Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Tomorrow will be Thursday

Well that's a pretty silly statement but typical of me!!! Yes, Thursday always follows Wednesday but it isn't always going to be time for Day 4 of TIAS 2017. 

That's right - tomorrow will be Day 4.

Meanwhile the first in today is from Katherine who says:

"Hello from South Carolina in the USA. Thanks to help from friends in a Facebook tatting group, I've just now figured out how to send my progress update! My guess was going to be Nessie of Loch Ness fame, but Judy beat me to it. Perhaps your run-of-the-mill brontosaurus?"

A quiet day today but tomorrow could be busy again!!

Sarah has just arrived with her day 3 and this comment too:

I am late with day 3 it is true
But I have finally managed to get this sent off to you.
Just before
you send out day 4

Elizabeth has just sent in her days 2 and 3 pictures.  Here they are.

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