Sunday, 9 February 2014


Tomorrow will be day 13. 

I'm a little late getting started today - I apologise. 

First in is Caroline who says:-
"Well, it is a little warmer today and the sun almost came out. The birds almost emptied the bird baths so will need to fill them. As I worked with these I discovered I made a couple of mistakes so had to improvise. They don't look to bad though. I am still sticking with a bob sled. Hope you had a nice day. Caroline H"

Just a quick message from Shannon who says:-
"I haven't taken any photos of my tias, but i would like to say what i think it guess is an "ocean sunfish".
Hope to see pictures of the final 'ocean sunfish', Shannon!!!!

A sad message now from Rose Anne who has written in with the following:-
"It's with sadness that I've stumbled badly with this TIAS - the SCRM part - and have broken my cotton three times and decided to set it aside for now.  I won't give up but I just can't deal with it right now.  I will blog all the steps I've done so far here.  BUT as for guessing I'm thinking it is an ice cream cone decorated with candy bits!  
Rose Anne, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA 

Suzanne has arrived next in my inbox with the following message and picture.  She says:-
"Otherwise clueless, I grasp desperately at the straw tendered in the form of an alleged biblical connection.  While I can see the sailboat as well as anyone else....and there are boats in the Bible, I cannot help but think that the related story lies further back; in the old Testament.  This is in fact Lot's wife, at the very moment when she looked longingly back over her shoulder at the home she was  reluctantly being spirited away from, and was turned into a pillar of salt.  Alas, unlike the ploughshare, I cannot pull book, chapter, and verse off the top of my head for this one.  The good lady is not cited as a cautionary example all that often.  Perhaps she should be.  ;-)"

Next to arrive is Maureen who says:-
"Running to catch  up - and it wasn't until I stood on my head and tatted backwards that part 12 fell into it does help to READ the instructions.
Could my Garden Gnome possibly be riding on a Boat with Billowed Sails? Maybe Puff the Magic Dragon will complete the crew."

Next in is Bernice who sends this message and photo.
"Hi Jane,
Now this is looking more like a garden slug.  I really don't know but having fun guessing and tatting along. Day 12 attached.

Finally in my inbox for now is Claudia who says:-
"Good morning Jane
After being very busy this week, I am about to catch up on several projects. And I decided to make today my sporting day..... Watching Olympic games and doing some fingergymnasticsn with my shuttles. Sounds really good!
Have a nice sunday and greetings from Switzerland

Back again and the next person in my inbox is Emilia with her days 11 and 12.  Here's what she says:-
"Goodmorning Jane,
Attached day 11+12.
I am afraid I have to repeat myself because I still have no clue what figure this will turn out to be. Hopefully the next part will  lift a tip of the veil (is that an expression you use in English to?) and make things clear.
Kind regards,
Emilia Netherlands"

Sunday must be a day of rest - very quiet in this corner of Tat Land.  So, I was more than pleased to see Denise in my inbox.  She says:-
"Back to the ornament thinking.
Denise Royal

Next to arrive is Melanie with the following picture and comment:-
"Good afternoon-
I've been staring outside a lot this morning. It's raining again. We got 1/2 inch yesterday. I hope we get more. At any rate, it's a good day to tat. Here's my version of day 12 segment. I'm using some thread I found in my Mother's stash....probably from a great Aunt. It's not great quality. Like many vintage threads, it has lots of slubs and a rough finish. Good for me to play with.

Jeff has caught up too.  Just in time for day 13, Jeff!!!!
"Hi Jane!
Here is my day 12 progress pic of TIAS 2014. I still not sure what we are making but I'm gonna say a space ship/shuttle. I'm sure whatever it is will be taking shape very soon.

Next to arrive is TallyTatty who has another rhyme and this is it:-
"Now that I know this will be a plane,
I am in such a pain!
The end of TIAS is near,
And all I can do , is have a beer
My heart cries out  in vain,
Make this game LAST a bit longer, dear Jane!

Oh, TallyTatty we've done a plane!!!!  Now the idea of a beer is great!!!

Marla has arrived now with her day 12.  She says:-
"Here is my Day 12.... Marty is still baffled and asked Kitty what she thought..... at first she suspected that it might make a good painting easel.... but probably not with only 2 legs, and mismatched ones at that!
She DID agree with Sarah Sheep that it needed more pink and even offer to paint it!

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