Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Just to let you know before I start uploading more pictures - tomorrow will be day 6.

First in this morning is from Coretta with her day 5. She says:
"Trying to help my child with piano practice... 
Day 5 was much easier!

Poor Melanie has had other distractions to deal with - don't envy you, lass.
"Hi Jane- 
We've had storms! I've been busy clearing storm damage. I managed to get the z chain corrected today and added Day 5. The ladies at the Embroidery Guild thought jellyfish was a great guess. The Aquarium here is changing their Jellies exhibit. They thought I should sneak this baby in. 
Thanks for the fun!"

Martha has sent in her day 5 now. This is what she has to say:
"Here's my Day 5, and for just this moment, I've got lovely symmetry with my colors. I'm sure all that will change with the next step. I'm Really wondering where you will go from here."

Carol is the next person in the inbox and she says:
"Dear Jane: 
Day three ... delightful tatting by all participating. 
I'm clueless about what we are tatting. A butterfly? Koi Fish? Too early to say for sure. 
Thanks again. will focus on day four tomorrow. 
Always, Carol blogging as "Lelia" at Stitches of Life II 

Claire has sent in her day 4 with the following comment and picture.
"Hello Jane and fellow tatters, 
Here is my day 4 picture and the corresponding blog post: 
This day 4 instructions featured a zigzag chain. It’s my first time making one, and I really like the effect, especially when the transferred and the non-transferred double stitches are in different colors. 
I still think it’s a horse. We are filling up his neck. Isn’t he elegant? 
Have a nice day."

Rose Anne sounds a little cross with herself. She says:
"Grrrrrrr!!! Not impressed that I messed up on Day 4 and had to restart from scratch so I could redo the tatting mystery Day 4 and get Day 5 caught up. Now I'm not sure but if you flip it upwards it could be the start of a hot air bloom or as is a turtle? 
Rose Anne Burdeny 
BLOG: My Creative Works"

This has been a quiet day and I feel refreshed and ready for day 6 tomorrow. The next (and probably final) person in today is Barbara who nearly missed joining in!!
"Dear Jane, 
I almost missed joining in! Here’s my first five days. This looks like a half of something; one of a number of hearts? I actually thought I made the zigzags wrong so cut off all of Day 5 and most of Day 4. Will start anew and catch up shortly. 
Barbara from CA, USA"
Yes, the zig zag chains do look a little short.  I'll send you a note in my reply to help you.

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