Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Day 11

This is the day you can find Day 11 of the Tat It And See.  Where, did somebody ask? 

Well, it's right here.

First of the over nighters with her day 10 is Barbara who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Just finished Day 10.  Played around with the two pieces and couldn't figure out what how to put the puzzle together.  The top of Day 10 looks like the first piece, though.  I'm pretty sure it will be so clear when it's all put together that it will be a "palm to forehead" moment.  :-)

Next to arrive is Martha again with her day 10.  She says:-
"Here's Day 10, at least a few hours before you post the next step. What is it? Hmmmm"
What a GREAT idea, Martha!!!

Surya has now arrived in my inbox a she has just joined us with this year's TIAS.  She says:-
"I thought I wouldn't do the TIAS this year.  I have so many projects in various unfinished stages, that I thought it would be bad to start another one.  It turns out it's even worse missing out on the mystery fun.  So I spent some time this weekend catching up, and here it is, ready for part 11 tomorrow.
The HDT I'm using is turning out very much in the colours my little lady would enjoy, so I'm hoping it'll be something sweet, to sew on to one of her dresses.
Thank you for something fun to look forward to every year,
- Surya"

Now I have Lelia's day 10 too along with this comment:-
"Dear Jane:
Photograph attached:    Day Ten
I still cannot figure out what we are tatting ; )     Job well done on the mystery.
Tomorrow .... Day 11.
Lelia blogging at Stitches of Life II

Gea has arrived too with her days 9 and 10.  Here they are:-
"Hello Jane,
Hereby my days 8, 9 and 10.
Took me a while..during jobs and icekarting with the kids i finished these days.
I asked all of them for a suggestion...all that came was bladibla..they don’t have a clue..Just like i have.

Finally (it's time for breakfast) is Claire who has this to say:-
"Hello Jane and fellow tatters, 
Happy New Chinese year.
Here is my day 10 of the TIAS, and its related blog post.  I think the second sail of the boat is coming up nicely. Next 'part' of the TIAS will be to form the hull and mast, attached to the two sails.
Have a great day everyone."

Before I show you the first day 11 from Isa I must remind you of the fun that's been had in past years between Maureen in Australia and Isa in Sweden.

I always release the new part of the TIAS at 8:45 GMT and then wander off to have a shower.  In the past there's been a bit of a friendly race between these two to see who could get their next day in first.  Sadly Isa couldn't take part in the TIAS last year and the game hasn't happened this year.  So, Isa's been trying SOOOOO hard to be first with her new part this year and now she's managed it.  Here is the first day 11 from Isa who says:-
"Good morning Jane:
Just before I'm going out :) send you TIAS day 11.  Just on time to my appointment, send you send the other one :) I will be first today ;)"
So, Maureen, are you going to try and beat Isa with day 12?!?!?

Back from town and I've found Fiona in my inbox waiting for me!!!  She says:-
"Hi Jane
Here is my day 11...is it a jaunty hat? :D 
Fiona T (one mad tatter)"

Next to arrive is Kristen who has sent in her day 11 with this comment:-
"Hi Jane:
Ok, my head knows that this is not Mary and Joseph...but my eyes still say that it is! I'm not in a hurry for this to be over, but I am in a hurry to see what the heck this is really going to to turn out to be! :)
Thanks for the mental exercise!

Finally in this batch is Sonja who says this:-
"Hello Jane
Here is my day 11. It looks more and more like a sailing ship. We will see what day 12 brings.
I love this all, and also all those nice pictures from other people.
Greetings from Sonja in Holland" 

Isa is back again!!!  This time she says:-
"Jane here I'm again with my second piece, because I haven't time in the morning to tatted it , and I was in hurry to be the first one, and I wrote very bad too :) sorry for that.
For me it's an Ice cream :)"

Next in is Tove who offers this comment and picture:-
"Dear Jane!
Here is my day 11.
Today, we have a little sun here."

Jane has now arrived with her day 11 and the following comment too:-
"Hi Jane, here's day 11, not so quick off the mark! Happy tats, Jane"

Next in is Lesley who says:-
"Hi Jane
Here’s my Day 11. Still going for a watery theme. Perhaps it’s an ark for all those animals (and people) being marooned by the floods. It feels as though we’ve had our 40 days’ worth of rain already this year to make it a good proposition."

Lelia simply says:-
"Day 11!!
Always, Lelia blogging at
Stitches of Life "
You're right, Lelia - day 11!!!!

Next in is Muskaan who has given this a lot of thought today!!!!  Here's her comment and all her pictures:-
"Hello Jane & greetings to all !
Okay, the 1st pic is a 'boring old sailboat'.
But when I juggled my duplicate pieces around, there was Van Gogh on his way to paint in the blazing sunshine of southern France, donning his wide-brimmed straw hat. In the 3rd pic, he glared back at me even tho' I thought I'd used his favorite yellow !
With hands over my ears
( from Marshall Cavendish collection - The Great Artists #1 - Van Gogh )"

Next to arrive is Szylvia with such a pretty picture too.
"Hi Jane,
the 11. day weather is beautiful, the sun is shining! Shall we sail on small boat.

Firanghish is next with her day 11 and this comment too:-
"Hi! Jane,
Here is 11th Day Assignment. I just can't guess, but it fun to tat and to learn different techniques.

Fox has just arrived with her comments and picture.  Here's what she says:-
"Okay, okay I made a slight error. It is, I see after all, The Walrus and The Carpenter, from Alice In Wonderland. Obviously. Susanne was on to it in the first rounds. Love it when I hit the nail squarely on the head. Ha!  Fox"

Now I have Suz again with another rhyme!!!
"Hi Jane from sunny Ontario, where it's a cool -8C. Do you have sunshine today? I hope so.
I followed directions from a right to z 
To find out just what this wee tat would be,
But Jane is too crafty, and flummoxed are we
As now it's not two pieces-- oh no,'twill be three!

