Sunday, 29 January 2017

Sunday's day 7's

Good morning fellow tatters.

First in this morning is from Denise. She says:
"I can't believe it's day 7 already. See!! The frogs behind is getting bigger. This is such fun. Thanks, Jane! 
Denise Wessman"
Just LOVE your picture, Denise.

Next to arrive in my inbox while I was snoring my head off is Linda. She says:

"Day 7 of T.I.A.S. 

Is it a lamp shade or a skirt? :) 

Linda Barnes "

I'm not answering that question, Linda!!!!

Sarah's next with a lovely rhyme too. Don't know how you do it, Sarah.
"Good morning Jane, 

My big balloon I still can see 
but I think in the end it will not be 
I’ve played this game before with you 
and one thing I have learned is true… 
what I see early on 
in the end is clearly gone! 

Bring on day eight 
I can’t wait. : ) 

Annie is the last in my inbox this morning and she says:
"Dear Jane, 
Here is mine of Day 7, 
Tatting on Lunar New Gong Xi.. Gong Xi, Jane 
and thank you for this fun activity 
Happy Tatting from Indonesia, 
What a colourful picture.

With her day 7 I now have Ania. WHAT a pretty shuttle.
My name is Ania Krause
This is my work - 7 Day TIAS 2017"

Yet another tatter has been playing catch up. This is the reason I give a few days between the uploads of the pattern pieces. It's so people can catch up and so that I can too!!!
"I've been playing catch up, but I made myself not peek from one day's pattern to the next! Here are Days 5,6, & 7! 
Patricia Lyn Cobb 

Emilia is the next in this afternoon with her days 6 and 7. She says:
"Good morning Jane, well afternoon it is now. 
you keep us nice busy guessing. I have no clue either. What will the new part bring? 
Kind regards 

AnSo is back now with her day 7. Here's her comment:
"Hi Jane, 
This is my day 7. I have no idea ! 
Thank you 
AnSo Alia"

Julie has just sent in her day 7 with this picture.

The next to arrive in my inbox is Elisabetta. She says:
"Buongiorno Jane, 
Auguro a lei una buona domenica con il mio 7 giorno. 
La confusione più totale su cosa possa essere. Spero che i prossimi giorni diano degli indizi utili alla soluzione. 
Un abbraccio 

Hello Jane, 
I wish you a good Sunday with my 7 days. 
The total confusion about what it might be. I hope that the next few days give the clues to the solution. 
A hug 

Celine is next with her days 6 and 7 and she's still sure she knows what it's going to be!
"Bonjour Jane. Voici mes jours 6 et 7 aux navettes et a l'aiguille. Mon spoutnik a dubtrop manger, il a grossi des fesses... 
Bon dimanche. Céline 

Hello Jane. Here are my days 6 and 7 to the shuttle and the needle. My Sputnik dubtrop eat it swelled buttocks ... 
Good Sunday. Céline"

Carine has just joined us after trying to find time!!! I'm so glad you're not so busy now, Carine.
"Hi Jane, 
I had forst no much time to participate but as you know I can not resist to you Tias. 
So I decide to participate anyway and please find here my contribution for the day 7 
I am sure it will be a wonderfull butterfly no doubt !"
I hope it is, Carine.  A lot of people think it's a butterfly but Patricia is convinced it's a turtle still!!

Katie is the next person to arrive with her little 'gang' of day 7's. This picture is a work of art, I think.  Katie says:
"Hi, Jane, 
Well, really now, three rings were not enough to enlighten us about what we are tatting! 
Bet Day 8 takes up the side and we won't be any the wiser! Maybe Day 9 will be elucidating? 
BC3 has outdone herself this year! Thanks for fun! 
Katie V in NC"
I apologise, Katie but I'm also smiling too!!

Carole has just dropped into my inbox with her day 7.
"What could it be?…..only Jane knows for sure. Carole"
Do you really think I know?

Shirley has the answer. At long last. OR does she?
"Yes, it is Mlle Riego herself!"
LOVE the drawing, Shirley.

Next to arrive is Kay Lynn who says:
"Well Jane, You are indeed providing entertainment. Have NO clue at this point, but noticed mine almost looked like a deflated hot air balloon as I scanned it this a.m. Ha! :-) Even my brilliant Bernese Mt. Dogs are at a loss this a.m. Nevertheless, they thought they'd send an early Valentine to you for exercising their brains. They like challenges too."
Geee, thanks, Kay Lynn - can't remember when I last had a love letter. 

Catherine has followed in shortly after with her day 7. She says:
"Bonsoir Jane, 
Voici mon jour 6 avec toujours autant de questions..... un cheval bascule, une baleine ?????...... 

Goodnight Jane,
Here are my 6 day with still so many questions ..... a rocking horse, a whale ...... ?????
Oooooh, I like the rocking horse idea but not sure about the whale!!!!

Bev is here next with her day 7 and she hasn't a clue what it is either!!! This is what she says:
"Hi Jane 
Here is my Day 7. Two more joining picots.........hmmm. Nope. BC 3 has certainly got me beat. 

I've fallen for the colours on the next picture from Christine. Aren't they pretty together. She says:
"Hi Jane 
You have us all stumped as to what this year's TIAS will turn into! 
My guess is that it is a caterpillar in chrysalis, waiting to turn into a pretty butterfly. :) 
Picture attached. 
Hope your weekend is going well! 
-Christine in Alabama"

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