Friday, 13 January 2017

More day 1 pictures

First of all - tomorrow will be day 2. It should have been today but I'm going to be 'out and about' most of the day so probably would be struggling to keep up with your messages and pictures!! 

I will continue to add pictures and comments to this post during the day - if there are any!!!! 

First in today is from Cathlenkata who is from Hungary, I think. Welcome to TIAS 2017.
"My honpage:
Thank you very much Jane ! 

Sorry to take so long with the next batch but I've been out all afternoon and half the evening.  Now I'm going to play 'catch up'!!!
First in is from Elizabeth who has sent this picture.  Thanks, Elizabeth.

The next person in is Carole who says:
"Hi Jane, Here is my Day 1 picture, Looking forward to the adventure. Carole Fowler, Burlington, Ont. Canada" 

Ankie has just sent in her day 1 with this comment:
Hier het eerste stukje van de TIAS 
Hartelijke groeten Ankie Kaspers

Here, the first bit of the TIAS
Greetings Ankie Kaspers"

Now I have day 1 from Annie who has sent in three pictures and this comment:
"Hi Jane, 
I join your happy game, and here is my picture. 
I still cannot figure out where this first pattern leads to. 
Can't wait for the next patterns. 
Thank you, Jane 
Happy Tatting from Indonesia, 

Sue is next with her day 1 and this picture:
"Hi Jane 
Thank you for letting us have some fun. This must be the beginnings of a peacock! Sue H Washington state."

Now I have a very new tatter - Cindy. She says:
"Hello Jane, 
Here is my Day 1. I learned to tat in the last week and a half, and had only done one chain and one ring before I started this project. This was the first time I connected rings, made picots and made split rings! I hope it looks correct. I am using Lizbeth 20, color 177. I look forward to tomorrows installment. (I can’t believe I am still caught up. ) I have no idea yet what it is going to be. 
Cindy from Dallas 
WOW, Cindy - I'm SO impressed with what you've achieved.  Well done.

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