm, interesting!

Melanie has just arrived with her day 3 and this comment:
"Hi Jane- 
I tatted this many hours earlier, but just now got a chance to send you the picture. I still have very little clue as to what we're tatting this year. I like the monkey idea though ;)"

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