Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Another day and more TIAS

Well another day and a few more TIAS's in.

First in today is from Sarah with a picture and a rhyme.  She says:-
"Hi Jane, Well I know things can change but hope lives on.   Sarah  :-)

One day my eyes beheld a tatted sail.
The next day my eyes did fail.
The yacht was gone from sight.
I could not conjure it, try as I might.
So I tatted along in anticipation
Waiting for Jane’s elucidation. 
Look! the boat has not gone as I feared
Today it has reappeared."

Bernice is the next one in my inbox and she has this to say:-
"TIAS Day 11 and how will they fit together?  by Bernice Odom"

umintsuru is next into my inbox with a short piece of poetry too.  Here it is:-
"Dear Jane,

Sails in the wind
Shark fins a swimming
Termite mounds
Soaring pterodactyl

Jennifer B has now arrived with her days ten and eleven.  She says:-
"It's a bird!?! It's a plane!?!  It's. . ."
LOVE your drawing, Jennifer.

Next in is Connie who has changed her mind again!!!  Her comment follows:-
"Hi Jane,
Hope the water is going down over there.  We have eight more hours to go before the winter storm warning will be over.  Already have ice coated trees and wires over here - hoping the power stays on. 
I think the sail boat is back? 
Stay safe and dry over there!! Thanks for all of your creative ideas!!!"
Dry at the moment, Connie but our part of the country hasn't been too badly hit - YET!!!

Coretta is next into the inbox with her lovely pictures and comment:-
"I'm playing catch up today. 
I started into day 10 before I got a picture of 9. I realize when we loaded the second set of shuttles I read the instructions wrong. So now I suppose I will end up with 2 of whatever we are making because I plan to go back and do both pieces the same color. :)
After day 11, my vote is sail boat. "

Finally this morning I have Bernice with her comment and picture:-
These tatted arms (or wings) are pointing to the Sun and better weather. That's 19.4 C inside and minus 21.6 C outside.

Next in and after lunch is Sue D who says:-
"Here's the pic, I'll let you go see what I put on my blog regarding what it is.... VBG

Marco has just dropped into my inbox with this comment and photo:-
"hello Jane,
here i am again.
i have  no clue what so ever.
i heard some one mensioning a sailboat. 
than we should have  2 sails now  :)
Greetings Marco"

My next visitor is Helen who says:-
"I am so curious what will come next! Have my new colour ready.
Greetings Helen"

Lori has now arrived with her days 9, 10 and 11.  This is what she has to say:-
"hi Jane
well I don't know why my email are not come through to you va my phone.. but i did finally get the pictures to my pc and now on to you! With that fixed, i still haven't a clue!
picture order 9,10,11 
Lori :-)"

I have another new person entering the fun right now.  It's Hannah.  Welcome to this year's TIAS, Hannah.
Ive started this a little late, but these are the results of my attempts at day 1. I know you said to wind the shuttles CTM, but this is my first attempt at using 2 shuttles so I wanted them different colours. I hope it's ok!
Thank you for letting me try this, I haven't had a look at any of the other photos til I get to that stage. 
Take care
Hannah xxx"
That's fine using two shuttles, Hannah.  It'll give the finished tatting a different perspective.

Now I have Judy's offering with this comment:-
"Learned two things..1. You live to go down to the last thread so added 1/2 yard to reach shuttle so don't have to fight with them..
2. Make sure that I tighten up the chain so my "bird" don't have a bubble butt."
Ah, interesting comment, Judy.  Part of the reason I don't like giving thread quantities is because of the way everybody's tension varies and also the way they actually measure the quantities for the shuttles.  

Roelien is now back with her day 11 and this comment:-
"Hello Jane,
Here is my eleventh day. I made two pictures. On the postcard I see  two bears in love.
But I surely know, that is not right.
Many greetings,

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