Sunday, 15 January 2017

More Day 2 and

An announcement that tomorrow (Monday) will be day 3.

First in this morning is from Denise who says:
"We survived Friday the thirteenth!!!! Day 2, what will this be. An icy frog ???? Brrrr. Trying to stay warm. Denise Wessman"

Next in this morning is from Ankie who says:
"Hallo Jane, 
Hier is dan dag twee. 
Goed weekend. 
Hartelijke groeten Ankie Kaspers. 

Hi Jane,
This is day two.
Good weekend.
Greetings Angie Kaspers."

Now I have days 1 and 2 from Oceane, I think! She says:
"Hello Jane voici mes 2 jours de TIAS. 
Pour moi c'est un retour après 12mois sans frivoler suite à des ennuis de santé. 

Hello Jane are my two days of TIAS. 
For me it is a comeback after 12 months without frivoler result of troubles health."

Het spijt me te horen over uw problemen. Ik hoop dat je nu goed en blijven het goed te blijven.
I am so sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope that you are now well and continue to stay well too.

Well today Bernice has decided it's something else!!! Here's her comment and picture:
"Oh Jane, 
It has finally warmed up here. Now for a nice Chinook, and not the fishy kind. 
My guess today, is it a camel? 
Bernice, Western Canada"
Well I think I can 'see' a camel, Bernice, but only if I squint my eyes and stand on my head!!!!

Good, good, good. Another new person has joined us. Today I introduce Mary with her days 1 and 2. She says:
"Greetings from California! 
Thank you for giving us the TIAS. I'm thrilled to be participating -- for the first time! I just learned how to do split rings and am loving all the practice. 
I hope this wild colored thread I chose will be okay.... 
Here are my photos of Days 1 and 2: 
Thanks again, Jane! I can't wait to see the end result! 

I always enjoy seeing Patricia's pictures and today she's excelled as usual. 
I really really like turtles! Don't you? 
Patricia Lyn Cobb 

Ha, ha, ha!!! Somebody here knows I don't like Canada geese!!!! You're a real tease, Deana!!!  LOVE your picture - watch out, Patricia, you've got competition!!!
"Flying in from London Ontario Canada.....thank goodness Air Canadian Geese is still flying......" 

Back from a rather damp walk and I find Lyn is next into my inbox. She says:
"Hi Jane, 
Happy New Year! 
Here is my day 1 & 2 bit of a late start and hopefully I will finish it this year. While looking for an empty shuttle I found 3 WIP's in a bag , they were so knotted together I think they must have had a party! 
Thanks for the time and effort you put into TIAS. 
Western Australia"

Sonya has now arrived with her day 2 and the following comment:
"Helo, Jane, 
Here is my Day 2. I am going to guess that it is a ballerina. 
I pray that everyone in the States and Canada are safe and warm. 
Thank you, 
Sonya Loyd 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma"

The next day two to arrive is from Annie who says:
"Hi Jane, 
My work of day 2"

Cass is next to pop into my inbox. Here's here comment and picture.
"Hi again, Cass here. 
Here's my part 2 progress. I'm going to guess angel? 
Having lots of fun with this."

Katie is back now with her day 2. She's waiting for day 3 which will be tomorrow! Her comment is:
"Hi, Jane, Happy Sunday!! 
Now that my Day 2 is real 
Perhaps then a skirt is the deal. 
The tatting is fun, 
The guessing not done! 
Looking forward to the Day 3 reveal! 
Katie V in NC"

Susanna from Hungary is next with her comment and picture. This is what she says:
I am Susanna from Hungary. 
I tat with You! 
Thanks! :)"
Welcome, Susanna.

Ankie's days 1 and 2 (in one picture) are next. Riet sent hers in for her. This is what Riet said to me:
Here is a picture of day 1 and 2 from Ankie 
She told me that she had a problem she had here work upside down 
But she solved the problem 
She did not use shuttles, she needle tatted it and she thinks maybe it will be a gnome 
Riet the B-engel"
A gnome? Now that's a good idea for another TIAS - or even this one, maybe!!!!!

Emilia is next into my inbox and she says:
"Hi Jane, 
Another year and here we are again. Thank you for the fun. 
This year I was busy with crochet just like you making mouses etc. 
this tatting yarn seems so tiny now. The picture of day one isn't sharp enough, so I send you only day 2 
No clues yet. 
Kind regards 
Emilia Teerds-de Jonge."

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Maureen said...

I love Oceane's shuttles! - will you tell us about them,Oceane? - at least I think they are her shuttles, I particularly love the one with the cat.