Friday, 14 February 2014

More day 14's

First of all - day 15 will be tomorrow (Saturday) and the final day will be on Monday. 

First in my inbox this morning is from Jo who says:-
"Hi Jane 
My day 14 still looks like a sailing ship to me so today's background just had to be the mob cap from my Victorian swimming outfit with the tatting trim that I finished on Tuesday - about 46 inches. 
Don't know what's up with my email tonight it clicked send over an hour ago and it didn't finish so I've had to resort to web mail instead. 
Jo from the UK"

Next in my inbox is from Julie who says-
In time to show you my day 14 ^_^"

Anne-Marie has sent in her days 13 and 14 along with this comment:-
"Dear Jane,
I don't remind me of what "day" I sent you before my trip in Paris.It seems that i send day 11 before Paris.It's so marvellous , - there were Manchester metropolitan University and Manchester School of Art among exhibitors- but no tat,but nevertheless some shuttles and beautiful threads to tat...I can't wait for the next "Aiguille en fête....What can it be other thing that a very elegant boat?
We see on television that weather is as very bad in England as in France. We have  at the beginning of this week some sunny day, but to-day,it's deluge.....
i join  my days 13 et 14 and try to send a presentation of your compatriot artists into this great expo....See you soon.
Thank you, Anne-Marie.  I will look at the presentation later when I've caught up on the TIAS!!!!

Denise has sent in day 13 with this comment:-
"Here is my day 13. No idea at this point in the game. 
Denise Royal
Followed by day 14 and this comment:-
"Cat ears?
Denise Royal"

My rhymer Sarah is back with 'almost' a complaint!!!!!  She says:-
"AHHHHH Jane you are testing my rhyming limits! How long can I keep this up... that is the question!  Fun to see the rhymes other tatters have written. The Joke from Fox the other day made me laugh out loud and groan. Loved it. 
Hope you are staying dry and have electricity. Sounds like your part of the world may need a little vessel like the one we are tatting. In New England we are getting more snow and ice today but  it is February after all, snow and cold are expected... but  the southern atlantic coast of the US!... that is where New Englanders go to escape the cold of February...they  are getting socked  with winter. Hope all the tatters in Georgia and  North and South Carolina are coping ok and have heat and electricity.  We are one day closer to spring!    We can only hope.        Sarah :-)

Outside my door is ice and snow
But with my shuttle, a sailing I go.
My head is filled with warm weather dreams
Lands far away where the sunshine gleams
The colored thread carries me away
As this tatting game I play"

Not long to go, Sarah - just two more rhymes!!!!!

Next in is Angela with her day 14.  She says:-
Here is my Day 14 progress. Thanks so much for this fun game!!

Lelia is the next person in my inbox.  Her comment and photo follow:-
"Hello Jane:
Happy Valentine's Day.
Day 14 attached --- could it be a Love Bird?
Always, Lelia blogging at
Stitches of Life II"

Claire is next with a beautiful picture of her TIAS.  Here's her comment too:-
"Hello Jane and fellow tatters around the globe,
Here is my day 14 picture, and its related blog post.
Wow, only two days left! So I guess one day we will be finishing the hull, and the other one making the mast. 
Enjoy your day!

Pity we can't send our rain to help Jenni and her fellow tatters 'down under'.  Here's her days 13 and 14:-
"Hi Jane....fires are out ..we can relax a bit now. Too close for comfort this time but luckily no loss of life.
Day 13 & 14..... seriously stumped!
Hugs from smokey Victoria..."

Finally as breakfast is calling is Bernice's day 14 with her picture:-
"ood morning Jane,
I am off for three days to visit friends and relatives a small project may sneak into my luggage.  No guesses today.  Day 14 attached.

Next to arrive is Fiona with days 12, 13 and 14.  She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Enjoying watching and seeing everyones guesses. I have caught up now, and agree- it could be a butterfly, a sail boat....or...the sydney opera house! Can hardly wait for day 15!
Fiona T ("

Helen has now arrived with her day 14 and this comment:-
"Dear Jane,
Now I see a boat too, as everyone else seems to do. What else can it be?
Looking forward to the next piece.

Next in is Grace who says:-
"Hi, Jane,
I’ve been keeping up with the TIAS, though I haven’t sent in each day with my guesses. So, here is Day 14. I suppose it is… a sailboat? Certainly looking that way. The sails are done with Lizbeth Jelly Bean. I couldn’t decide whether to make the hull (I presume?) brown or green, so I decided to get both colours in with Lizbeth Herbal Garden. 

Miranda has arrived now with her days 13 and 14.  Here is her comment too:-
"Hi Jane,
I realized I forgot to send it day 13, so here it is with day 14. I presume that row of split rings on day 14 will straighten out when we turn the corner and join the next row to them. It's still looking boat-like, but it must be a flat-bottomed one, since there are no joining picots on the bottom side of the split rings. But then, you are a wily old git, so you'll probably turn it into something else entirely.

Melanie is next into my inbox and here is her comment followed by her picture:-
"Hi Jane-
Here's my version. I think it's a boat of some kind.....or maybe......

Next in is Chari who has sent in her day 14 and comment.  She has this to say:-
"If we aren't tatting a sailboat, then you've done a magnificent job of fooling all of us!  This is so much fun!"

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