Monday, 17 February 2014

The End

Sadly today is the final part of the TIAS. Here's the link.

For those of you who haven't started and those who are a bit behind - don't worry the game continues until the next one starts in January 2015.

Please remember to send in your country when you send in day 16 and any details you want to - including thread used, skills learned etc.  No need to thank me - I've enjoyed it as much as you have!!!

Later today (when BC3 remembers!) I will upload the whole pattern onto my pattern site - into the 'odds and ends' section.

Just a few thoughts on the design of this little sailing boat.  It wasn't an easy one!!  First there were many images that I looked at - taken from google images.  Then I had to learn a bit about boats/ships and then after that decisions had to be made on 'what sort' to design.  I then had to decide whether to show the whole hull (the part which would normally be under water) but I thought that a design without would be more useful for using on children's clothes, etc.

I'd like to thank the person who asked for many years for me to design a sailing boat.  It may not be exactly what you wanted but it's the best BC3 could do for now!!

First in of the overnight TIAS's comes from Anne-Marie who says:-
"Hi jane,
This morning will be last day of this pretty  adventure. Sorry! Yet, to-day, I have had much difficulties to make my "day 15" , I don't know why???? I do and undo for a long time and got very excited....My joins are ugly.
(However I made last week your pattern  "fan earrings" that aren't very easy with a fine thread...)
Fortunately, I succeed in finishing before "day 16" arrive ! ! ! It's late in the day or rather early, i'm going to sleep, to switch on computer, on my waking up,without delay....I hope you'll can rest you after this big work....or you'll make the most of news patterns!
Good-bye till to-morrow....

Next in is Sonja who's still catching up after a late start!!!  She says:-
"Catching up
I just saw on the news that England is having flooding.  Are you ok?

Misty is next with a picture of the chicks she mentioned last time too.
"Here's my day 15 photo, a little dark but better than the strong glare from the flash... and a photo of those little chicks :)  Looking forward to day 16, I may just turn on the computer when my husband leaves at 6 am (EST) to see it!

Back again is Sonja with the rest of her TIAS but without day 16 which I'm waiting to upload!!!
"Well, Jane,
I managed to catch up in time for the last installment. 
Along with the others I would have to guess sailboat as well.
Take care,

Next in is Jeff who says:-
"Hi Jane!
Finally got around to sending you my day 15 progress picture of day 15. It definitely looks like a sailboat, though, right now, mine looks like its sinking. I assume day 16 should fix that.

Next in is Lelia who says:-
"Dear Jane:
Playing along with TIAS has been delightful.   Attached is my day 15 - needed a couple practice runs; however, I think I've got it!
In a few hours, we will have our final pattern.    
Thank you ....   
Lelia blogging at Stitches of Life II"

Finally in this batch is Claire who says:-
"Hello Jane and fellow tatters, 
I am a bit late, but here is my picture of day 15, and its related blog post.
I think that there is only the mast left to tat in order to finish our sailboats. :)
With the wind (and rain) we have had here in Victoria (Canada), I guess it will be hazardous to set sail on the ocean right now though. 
I really enjoy that TIAS, and following each day the progress of my fellow tatters all over the world. I will miss it when it will be done. 
Have a great day.

No guesses as to who would be first with day 16!!!  Yes, it's Isa and she's number one on my list of how many have taken part!!!
1.  "Good morning Jane:
Here is my  TIAS, last day, nr. 16!
Thanks for all and send you a big hug, I've had fun.
From a beautiful morning in south of Sweden.
"Welcome aboard!"

Second in is Jane who has just popped into my inbox.  She says:-
2.  "Aha! This sailing vessel from Jane McLellan in South Africa. The variegated thread is a Coats size 20 and the dark blue Milford size 20. I know you don't want thanks Jane, but thanks anyway - great fun was had by all. Happy tats, Jane"

Next to arrive is Kristen from Russia.  She says:-
3.  "Hi Jane...
Here is my beautiful Day 16 sailboat, out for a chilly float on the icy Amur Bay. Thanks for the awesome TIAS--fun and full of learning opportunities, who could ask for anything more?
Already looking forward to next year!

