Friday, 20 January 2017

More Day 4 pictures

Before I start uploading this morning I must clarify the zig zag chain.

The 'zig' is the ordinary double and the 'zag' is the unflipped double. When you've done a zig and a zag you have one repeat. You need 8 before and 8 after the join to the ring on day 4.

First in this morning is from Shirley who says:
"No clue yet ... I like the skirts that are showing up on the blog, though! Shirley"

Second in today is from Linda who has sent in her day 4 picture:

Sandra has just arrived with her days 1 to 4:
"“I ran too low on thread, and didn’t like my thread choice anyway, so started over and here are days 1-4. I will say it was easier for me to do the unflipped stiches on the zch if I didn’t try to close down the loop until I had it in place, otherwise it would flip."

Next a woman with the same ideas on the brain as me!!!! Drink!!!! Here's what Bev has to say:
"Hi Jane 
Here's a guess. It's probably not a wine glass but it does fit nicely, especially where the stem would join. 
I have never done a zigzag chain before either. It's an interesting effect. Thanks for teaching us all something new again. 

Lori is next in with her days 1 - 4 minus one!!!
"Well I have finally caught up to day 4. Thanks to Martha for how to do the Zchain!!! 
Pictures are in order (I hope) 
Well it will be day 2-4. I lost day 1! Hahaha at least I did not 
loss the tatting for day one!! Hehe 

Bernice is the next person in the inbox and this is her comment:
"Hi Jane, 
So many tatters and shuttles from around the world, enjoying it all. My guess today, a birdcage. 
Bernice in Western Canada"

Back home after another lovely afternoon with friends at a craft group. 

The first person in my inbox is from Anna and she says:
"Anna elkészült, tűvel csinálja. 

Anna is ready, the needle does. 

Next to come in is Annie who had a problem (like a few others) with the zig zag chain. Here's her comment
"Jane, I've finished my ZCh. Hopefully it's true now.
I'll wait for your comment. 
Thank you Jane 
Happy Tatting, 
Looks fine to me now, Annie. 

Nora has sent in her day 4 picture now.  Here it is.

Now I have Katie's day 4's - yes she's doing two as well.
"Geez, Jane, love the zigzag chains! Haven't done those in ages! Guesses are still zig zagging in my head, less successfully than in my tatting! 
Great fun! 
Katie V in NC"

Orane has now sent in her day 4 too. She seems to have given up on the multi coloured cow, now!!!!
"Hi Jane 
Ca.est dur pour moi d'admettre que je ne frivole pas une vache multi-color... 
Je suis perdue vite le jour 5.

Hi Jane
It's hard for me to admit that I do not frivolate a multi-color cow ...
I'm lost quickly on day 5

Judy has now sent in her day 4.  Here it is.

Rose Anne has sent in her day 3 as she's been rather busy. Here's her comment.
"OK I'm behind but also at a quilting retreat."
Sounds like you're having a good time, Rose Anne. 

Day 4 has just arrived from Maglina. Her comment and picture are here.
"Bonjour Jane.
Pour le jour 4 je vois la couronne de la reine ...
Hello Jane. 
4 For the day I see the crown of Queen .... 
I like your idea, Maglina. I'm sure the Queen would like this crown too.

Martha has now sent in her day 4 and her comment is:
"Waah! The colors on my two shuttles coincided so I didn't get the lovely two tone effect you usually get with mixing flipped and unflipped stitches. 
Thanks for the advice on counting sets instead of stitches. 

The next person to send in her day 4 has done her research before doing it. Christine sent in this comment and picture.
"Hi Jane 
Here is a picture of my progress on Day 4. 
I tatted a lock stitch chain first, then realized my mistake when it didn't look quite like the diagram. 
I printed your technique pages on lock chain and zig zag chains and made samples before continuing with the TIAS. Thanks for the challenge. :) 
-Christine in Alabama"

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