Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Day 6

First in today is Denise with day 5. She's sent in two pictures. Thanks, Denise.
"I see you are about to release day 6. I'm just getting my day five in just barely ahead of the next day. My husband believes I'm making a happy penguin. I've included a happy penguin photo. 

Linda has just joined us and has sent in her days 1 to 5. Here's her comment too.
"Hi Jane, 
IT is me again. I have been very slow. I have tatted some and taken a picture of each day. You can put each on or just the last one pt 5. 
Sorry to take so long I hope to be better and finish off. 
Have a great week. and Keep you very nice pictures of your city on the blog. I do enjoy your walks with you. 
We all want to see everybody's work, Linda so here are all your pictures.

Carol is next and she's sent in day 4 with this comment.
"Dear Jane:
The game continues ... the tatted piece remains a mystery (to me).
Day four photograph attached. Thank you for hosting!!
Always, Carol
blogging as "Lelia" at Stitches of Life II"

Claire has now arrived with her day 5 and she says:
"Here is my fifth day for this TIAS 2017, and its corresponding blog post:
Despite how much I would have loved for it to be a horse, I think I have to face the truth: it's not gonna be one this year again. Well, I don't have any other guess at the moment. Will see at the next step. 

Next in is Elisabetta who has sent in her day 6 - she's the FIRST in too.
"Buongiorno Jane, 
Le invio il mio 6 giorno e con tanto dispiacere le comunico che più lo guardo e più lontana è la soluzione. Spero nel prossimo giorno. 
Con affetto Elisabetta 

Hello Jane, 
I send my six days and with so much sorrow I inform you that the more I look at it, and the further the solution. I hope in the next day. 
Affectionately Elizabeth "

Next to arrive is Sue (Pigmini). A big thank you to her for spotting a mistake in one of the drawings. I managed to change that (and the same place on the remaining days that needed it) before too many people spotted it - I hope!!!!
"I knew it was a down side up humberella!! Or an EFUS!! Lol 

Tim isn't guessing today - he simply says:
"Jane, day 6. Still no clue. Lampshade?"

P Melanie is the next in with day 6. Her comment is:
"I sure wasn't expecting THIS! I'm clueless."

Next to arrive is from Anna who's day 6 has been sent in by Jolimama from Hungary who says:
"Kedves Jane! 
Anna elkészült, küldöm:-) 

Dear Jane!
Anna is ready, I'll send :-)
Joli Mama

Shelly is next with her day 6 and some questions too!!! 
"Questions for those taking part in TIAS. How many years have you been tatting? Have you taught anyone else to tat? I have been tatting 15 or so years. I have had at least six students, none of which continued with it. I confess I struggled in the beginning too and it was my tenacity that kept me pursuing the many techniques that grew my love of the art. I am encouraged by blogs, Facebook, Pinterest and my local lace guild. 
Some would say 'too many years', Shelly!!!  This will be my 61st year as I started at the tender age of 13.  That makes me 74 later this year and still tatting up a storm!!!  I have taught others over the years but, like you, have found that most do not continue with it.  I've done a lot of other laces too but tatting has always been my favourite!!!!  Thanks for asking and taking an interest.  Long may you continue to tat too.

Diane's improving with her split rings - plenty more practice to come, Diane!!!
"Good morning, Jane! I’m still having trouble with picots on the second half of the split ring, but I’m getting better! That’s the whole point, right? Looking forward to Day 7! 
Diane Cademartori"

Irene has sent in her day 6 and says:
"Hi Jane,
Here my day 6, but no idea.

Celine is next in my inbox with her day 6. She says:
"Hello Jane
My day 5 and 6. No guess today.
Warm regards from cold Normandy

Sandra - are you hinting that I'm bringing pornography to the TIAS? You'll have to wait and see!!!! Remember I'm a prudish old lady!!!!
"Considering the idea that it could be a dress... but Oh, Jane! What were you thinking? The 2 holes, exactly positioned in the bodice, are a bit too flirty for most of us!" 

