Monday, 23 January 2017

More Day 5 and others!

First in this morning is from Sandra who says:
"I can totally see this being a butterfly wing, BUT today it looks like a monkey."
A monkey? I can see it now!! It could be one.

Stephanie Grace sent in a lovely sparkly picture along with her comment:
"Jane, Jane, Jane... What am I going to do with you? What have you do to the toilet? :-O At least we've ruled that out, though --I guess. I keep "seeing" a gown now, but with the variegated thread, all I can think of is the dress scene in Sleeping Beauty! Maybe it will be a Ball-Gown-Winged Butterfly. They're native to Scotland, right? I think I read that on Facebook once, so it must be true! ;-) 
Stephanie Grace"
I'm not sure about the butterfly from Scotland - will have to look it up with Mr Google!!!

Christine is next with her day five and she says:
"Hi Jane 
Here is a picture of my Day 5 progress, plus some flowers that I tatted today. 
I like reading everyone's guesses on the TIAS blog. The tatting we have done so far looks more to me like a jellyfish than anything else at the moment. But I know you like to confuse and surprise us! 
So we'll just have to wait and see. :) 
Hello to everyone from a warm and wet Alabama, 

Lori is next with her day 5
"🤣so glad! Here is day 5 "

Next is Bev who says:
"Hi Jane 
Here's my Day 5. The intrigue is building. Now I think it looks more like a cup and saucer than a wine glass. I wonder what those two joining picots are up to. 

Denise is next in the inbox with her day 4 and she says this:
"Well it would just happen that as we reach the zig zag chain both shuttles hit a spot of green. I had been hoping for various colors so I could easily see how well I tatted the zig zag. Thank you for letting me know I counted wrong on the zig zag chain. The colors are beginning to slightly vary again, so if the next day is more zig zag chains, then mine might look a bit more colorful. 
And I'm wondering if my Loch Ness Nessie isn't a jellyfish rather than a sea monster. Still a creature of water, but a jellyfish. 

Sarah is back with her day 5 and another rhyme!!
"Good morning Jane, 
I’ve not yet changed my tune, 
I still think we’re tatting a hot air balloon. 
Of course you might prove me wrong, 
in which case I will change my song 


Carol is next with her day 2 and this is what she says:
"Dear Jane:
Enjoying the tatting game.
Day Two attached.
Always, Carol
Blogging as "Lelia" at Stitches of ife II"

Next in is Frances. Good luck with the move, lass!
"Hi Jane 
So I have skipped ahead to day 5. Life here is rather busy as we are relocating our shop within the shopping centre and I have to deal with all that involves. Will send pictures when I can. I am thinking that it is a butterfly as well. 
Frances S 
Warwick Australia"

Claire is next with the following comment and picture
"Hello Jane and fellow tatters, 
Here is my day 3 of this year TIAS. I definitively see a horse there. We have done the head, and now part of his neck. 
Here is my corresponding blog post: 
Have a great day all! 
Claire (BC, Canada)"

Elisabetta is the last one in my inbox before I get dressed and have breakfast. She says:
"Buongiorno Jane, mi sono presa tutta la domenica per pensare cosa potrebbe essere e sono arrivata a questa conclusione. Una gabbia??? 
La saluto e buona settimana 👋👋👋👋👋 

Hello Jane, I took all Sunday to think about what could be and I arrived at this conclusion. A cage ???  
The greeting and good week 👋👋👋👋👋 
Elisabetta "
That's a GREAT idea, Elisabetta.

Just found Coretta in my inbox with her day 4. Sorry, Coretta.
"Day 4 comes in late because I wasn't sure how to count the zig zag stitch and when I got the answer (Thank you, Jane, Reit, and Ignes) I was delayed in my tatting of it. 
I keep thinking jellyfish. But looking through some of the day 5 it could also be cowboy legs.... 

