Thursday, 26 January 2017

More day 6

I'm afraid I won't get all the overnight TIAS's uploaded this morning as I'm off out to teach and then shop!!!  I'll be back this afternoon, though!

First in this morning is from Sarah who has this to say. LOVE your picture too.
"Hi Jane, 
I still can see my high flying balloon 
But I have a feeling it will morph into something else soon. 
There is that bead that is yet to come into play. 
I think when it does my balloon might be swept away. 
Sarah "

Bernice sounds puzzled - I'm pleased to say!!!
"Hi Jane,
Gosh, I just don’t know where you are leading us.
Bernice in Western Canada."

All the way from Australia comes Bev with her day 6. She says:
"Hi Jane 
Here is my Day 6. Now it doesn't look like anything!!!! Which way is up??? 
Happy Australia Day to any Aussies out there. I'm off to a barbecue. 
Happy Australia Day to all my Australian friends.

Coretta is next in my inbox with her day 6 and this comment
"Hmm, it looked a bit like a jelly fish but it could also be a sea scallop. I did vsp on day 5 though you didn't say to, that seemed to work just fine. Interested to see where this goes. 

I have a day 4 now from Denise with this comment!!!
"Oh jeez. I'm behind!!!! abut I think this way be a toads behind!!🙀
Thanks for the help. Will try and catch up.
Denise Wessman"

Now she's back with day 5!!!
"The toads behind is getting bigger!!!!
Denise Wessman"

What a pretty ensemble from Christine with her day 6. Thank you.
"Hi Jane 
Here is my progress for Day 6. 
I am agreeing with several other TIAS tatters that it looks like the lower part of an Elizabethan dress. 
But my husband says it is a blanc mange! 
Looking forward to the next bit. :) 
Thanks for the fun project, 
Christine in Alabama"

Finally back with day 6 is Denise again!!!
"Finally caught up. Thanks so much, Jane. This is sure a lot of fun. I definitely can see the behind of my toad growing!!!!! 
Denise Wessman"

My other Denise (R) is now back with her day 6 and this comment:
"The skirt for a lady"

Back home after a busy morning.  Cindy is the next in my inbox and I feel as if she's having a private conversation with herself here!!!!
"Still have no idea, especially since there is only 1 bead needed.  Most of the people, including a ballgown or crinoline lady would have 2 eyes, because usually they are not created in profile…  And if the zigzag chain would be a garland or belt/ribbon, it would usually go down the right front (do not ask me why…) In other words, I am totally lost too! On the other hand, it could be a surprise, be a monk, dancing belle, looking off to the side.  I am having much more trouble being patient now that I am part of the TIAS.  When I was just watching, I was much more patient to find out what it was."
You are funny, Cindy!!!
I think Stephanie Grace has been trying to take revenge on me!!! Well that's what she says!!!
"I *knew* I should have stuck with adding the pictures as attachments instead of clicking the little image box and putting them directly into the e-mail. Sorry for any frustration --well, kind of. :-P One might think a little frustration from this end is just good old fashioned payback! :-P 
Anywho, here is my Day Six. With the beginning split rings on the right, I was thinking a flashlight, but then a bulb went off when I rotated it and... It's the Bride of Frankenstein! The zigzag chains are the streak in her hair! I figured it out! :-D Very clever, Jane, but I'm on to you now, lady! ;-) 
Stephanie Grace"
You are a hoot.  Thanks for the laugh!

Mary has sent in days 4, 5 and 6. This is what she has to say:
"Hello, Jane...I got a bit behind but caught up tonight. What a fun pattern! I think it looks a bit like a horse's head with equippage (bridle?)"

Linda is next to show up in my inbox. She says:
"Hello today. 
Hope all is well . We have been having a lot of snow. But it is so beautiful Good excuse for tatting. 

Does anybody need an excuse?  No, I'm sure we don't!!!

Next to arrive is Amritha all the way from India, no less.
"Hi Madam, 
Amritha S Prabhu from India. This is my work after day 6. Thank you 

Jane is the next in my inbox. She's had a small problem but it's sorted now. I'll let her explain.
"Hi Jane, 
I finished day 6, looked a bit more carefully and realised I had worked too few split rings on day 5! I decided that the best thing to do was start again. That gave me another go at the Z chain. I think it looks better second time round. Happy tatting, Jane"
That's so annoying but at least you realised before you got any further.

The next person to arrive is Kazia with her days 5 and 6. She says:
"5 i 6 dzień zabawy. Wysyłam zdjęcia swojej pracy. J 
Dziękuje za fajną zabawę z niespodzianka J moje konto fb:

5 and 6 fun day. I send photos of their work. J
Thank you for cool play with J surprise my fb account:"

Jolimama is the next person into my inbox. This is her message:
"Kedves Jane! 
Elkészült a 6. nap. Nagyon várom a következő mintát :-) Feltettem a blogomba is.
Barátsággal: Jolimama

Dear Jane! 
Completed the sixth day. I look forward to the next sample :-) I put my blog as well.
Friendship Joli Mama 

Day 6 and Katie sends in six of her TIAS's!!
"Hi, Jane, It's a ring of what? I just don't know!
Fun tatting anyway!
Looking forward to the weekend's prospects,
Katie V in NC"

Poor Caroline has been suffering and that has held her back. This is what she says:
Sorry for the delays, but I have the flu… 
With this day I think a pumpkin ??? 
See you 

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