Way to go, Jane! The puzzle grows.........
Hugs from Suz"

Wanda spends time trying to read BC3's brain cell!!!!  She's spotted the url for day 3.  It's tyme2walk today!!
"Hello, Jane.  I've played with how these two pieces should lay and I still don't know what it is.  I'll bet you're really enjoying yourself this time, keeping everybody guessing so far into the TIAS.
I think I'd have tyme 2 walk today but I don't think I want to, at least outside. We've got several inches of snow on the ground and several more expected. At least it's not the ice they're getting in Arkansas!
Staying home and tatting today in Kansas
aka tattrldy
What a good idea - stopping home to tat, Wanda.

Miranda's now arrived with her day 11 and this is what she has to say today:-
"And here's day 11. I'm back to thinking it's a sailboat now. I still can't completely rule out the Sydney Opera House, but I'm pretty sure it's a sailboat.

Oh, Cheryl, I LOVE the whale!!!
"Ok, I’m on the right day now. With still no idea. This was supposed to be a shark, but it morphed into a whale.
Maybe I’ll call him Moby Ralph. Don’t think I’m anywhere close. But, am having loads of fun. Knowing today was
TIAS day is what got my sorry corpse out of bed.

Well Wendy's got her mind set on a knickerbocker glory now!!!
"I think it is the top of a knickerbocker glory 
Wendy x"

Next in is Sarah who has this to say:-
"I am thinking I might have to jump on the sailboat bandwagon....nothing else is coming to mind at the moment. So sorry that I keep forgetting my name on these emails...must be the lack of sleep. Ha!!!
Sarah M"

Another person who thinks it's a sailing boat!!!  I'm beginning to think it might be but there again - who knows?  Oh, of course, I do!!!  BUT I'm not saying a thing!!!
"Hello Jane,
Wait and see! This sentence still is present to-day! We don't yet know  whatzit !But comments are so funny that I finally hope that it lasts still a long time....Day 12 'll arrives when I am certainly faraway from my home: I enjoy to go to Paris( 400 kms) Thursday till saturday to visit THE show " L'aiguille en fête" (festival of needle works - knit,embroidery, sewing,etc....) which has 2 or 3 hundred of exhibitors from around the world. There are original things, threads, materials,fabrics, but,  caution for Blue Card !.....Waiting week-end for write you, i thank you to sunny our days!
Oooooh, what a lovely trip.

Stephanie is next to arrive with her day 11.  This is what she says:-
"Here's my Day 11.  I've included the smaller section on the scan just to prove I haven't lost it yet.  ;-)  Will hang the paper clip on the little magnetic 'holder' in Tat Corner next to my favorite chair as soon as I remember to take it of the scanner.  ;-)  
I know what it is!  (Could be the dorsal fin and part of the tail fin of a shark.....Could be part of a rocket ship.....could be a sailboat....could be a lot of things, but it's definitely, absolutely, positively, without a doubt, a Whatzis.)

Next is Anne who has sent in her picture.

Claire is next with the following comment and picture.  She says:-
"Hello Jane and fellow tatters,
Please find attached a picture of my day 11, and the link to its blog post. I think the TIAS will be a boat and we finished the second sail. The next part will form the hull and mast.
Have a nice day everyone,

Next in is Angela who says:-
Here are my Day 11s! With the other part, it does kind of look like a sail, but one never knows! Or maybe with all the ice and snow we're supposed to get in Ohio, it's a snow plow? :)  
Of course it's a snow plow, Angela!!!! 

Melanie has now arrived with her comment and picture:-
"Hi Jane-
I have finished 2 loads of laundry and day 11. I 'magine you've already turned off the computer for the day. And I'm just stating!
I can't wait to see what we'll do in the contrasting color.

One more and my inbox will be naked of TIAS's again!!!
"Hi Jane,
Here is my TIAS Day 11.  I don't know what the motif is.  You've done an excellent job of keeping it a surprise. 
Kelli in Oregon"

Back again and first this time is Caroline who says:-
"I think this is the first time I have posted mine on the day it came out.  We are getting snow.  This will be the first snow that will make it plowable.  We have just scooted what little we got off with a scoop.  Not sure what I am going to do with this one.  If it is light and fluffy my daughter and I can scoop it but if it is heavy I may have to hire someone to come and plow me out.  I still am sticking with a bobsled for my guess. Caroline H"

GREAT - another new person has joined us.  This is Judy with her day 2.  Welcome aboard the TIAS 2014, Judy.

A new idea from Elizabeth.  What a clever one too!

Jo is the next to arrive and here's her comment and picture.
"Hi Jane
Here is my day 11.   Still no idea what it is.  I think I measured the wrong amount of thread onto shuttle one because I had to do the shoelace trick to get enough thread for the final ring :)  Now what thread to choose for the next portion...
Jo from the UK"

This next picture made me smile.  Looks as if a war is about to start!!!  Here's Marla's comment too:-
"Oh Jane....... Marty is getting very worried that he will NEVER figure this one out........ 
The Black Knight and his Squire stopped by and after a bit of a conference and short battle of wits, they finally agreed that this has to be a double pennant!   Maybe in honor of the Olympics......?  
If so, Let the games begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)
Marla "

Fran has arrived in my inbox all the way from 'somewhere in the UK'!  She says:-
"Dear Jane
Here are my days 10 and 11. A sail boat looks to be a possibility but the looped edges are not straight enough for a mast. It is a problem deciding on a contrasting colour when we don't know what it's going to be.
Fran UK"

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