Barbara has just arrived in my inbox and she says:
"Dear Jane! 
I come late, I had to undo a piece - I counted wrong zig-zag. 
Now it is well. I think ... 
I see it! 
It could be small dress... 
Ready for the next day. "

The next person to arrive is Nora who says:
"Nice Jane! 
I corrected.There's even an error? 
Right needle, shuttle left. 
Please let me know if something screwed up nicely. Thank you Jane!"
I can't see anything wrong, Nora.

Maglina has arrived next and she says:
"Bonjour Jane. 
Avec le jour 5 je vois une robe de princesse.

Hello Jane.
With the 5 day I see a princess dress."
I can see why you think that, Maglina but I wonder if you're right?!?!?
Je peux voir pourquoi vous pensez que, Maglina, mais je me demande si vous avez raison?!?!?

Next in is Cathlen who says:
"I can not do well? Thicker thread again. That's how it turned out.
Greetings: Cathlen Hungary"
You are doing VERY well, Cathlen.

Celine has an idea I've not heard before!!! It's food for thought!!!
"Bonjour Jane. Voici mon jour 5 aiguille et navettes. Je crois que c'est spoutnik Bonne journée. Céline 

Hello Jane. Here are my 5 day needle and shuttle. I think it's sputnik Have a good day. Céline 
Then a minute or two later I had another message from Celine!!!
"C'est évident que c'est spoutnik

It is obvious that this is sputnik

Cindy is another person with a strange idea. BUT it may be the answer too!!!
"Good Afternoon, Jane, 
No issues today, and I am getting more and more confused as to what it might be! The picots, if I understand the construction of tatting correctly, means there will be some kind of connection made. The ball gown is looking more likely as a guess, but I would have expected it to be symmetrical. My bulb idea from yesterday is also not very likely with the 2 picots on the split rings from today…I can only think of things that might be symmetrical! Alright, a really weird idea, I think it is the front of a fish! 
Have a good night!"
Cindy came back a bit later with the following picture and comment:
"I was just looking at it side ways, and thinking about where the picots might indicate additional tatting, and the part on the bottom kind of looks like the mouth of one of those kissing fish:
But, again, it seems like it should be symmetrical, and it clearly won’t be…. :D
Cindy from Dallas
Ravelry ID:cinhad

Shirley also has a novel idea. I can see why she thinks this, too.
"This looks like the dome of a building today."

Carole has just popped in with her day 5. This is what she says:
"Hi Jane, Just checking in with my Day 5. Carole"

Heidi has now sent in her day 5 with this comment.
"Here goes, 1st time player, long time watcher. 
Looks like the start of a beautiful butterfly to me."
Now you could be right about the butterfly, Heidi - but you could be wrong too!!!

I'm back now with Joni's day five and her comment with a picture too.
"Hello from Iowa! 
Here is my day 5. I have no guesses about what it will be. This is my 1st time following along with you and I'm having fun! My zig zag chains look kind of short to me compared to the others I see on your blog. Hope they will work. 
Thank you, 
Joni W."

Virginie has just joined us with her days 1 to 4. She says:
"Hi Jane, 
This is my first TIAS. 
I am not very experimented in tatting shuttle. 
... and I hope I'm using the right way to contact you. 
I'm doing the day 1 to day 4 on one shoot and I hope to progess now with everybody.
At the beginning , I believe it was a horse, then a tea pot, and now ... the skirt of a historic dress ;-)
Good evening, Jane 
France - La Rochelle"

Next to arrive is Nancy. She's got another idea which is similar to some other suggestions.
"Hi Jane 
Perhaps we are making a Victorian lady? 

Kay is the next to arrive with her support team! I'm glad it isn't that cold here, Kay!!!
"Well, we've had some very cold weather here in Tok, Alaska (-45 degrees F yesterday a. m. for day 5 of TIAS) my brain isn't coming up with a clever guess & I needed some help, so called in my Bernese Mt. Dog, Iorek, to help. He's stumped too, but will continue to reflect (between naps)."

Just before I head for bed I have two more ideas sent in by Caroline. 
"Hello ;) 
Somes ideas … ;) 

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