Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Day 8 and more - continued!

Tomorrow will be day 9!

First in this morning is Denise R with her day 8.
"Here's day 8. Still thinking a skirt at this point."

Bernice is next with her day 8. She says:
"Oh Jane,
You silly GOOSE.
Bernice in Western Canada"

Cheryl is next and she's sent in her day 9. Here's her comment having re-done hers.
"OK. This is it. My third try is the charm. I did not understand the zig zags. Now I know the two elements count as one stitch. 
Thanks for explaining it Jane. Am I distracted because my mom’s in hospital after a stroke? Probably not. I usually have myself a time with these. But I always learn something. I usually use my white thread now as I’m sure to make a mistake and need to try again."

Bev (one of the 'down underers') has sent in her day 8 and is wondering exactly what she's making!!!
"Hi Jane 
This way, Day 8 looks like an Elizabethan skirt, but there is less thread for the second part than this part, so this guess is unlikely. Sideways, it does look like a butterfly wing, but as you already have many butterflies in your patterns, this is also unlikely. 
So come on Days 9, 10 and 11 to put us out of our misery. I wonder if anyone has guessed correctly yet. I know, you won't tell us! 
You are right, Bev.  I'm NOT going to tell you!!!!

My other Denise is back too with her frog idea. To frog or not to frog, that is the question!!!!
"I might toadly have to frog 🐸 my idea!!!! Oh my must a girl kiss that many frogs!!!!! Can't wait to see the next clue. 
Denise Wessman"
Ha, ha.  Funny!!!

Christine has also finished her day 8 and she says:
"Hi Jane 
Here is my Day 8 progress. 
I like all the guesses on the TIAS blog about this becoming a one-eyed butterfly, as it could make a pretty butterfly (especially in variegated thread). 
But that involves turning the tatting 90 degrees... and I'm not sure that's right. 
We'll just have to wait and see what it turns into! 
-Christine in Alabama"

Sue H is now back with day 8 too. She says:
"My "teapot" is looking more like a butterfly from this angle! Fun!
Sue - Washington state"

Barbara is another 'butterfly girl'!!! Love your drawing, my friend.
"Hi Jane 
Yesterday I was at work - today catching up .. 
It will definitely be a butterfly. 
I'm not good at drawing, but ... 
Getting wing we have. 
Happy Tatting 
Barbara from Poland"

Carollyn has just sent in her day 8 and says:
"well I got caught up :)"

Blanche has a sad tale to tell - I'll let her tell you!
"Hey Jane 
I've got a huge problem because I thought that my white thread was enough... 
As you can see it wasn't true. It's a thread I'd found in my grandma's drawer. No more thread like this... (And I miss my Baba !) 
So I continue the story with only one coloured tias ! 

Judy is next on this dismal winter afternoon. She says:
Here you go ..and here I go to find the bead that I put in a safe place!"

Next in is Cindy who hasn't been tatting many weeks. She says
"Finally got caught up with my laundry enough to finish up yesterday’s installment. I think I have to side with the butterfly people, is certainly looks like a butterfly wing at the moment. But I still do not know what the 1 bead is for, so, who knows what is in the future. Well, you do, but I have a feeling you are not telling… LOL"

Julie has sent in her day 8. Her comments make me smile as she knows what the TIAS is going to be as she's been translating it into French!!
"I send you my picture of day 8. 
Many people think that it is a butterfly ! It could really be with a symetrical finish!"

Katie is next with her little brood of day 8's. 
"Here we all are, Jane, flying in to discover who we are, what we are. However, I'm following my grandson's "realization": "Butterflies, of course"! 
Took a bit to empty all those shuttles before reloading. Butterflies love flowers and the little butterflies are checking for family resemblances! 
Sure love all the participants' contributions! 
Thanks, Jane! Now to re-load for Day 9."

Veronique has just sent in her day 8 and the end of part one of this year's TIAS. She says:
"Ma première partie. Véronique

My first part. Speedwell"

Celine has been thinking about the TIAS and what it's going to be too.
"Hi Jane, day 8, may be a wing of butterfly but why only one bead?? My son guess for a dress 
Shuttles for tomorow are ready to tat "

Shirley knows exactly what the TIAS is going to be. Least that's what she says!
"My TIAS is a rare pink moth. Wings neatly folded together at rest." 

Virginie is now back with her day 8 and she's also started last year's TIAS too!!! 
"Hi Jane, 
This is my Day 8. 
I'm always thinking about a historic dress, but in another way, it could by a butterfly.... 
I also take this opportunity to begin the Tias 2016 -;) 
And yes, La Rochelle is a beautiful town but I'm living in Paris (job). 
I'm used to go to La Rochelle to visit my family asap. ;-) 
Take care. 
Virginie - La Rochelle- France"
Wow, two lovely places to live.  Lucky you.

Ankie thinks this TIAS is a sailing boat. Well, it does look like that in her picture, I agree.
"Hello Jane, 
Here my tias day 8. 
could it be a sailing boat? 
Groetjes, Ankie"

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