Saturday, 21 January 2017

Further Day 4's and new arrivals

Tomorrow will be Day 5.

First in this morning is from Sarah and hers comes with another rhyme too. She's really getting into her stride now!!!
Ah yes, I see what is did. 
Counted zig as one 
and zag as two. 
But my mistake 
was spotted by you 
and you kindly told me what to do. 
So day four I resubmit 
after re-tatting that little bit. 
Could it be a hot air balloon 
that we will see drifting by soon? 

Next in is Stephanie Grace who says:
"I should have known you wouldn't be that predictable. I mean, hammerhead shark? Goodness! Now that I've ruled that out, though, I have just this to say: I don't know where you're taking us with this, but it occurred to me today that I've tatted a toilet... Look at it! It's a potty! :-O (Or a cradle, but toilet is funnier...). ;-) 
Thank you for everything, Jane! 
Stephanie Grace"
A TOILET?  What a GREAT idea!!!  If it isn't a potty this year it's an idea for next year!!!!!

Sue is next with a slight concern over her zigs and her zags!!!
"Hi Jane, here is day 4 finished. I think I may have zigged when I should have zagged but that is still a very pretty new stitch I learned."

My other Denise has sent in her day 4.  Here's the picture.

Rose Anne has sent in her day 4 and says:
"OK I think I understood the instructions after Jane's comment too!" 

Lyn is next and she says:
"Hi Jane, 
Here is my day 4.i have no idea what it will be but love seeing all the ladies photos 
Regards from 

Love Patricia's little story which comes next:
"The " turtle lady" ( Patricia) was blessed by getting a rare visit with her good friend Sonya. A late night of tatting resulted in a duo for a photo. 
Sonya's ballerina is on the left. Patricia's turtle is on the right."

Claire has just arrived with her day 1. Welcome, Claire.
"Hello Jane, 
I am a bit late in joining the fun, but here is my day 1. 
As for a guess, I will respect my tradition by saying it is a horse. ;) 

This is another starter for this year's TIAS. This is from Jane who says:
"Hi Jane, I can't add the pic of day 1 to my blog but I think I can beat the system (or lack of system) to get it to you! So excited about the new TIAS that I can't wait for our wifi to be sorted out. I'm using my silver shuttle again, and Milford variegated thread."
I was admiring your 'blue' shuttle until I read your comment!!!

Next to arrive is Celine who says:
"Bonjour Jane. Voici mon jour 4 a la navette à droite et mes jours 1,2,3 et 4 a l'aiguille à gauche. Je le fais également a l'aiguille pour aider les fille du groupe francophone Facebook frivolité. Mes diplodocus ont une serieux soucis 
Très bonne journée Jane et merci. Céline 

Hello Jane. Here is my day 4 was the shuttle to the right and my days 1,2,3 and 4 has left needle. I also do a needle to help daughter of the Francophone group Facebook frivolity. My diplodocus have serious worries 
Jane and thank you very good day. Céline"
Oh your poor diplodocus - I'm sure he'll survive!!

Catherine is the next arrival in my inbox. She says:
"Voilà mon jour 4 sans savoir ce que c'est ????? 

That's my 4 day without knowing what it is ?????

Next in is one of our new Hungarian friends - Joli Mama. She says:
"Drága Jane! Elkészült a 4. nap. Sokat gyakoroltam, jó volt. Egy újabb technikát tanultam, öröm volt készíteni.
Barátsággal: Jolimama

Dear Jane! It finished the day fourth. I practiced a lot, it was good. A newer technique is learned, it was fun to make. 
Friendship Joli Mama"
I LOVE your picture.  Wonderful colours.

Marie is next with her day 4 and some concerns about her zig zag chain.
"Hi Jane ! Hope you're fine. Here m'y Day 4. It was my first zigzag chain. I am not sure it's perfect. 😉 "
Well it's the right length, Marie and that's what's important!!!

Now I have Sonya back with her day 4 and another rhyme!

Patricia Lyn's turtle is a wonderlust,
So it is OKC or bust,
Where we sip our tea
While we tat-n-chat,
Now is there any chance,
My ballerina will dance?

Thank you,
Oklahoma City, OK USA"

Ankie has just arrived with her day 4. This is what she says.
"Here are my results for now.
I think that it is a balloon with a basket under it.
Groetjes, Ankie"

The final person to arrive today is Gea who says:
"Hello Jane,
I am still guessing but who knows what day 5 will bring us.
The Netherlands"

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