Muskaan is the next to arrive and she's been looking closely at the url. I like to have a bit of fun with those and appreciate it when others spot what I'm doing!! She says:
"I'm lost too" says Day 6 pdf ! Certainly not as "lost" as we are, dear Jane ;-D And here's the link to prove it : . Don't miss the comments, either. 
So, despite another clue, I am no further in my logical reasoning :-D 
But it Does possess voodoo powers ! Day 6 saw the exit of 3rd seed in the AO tennis championship! Please release Day 7 tomorrow so that I can place my bets against the 4th seed ;-P 
muskaan :-) 

Will go and look at your blog post when I've caught up with my inbox, muskaan.

Barbara has just arrived all the way from Poland. She says:
"Dziś dzień 6 
Pozdrawiam czekając na następny krok. 
Barbara z Polski

Today at 6
Regards waiting for the next step.
Barbara Polish"

Cathlen is next in from Hungary. She says:
"Hi Jane!
I finished the part 6th What will this do? I'm very curious.
Greetings: Cathlen (Hungary)"

Another beautiful day 6 from Shirley this time. Her comment is
"I have no idea, Jane, but I like a bit of mystery!"

Linda is the last in this batch of uploads - I think!!!! Each time I think I've finished I find more which is LOVELY.
"Day 6 of this years T.I.A.S 
Linda Barnes :)"

Judy has just arrived with her day 6 and she says:
It is a hat for Nessie!"
Hmmmmm, I guess it could be, Judy!!!

Sharon has just caught up with herself!!! Here's her day 6 and comment.
"My TIAS Day 6. I have been playing catch up, but finally here it is. I have no idea what it will be. At first I thought the hot-air balloon was a possibility, but apparently not. Can't wait for the next instalment.
Sharon Albers"

Annie is next to drop in. She says:
I just finished my work of the Day 6. You're smart manage the pattern, Jane.... make me confused to guess ooohhh... 
happy tatting from Indonesia, 

I love to dream of the places everybody comes from and when I see La Rochelle (where Virginie lives) I think of the sea, sand, yachts and holidays. 
Virginie has sent in her day 6 with a lovely picture of how she thinks it will look at the end.
"Hi Jane, 
I'm very happy tatting with everybody. 
This is my Day 6. 
Good evening, Jane 
Virginie - France, La Rochelle"

Denise has just arrived and I'm hoping that I'm not going to have her wrath descend on me if it doesn't work out!!!!
"Ok I am all caught up. I actually did Day 6 the day it was released. I've included a picture of my guess: a masked bandit! Now don't disappoint me! I'm looking forward to finishing and actually having a masked bandit. O.o 
The second picture is truly terrifying, Denise!!!

Carole is the next person to drop in with her day 6. She says:
"Good Afternoon Jane, Here is day 6, no guess, not even sure which side is up. Carole" 

The next arrival in my inbox is Jaycee who says:
"Hi Jane,
Managed to tat this amidst dreadful chores. So here's my Day six.
ALL chores are dreadful, aren't they, Jaycee?!?!?

Blanche is dancing her way through this year's TIAS!!!
"Hello dear Jane,
Here you are my Tanoura dancing 6th day.
Still looking for a clue ;-)
Bye bye xxx"

Melanie C is next to arrive with her - jellyfish!!!! Wonder why she thinks it's a jellyfish? There again it may be!!!
"Hi Jane- 
I'm sticking with a jelly fish for my guess. The bead will be the sun glinting off the bell."

Back with her day 6 is Barbara L who says:
"Dear Jane, 
I’ve redone my TIAS up to Day 5. Thank you again for the rickrack help. There’s a reason for the rickrack…they look like garlands of flowers. Is it a ballerina’s long tutu? 
Sorry to hear that you've had to start again, Barbara, but it looks SO good now.
Catherine is the next arrival in my inbox with her day 5 and she says:
"Goodnight Jane, 
And this is my day 5. 

Welcome back next to Anso who says:
"Hi Jane, 
Day 6. Already ! Always a pleasure to discover a new part of the TIAS. 
I still have no idea what it is. But I look forward to be surprise for the end. 
See you soon 

Wendy's got a good guess but I'm not sure. Maybe, maybe.
"Could be anything now, looks like a crinoline, prap's it's a crinoline lady.
Wendy x"

Mary has sent in this adorable photo but I'm worried that she may not be able to recover her day 6!!! That looks one very happy grandchild!!!"My great grandchild said it has to be a butterfly 🦋 He was so excited telling me that !!!! Could've one wing 🦋"

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