Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Day 1 of the 2017 TIAS

First of all I have a RABBIT!!! Yes, this one's been on it's way for a year!!! It's from Deanna who says.

94. "Hippitty hop.....hippitty I late??? Am I late???!!!!!! Am I late for the kick off of the 2017 Tat it and see???? I've been a year travelling.....oh sigh I hope I don't have to catch up too much!!!!!!"

First in of this year's TIAS is from Muskaan who must've been sitting on her keyboard waiting!!! 
She says:
"Good morning, Jane :-) 
Day 1 on your way .... while I slip under the quilts for my siesta :-D 
muskaan :-) 

Jacee is next in with her first day. She says:
"Wishing you a Happy New Year, Jane. Here's my first segment of Tia's 2017 

Next in is Fiona with hers. She says:
"Hi Jane 
Looking forward to another fun TIAS. Hopefully I haven't made a mistake already. No guesses yet! 

Now I have Maureen (remember - rabbit Maureen?!?!?) who says:
" Here is Day 1 - Lizbeth Pink Marble, although it looks boringly grey at the moment. Someone on Facebook has opined that this may be the year for her Canada Goose, so maybe grey thread for a grey goose is fine! 

Your remark has been duly noted, that this year it isn't a rabbit. Doesn't stop me from seeing rabbits, though, I thought that Jane 's butterfly in South Africa looked like a rabbit!"

Annemarie is the next person in my inbox with her day 1 and the following comment:
"Hello dear Jane, 
Here are my first stitches for new enchanting Tias ! 
Many regards !"

Another rabbit has arrived from TIAS 2016 and also another day 1 of this year's game. Thank you, Frances.
95. "Good morning Jane 
Well as you can see my rabbit has finally burrowed his way across the world from here in sunny and hot Warwick Australia. 
Also here is my day one. 
In tatting friendship 
Frances S 
Warwick Australia"

Next in with her TIAS is Sue who says:
"How on earth are we supposed to guess?? I'll start the bidding off... it's the handle of an umbrella for my elephants foot umbrella stand!! 

Celine has just sent in her day 1 with this comment:
"Hello Jane. 
I attend my second Tias. Thank you very much for this wonderful event. For the moment no idea what we're going frivoler. But I am very pleased to participate :) 
Céline Grangier, Switzerland :)"

Katie's back this year with a rhyme again too. Hi, Katie.
"Shout cheers for Tat It and See, 
A true January joy come for me. 
What will we tat? 
Well I will tell you that 
my thoughts linger as to what it will be. 

Big hugs from Katie V in NC"

Sonja has returned to join us again this year. Hi, Sonja. Here's her comment and picture of day 1.
"Hello Jane 
Again a year over. It goes quicker and quicker every year. 
I hope you are fine and happy new year for everybody. 
Here is my first part.Thread Lizbeth 20 number 112. 
Sonja from the Netherlands"

Next to arrive is from Melanie who has this comment to add to today's fun.
"If I didn't know that we'd have many more days of instructions ahead, I would guess that this was the bottom half of a pregnant caterpillar. I love my Rainbow Taffy by Lizbeth; it's my favorite size 20 thread (although I would have loved to do my TIAS in size 80, as I adore tiny things and projects require less thread that way). I don't own this color in that size, though. Onward and upward!"

Oh MY, something new here. A tatting cat - or so it looks to me!!! This is the comment from Nancy and a lovely picture too.
"The cat has already claimed my TIAS. It must be a mouse. Nancy, Ontario Canada 
Nancy Moore"

Next in is another of my past TIAS tatting friends - Sarah. She says:
It is launch day
for this tatting game
we like to play.

Linda has just arrived with her day 1. Here's her comment:
"Here's mine! 
Linda B. 
northern Virginia, US"

Next to pop into my inbox is Judy who says:
"Hello Jane, 
So excited for another year of TIAS. 
Judy. Phoenix, Arizona "

Just had a message from Maria to say she'll be - well, here's what she said:
"Hi Jane! I'm excited to see the TIAS starting, however I can't join in just yet....we have been inundated with winter storms here and I have spent the last week shoveling snow, ice, and slush.... my hands are too sore and blistered to hold a shuttle just yet.....but I wanted to let you know that I WILL be following along for now, and hoping to join in soon! However, I do have a guess.... this year's TIAS will be an Elephant!"
Hope to see you soon, Maria.

Next to join in is Celine and it's her first time. Here's her picture and comment:
"Hello Jane, 
Il is my first Time as I started few months ago tatting. I really enjoy the idea of the TIAS 
Here is my day one, done in Lisbeth 20 color 164 
good time to relax after my working day 
Many thanks 
Celine Puech (from France 🇫🇷 Normandy)

Now I'm delighted to hear from Martha who has just dropped in to say this:
"Here we go, what fun! 
The diagram implies some spacing between rings, but not much bigger than the vsp's are drawn. I've left left small mock picots that I can stretch if needed, and ignore if not!"

Another good friend has arrived once more in the TIAS. Hi, Coretta. Here's what she says:
"Excited to begin a new TIAS. I'm doing it in Lizbeth Honey Drizzle size 20. Thanks for lighting up January! 

Phyllis is next in with her day 1. She has a guess too!
"It's the eye of the tiger!!!! 
Phyllis from GA USA"

Mary is my next arrival and she says:
Another interesting start - could this be a slithering snake? No, I don't think so - you wouldn't make it that easy. Here's my start."

Next to arrive is Laurence who has this to say:
"Goodnight Jane. 
I am delighted to start a new Tias with you. 
Here is my day 1. 
See you for the future."

Now here are some shuttles I recognise!!! Pop A Bobbin ones that have passed through my hands!!! Wendy has sent in her day 1 with the following comment:
"Hello Jane, 
It's obviously St Paul's Cathedral 
Wendy x"
Well you COULD be right, Wendy!!!

Now I have AnSo who says this:
"HI Jane 
This is my picture of the first day of my first TIAS.
I’m very glad to be able to participate. 
The thread is Lizbeth baby blue. 
Thank you for this wonderful event. 
AnSo Alia 
(of France)

The next arrival is Shirley who has a good idea for the result of this TIAS!!! She says:
"think it will fly .. a peacock or a biplane, perhaps? 
Best to all for 2017, 
Shirley McKee 
Beavercreek, Ohio US"
Well, we've done a plane (although not a biplane (yet!) and there's a peacock on my site BUT you never know what BC3 will come up with!!!

Denise has sent in her picture of day 1.  Here it is!

Melanie C is next in my inbox. She says:
"Hi Jane- 
And I'm off! 
No guesses yet. 
I'm learning a new scanner. Hopefully the practice I get joining in this fun will help all 'round. 
Thanks for the fun, 


linb54 said...

It's an Eagle!! ;)

Linda B. in Virginia!

Jane Eborall said...

OK, so what species of eagle is it, linb54?!?!?!? We need more detail!!!!!

linb54 said...

I'm not sure yet...I'll answer after a couple more clues? ;)