Monday, 30 January 2017

Monday and more 7's

Tomorrow will be day 8. You have been 'warned'!!!!

First in today is from Bernice who has a good guess at a teacup!
"Hi Jane, 
I have attached Day 7 and this looks like a teacup but then I’m standing on my head. 
Bernice in Western Canada"

Denise is next in the inbox with this comment and picture:
"Well with only 3 more rings I really can't say what this will be at all. My husband and one of my sisters are seeing cactus. I don't see the cactus. Another sister can't stop seeing my bandit that I sent in for day 6. I'm looking forward to day 8. 
Actually that picture makes this year's TIAS look like the pram we did a few years ago!!!

Rose Anne has summed up some of the guesses in her comment:
"OK I've caught up on Day 7 of the tatting mystery. Again I'm still at a loss what this will be! Some guesses are hot air balloon, turtle, fancy crinoline dress, teapot to name a few from my friends. 
Rose Anne Burdeny "

Stephanie Grace has put a LOT of thought into her comment - I'm flattered that you've taken the time and written it all down, Stephanie Grace. Food for thought.
"There I sat, in my silent living room, shuttles dangling as I let out such a scream that even my turtle's facial features contorted into a look of concern. "Eureka!" I screamed, "I was right! This is most certainly the hair from The Bride of Frankenstein!" To confirm my suspicions, I quickly grabbed a piece of paper and began to sketch out the details when one jarring detail rang out in my head: "One bead will be needed..." 
The fear and shock of being so wrong hit me all at once. "Nooooo," I cried out as dropped the monstrosity in my hands. "A cycloptic bride with a white-grey streak in her electrified hair? The horror! The shame! The pain!!!" Tears blurred my vision. My stomach churned with sympathy for the poor bride. I ran to the lavatory (not to be confused with the laboratory) and, as I passed the mirror above the sink, two things stopped me in my tracks: The first was the predominant white streak that had suddenly appeared in my own lovely tresses; the second was a dangling entity emerging from my pocket. It seemed to mock me as I released it from its cloth prison. Putting it down on the nearest surface, I quickly took a picture, but I was feeling so faint that I couldn't make sense of its rings and chains... As I passed out, though, I swear it was singing a song: "I'm a one-eyed, one-horned, flying blue-green people eater."

Linda is the last one in my inbox at the moment and she says:
"I had to stitch 3 rings today. Glad I wasn't very busy so I could get it dome. 
I still have no clue. I have much other tatting to do. Check back later. 
Enjoy your day. 
Linda "

Next in is Diane with her day 7 and it looks as if this TIAS may have broken her fear of split rings too!!!
"I looked for Day 7 first thing this morning. I must be getting better with split rings. I managed to finish before my first cup of coffee! This is by far the fanciest letter D I have ever seen!"

Coretta has managed to do her day 7 in the midst of a very busy day. Here's her comment:
"Very small section today.
Today is Laundry day. So this was a very short diversion. :) "

Next to drop in is Martha who said:
"Here's my next installment. No good guesses, yet. I'd have to say the skirt, with a bit of a train, for an Elizabethan lady. But it actually looks like that and usually what it really is isn't clear until much later."

Last one in today is from Sue who says:
"Dear Jane
I was guessing teacup but then turned another way it's a teapot!
I really love the turtle illustrations by
Patricia Lyn Cobb! So many creative guesses!
Sue - Washington state"

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