Thursday, 13 February 2014

Day 14

Here is the link for DAY 14 of the Tat It And See.

This morning I seem to have only one TIAS in my inbox and that's from Jennifer who says:-
"A sea shell?"

First in yet again with her day 14 is Isa who says:-
"Good morning Jane here it's TIAS day 14. I'm waiting for the plumber, water leaking on the bathroom  he will be here on a minute, Just before I can tatting TIAS day 14.
I thinks it's a snail :) 

Following on very shortly after is Val again.  She has this to say:-
"Totally smoked. No guess, and I can't think!
Thanks for the game, still.
Waiting for the next day.

Back again and with her plumbing report is Isa with her second day 14!
"Jane it's me again
here is the other TIAS day 14 from me :) and the plumber was here just under my second tatted TIAS  :)"

Finally as I'm just going out to shop I'm adding Kristen's day 14.  She says"-
"Hello Jane!
Here is my Day 14! And, just for variety, I'm going to guess something's a flag in a golf course(??)
Way to keep keeping us guessing! :)

Next in is Maureen who says:-
"My Garden Gnome didn't want to be in the picture because he is no longer sure that we are tatting a seaworthy craft; but, just in case, he's off packing his bags......."
That's sad!!!!

Umintsuru is the next one into my inbox.  She says:-
"Dear Jane,
I'm keen to see the completed sailboat. Are you thinking of sailing?
No, WAY, umintsuru!!!  I like to keep my feet on firm ground and I'm not sure it is a sailing boat either!!!!!

Muskaan has now arrived in the inbox and she says:-
"Good morning Jane .
Day 14 TIAS pieces.
Can't get sailing vessel of some sort out of my mind. But am still wondering where all the thread left in our shuttles will be used - the hull is just Two boards/planks wide !
Oh well, TIAS is turning into a TIANS ( Tatting It And Not Seeing ) :-)))
Loving all the guesses & verses
You are funny, Muskaan!!!!

Next in is Firanghish who says:-
"Very Good Evening Jane,
Here is my 14 day assignment.

A quick message now from Sue D who says:-
"over on my blog!!
Thanks, Sue.

Next to arrive is Fox with this comment which had me puzzled until I saw her pictures!!!
"Jane! How callous. Mean spirited. Really? The sinking if the Titanic? For Shame.
T.I.A.S. has gone down this year.
Perhaps my brilliant joke caused me see what you are up to. So disappointed.
What do you call a man with an outrageous personality and a horrific cough, floating in the Dead Sea?
Fox ; ))"
OWCH, Fox.  That's a DREADFUL joke.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.

Now I have Lesley's day 14 along with her comment too:-
"Dear Jane
Here is my Day 14.
A lovely sunny day here and a beautiful day for a sail (if you’re into that kind of thing)! That is unless you are one of the inhabitants of neighbouring local towns in the Thames Valley who will be wishing themselves miles away from the river.
I hope the strong winds didn’t affect your part of the world too severely yesterday.
All the best

Susan is back once more and with yet another rhyme!!!
" Hi Jane,
From a cold, but sunny Ontario comes day 14's tat.
I've added all the split rings
But still do not know where I'm at.
I look and look, and change things 'round,
Push them this way and then that,
And still I'm puzzled by Jane's game.
To her, I doff my hat!

Thanks Jane!"

Next to arrive is Sonja who says:-
"Hello Jane
Here is my day 14. Today I visited A place where they show and sell things for knitting, crochet, embroidery, and quilting and a few other things. Was very nice. I bought some Lizbet-thread, beads and paint fot my thread. And when I came home, I made the day 14. Happy tatting
Greetings from Holland
Ooooh, what a lovely day, Sonja.  I am jealous!

Jane has sent her day 14 in with an apology.  No need to apologise, Jane.  I haven't got round to blog reading today yet!!!
"Oh my goodness, Jane, I've just realised that I put this on my blog but forgot to send it to you! Sorry. Bit distracted. Happy tats, Jane"

Next into my inbox is Judy who says:-
"Excited for day 15"
You'll have to wait a day or two, Judy!!!!

Caroline has sent in her day 14 along with this comment:-
"The sun is shining brightly again.  It is to be warmer today so I hope spring is on the way.  Someone broke into a neighbor's house and trashed it Tuesday.  After thinking I think I saw him walk across my yard close to the house.  Don't remember enough to describe him though.  Taking things is bad enough but throwing eggs and hot sauce etc. all over is almost worse.  Jane I hope your mountain climber doesn't fall down into the crevice.  ??  Caroline H"

Next to drop in is Wanda who says:-
"Hi, Jane.  It's day 14 and the two pieces on not together yet.  It's looking more and more like it could be that sail boat, but is it?  Will we put the pieces together on Day 15? Will the Thames keep rising?  Will Jane need a boat soon?  Stay tuned for the next episode of "TIAS 2014!'
Wanda in Kansas
aka tattrldy "
You are soooooo funny, Wanda.  Thanks for the giggle.

Kelli is next to arrive in my inbox.  Do you remember the shuttle in her day 13 photo?  Well look at today's too.
"Hi Jane,
You liked my labeled shuttle so much last time, I labeled it this time too. Here is my Day 14. I was leaning towards a butterfly earlier, but I'm going to agree with some of the other members and say it might be a boat.
Kelli in Oregon"

Next to arrive is Marla with her day 14 and her ongoing story!!!
"Greetings Jane!  :)
Did you realize that if you had just waited one more day.... we would have been tatting Day 14 on Feb 14th of the year 2014!  or.... 14, 2,14, 2014   :)  Kewl!
Anyway, Marty says we should get back to business.... so.... here is our day 14 and 3 little friends dropped in this morning... When Marty asked them for their input they all chimed in that it looks like it should be a Pony Castle floating on a lovely Pistachio cloud!   (Personally, both Marty and I think they are wrong..... but then who knows.....?)  

Shelley has now dropped in with her skunk.  A SKUNK?  Well each to their own, I suppose!!!
"I've got it, Jane!  Its a sleeping SKUNK.  The part on the right is his head with that cute little nose on the tip, and the left part is his tail.  I can see it perfectly.  Although I am thinking skunks probably sleep with their tails down.  Waiting patiently for day 15.  Thank you.
aka skunklady"

Now for some excellent advice from Cheryl!!!!
"Good thing I’m having a quiet day. I got started on day 14. On my 3rd split ring, I yawned and missed the picot. Opps. So, I thought I could open the split ring. Nope, broke it.
So I cut all the blue off and began again. Sheesh. Never tat when your yawning.  Cheryl"

Wendy has just arrived in my inbox with her day 14.  This is what she says:-
"You've been very clever with this one. I think it is probably a sailing ship but not sure ....

Next in is Fran - also from here in the UK.  She says:-
"Hi Jane
Here is day 14.  You are going to keep us guessing to the end I think.  Whatever it is it is going to look beautiful in the colours I have chosen.  I cant work out how the flowers fit in though.
How many more days are there?
Kind regards
Fran UK"
Two more, Fran.  Just two more.

Marco has now arrived with her day 14 and this comment:-
"hello Jane,
Here is my work  until day 14 
still have no clue haha.
my second tread is a bit thinner, but i hope it works out well :)
greetings Marco"

Last one of the day is from Stephanie who has this to say:-
"After careful deliberation, I have come to the conclusion that this is a sailboat-shaped Whatzis.  That is, unless it isn't.  ;-)

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