Friday, 27 January 2017

Even more day 6

Before I start this morning - Day 7 will be available tomorrow morning.

Kay is the first one this morning with her day 6. She says:
"Well, today I had to pull in my other Bernese Mt. Dog, Gretta, to help Iorek with a guess. They decided that this could be the side of a fancy draft cart. (Of course, they're draft dogs, so that is a natural guess for them.)"
Love your furry friends.

Fran follows just behind with her day 6 too.
"Hi Jane 
Here is my Day 6. I think it is going to be a butterfly. 
Clever manipulation of the day 6, Fran.  I wonder!!!

Rose Anne is pleased with her progress - here's her comment.
"Well I can say this installment of TIAS - Day 6 went smoothly! I'm still not sure what this could be." 

Caroline is the last in my inbox this morning with days 5 and 6. She says:
"I am running behind. Have not been feeling well but think I am beginning to feel better. I hope it keeps up. 
Here are day 5 & 6. 
Caroline H"
You can't be 'behind' Caroline when there isn't really a befront!!!!!!  

Sonja has now arrived with her day 6. Her comment is:
"Hello Jane
Here is my day 6. I started a sceond one in another colour. I love these colour too. I still think it is a lady. Happy tatting. Sonja from Holland"

The next person to arrive is Martha.  She says:
"The shape is beginning to be not symmetrical.  Oooh, that means it will start looking like whatever it is soon."

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