Sunday, 16 February 2014

More of day 15's and some others too!!!

Tomorrow will be the last day as I'm going to have a busy day on Tuesday!!! Hope you're all fine with that? 

First in this morning is from Elizabeth who has sent in this picture and comment.
"Hi Jane,
It looks a bit sail boatish to me.   Elizabeth"

Next in is Nikki who had a forgetful moment.  Here's what she says:-
"Ok I got so excited joining my first piece on that I forgot to take a picture of day 14 soooo here is both 14 and 15 together lol I'm loving my boat!!!!"

Following next into my inbox is Melanie who has this to say!!!!
"Hi Jane-
I'm sticking with my guess that we're making a sailboat. I'm wondering what I can do about not taking care of the ends as I finished the two pink sections. Hmmmmmm
Sew them in, Melanie?

Next to arrive is Helene who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Day 15, and almost the end of this very nice TIAS. 
see you soon.

Finally this morning is Sarah's day 15 along with her daily rhyme.  They just get better:-
"HI Jane, My little vessel is sailing your way and should arrive on your shore in the next few days. I hope you're prepared...  you know how sailors like to party!   Sarah :-)

Behold! The threaden flotilla does approach!
Skippered by our wily coach
Sails of every hue
Are coming slowly into view
I am happy to report
We will soon be coming into port."

Just had to put this comment in from Misty!!!
"Hi Jane!
Winnie-the-Pooh says "You never can tell with bees," but we'll have to modify that to, "YOu never can tell with Jane's TIAS."
Getting ready to do up day 15, no so pictures yet, but as I'm seeing all the votes for "boat" on the blog, I'm wondering what surprise ending might be in store!
Just a note, I got the cutest Valentine's gift--yesterday (Friday) one of my hens hatched out 5 beautiful baby chicks, all different colours.

Next to arrive is Sue D who says:-
"Morning Jane
Beautifully sunny here today, so I'm hoping to get some washing dried outside!! I did yesterdays offering last night whilst half watching a film.... McVroom the Minor Norwegian Flying Dragon says it's definitely his duck house.... you can see the gap in the front for him to get into and out of!!  He's enjoying the olympics at the moment, snow appeals to him!!
Anyway, pic attached
Chat later

Finally before heading out of the door - here's Emilia who says:-
"Good morning Jane,
I hope the sun is shining this morning and although you live in a high place I think you have to deal with the high water anyway.
Its like spring over here. I hope that winter isn’t delayed en comes as yet in march.
Attached day 15. Well it is clear now what we are making. It is a lovely sailing boat with promises for the summer when all the white sails are out on the lake.
I am curious how the mast looks and whether there is a little flag in top.
Kind regards Emilia"
Beautiful here too, Emilia - just hope it lasts too!!!

Back from my walk and Roelien is waiting for me!!  Here's her comment and picture:-
"Hello Jane,
Here is the last day and also day 13 and 14. I still don't know what itt shall be
Many greetings,

Next to arrive is Jenni who has now caught up!!!
"Day 15 and I am finally not behind!!!
Have to go with boat.....guess with all the floodwater around it'd be on your mind. Then again....a huge twist in the tale would be brilliant too!!!"

Julie has just arrived in my inbox too.  She says:-
"Hello !
here is my day 15... my sailing boat ^_^
I'd like to know what is your technique to hide the threads ends."
Well Julie - I tat over the tails at the start of a piece and with the final threads I tie, cut and sew them in using a self threading needle.  Hope that helps.

Next in is Jeff with his day 14 and this comment:-
"Hi Jane!
Here is my progress pic of day 14 of the TIAS. I forgot to take a photo of day 13. I think I'll have to join the majority of people and say it looks like a sailboat. I'll hopefully get day 15 done later today.

Miranda has just arrived with her day 15.  Good guess, Miranda.  Don't think I can think of anything else it could be!!!
"Hi Jane,
Busy day yesterday, but here's day 15. All we're lacking now is the mast, eh? Unless, of course, it was a jester's cap all along.

Kelli is next with her day 15 and this comment:-
"Hi Jane,
This motif is looking more and more like a boat. Or is it a ship? Maybe it's a dinghy?
Kelli in Oregon"

Just arrived is Tally Tatty with her rhyming day 15 and this lovely picture too.
She says:-
"Dear Jane,
If this is not a sailing boat,
It must be gardens that float
Yes, a ferry carrying flowers,
To a tropical shore with many showers
Or,.. an asymmetrical bra

That's soooo funny but what IS an asymmetrical bra?  I know what asymmetrical means - but in a bra?!?!?!?

Next to arrive is Wendy who seems to think she's been given a clue!!!
"A little birdie told me it was a boat,
Wendy x"

Heather has just arrived with her day 15 and the following comment:-
"I was hoping for a lady's skirt but it doesnt seem so anymore.

Next into my inbox is Angela who says:
Here is my Day 15 progress. I'm excited for the final day, but I'll also be kind of sad when it's all over... :(  I guess I'll just have to wait till next year! :)

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