Misty is next to arrive in my inbox and she says:-
4.  "Hi Jane!
"Tat quickly!" gasped Misty, "Day 16's just out!
I'll be first!" and then all in a moment my shuttles
Had snarled the thread in a terrible muddle...
(My apologies to Robert Browning for taking liberties with a few lines from "How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix.")
I had run out of blue thread, thanks to a memory error that required me to cut out the first 12 rings and start over (comes of sticking the shuttles in my pocket and working while waiting to meet my kids at school), so rather than getting more blue, I decided to use up a scrap of yellow left from some other project.  Makes the boat very nice and summery, I think.
I used locally-produced thread, from a company named PASA, which is more or less size 20.  This was my first time trying SCMR's, and I chuckled to find the SLT so soon after I'd asked you about it for the teapot!
Thank you, Jane for your work to give us some fun!
Misty is from Ecuador.  WOW.

Firanghish is in next during her evening in India.  She says:-
5.  "Very Good (:'( SAD) Evening Jane,
TIAS was fun also had an  opportunist to try Mock ring.  I am Firanghish from Mumbai (Bombay) India.
Thanks for all fun and games eagerly wattling for 20015 TIAS.
Best Regards,

Shelley has just arrived too with  her day 16 and this comment too:-
6.  "Very fun sailing with you all. Bon voyage. From Shelly in USA"
LOVE the rainbow, Shelley.

Lyn has now arrived with her days 11, 12 and 13.  She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Sorry they are a bit fuzzy. I have been so busy I didn't think I would ever get back to my tatting.
Must try and finish this tomorrow.
All the best from Western Australia"

Another completed sailboat has now arrived from Sonja who says:-
7.  "Hello Jane
Here are my finished sailboats.
I’m from Holland (The Netherlands).
I used variegated Lizbet and a Cebelia yellow .
I’ve sailed myself, but that is long ago.
We live close to a few lakes, where you can sail.
Greetings from a sunny Holland."

Jenni has just sent her finished sailboat along with her comment here:-
8.  "YEAY Finished!! Sending all our boats to rescue you Jane!!
This has been great fun. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put in to run these.

This arrival from Muskaan has consisted of three pictures - all well worth showing.  She says:-
9.  "Hello Jane,
Mystery of your overflowing rivers, flooded coastlines, & incessant rains is finally solved !!! This extra water flow was required for the deluge of sailboats floating in to your mailbox from all over the world !
I made 2 pieces in order to practice all the new techniques that you set out for us. Unfortunately, I made a mistake in the green mast today. Since it was already marred, I took the liberty of adding a flag on top, with the remaining thread (I miscalculated & still have plenty of thread left in All 4 bobbins!).
My objective of joining this wonderful & fun-filled game has been More than achieved. Your TIAS kick-started my transition from traditional tatting to more modern techniques & applications. A Very Special Thank You for this reason, too :-)
I'm sending in 3 fotos. If you think these are too many, I leave the choice of which to include to you [ who else ;-p ].
Muskaan from Delhi, India
Blogging (a wintry pause at present but will resume with spring) at :"

Sailor Fox has now sailed into port with the following:-
10.  "Aye, aye, Cap'n. Thank you for a great voyage! This year's catch was the best one yet! Southwester's blow in'. Heading home! Fox : ))"

Sarah's pictures are well worth studying.  LOVE the owl and the cat on the one.  Very clever lass.
11.  "Wahoo! Jane I do thank you. Today is my birthday and this wonderful pattern is such a lovely gift from you. See me doing the happy dance! You can be sure I will be tatting more little vessels. I don't know if you can see,  the photo is not very good, but the owl and the pussy cat are on board so Fox was right!  A good thing too, as I have heard she does not like being wrong! Have a lovely day... hope the sun is shining on you.     
Sarah in Connecticut, US     
Thread: Lizbeth size 20 Lollipop and Terra Cotta

Thank you Jane, for taking me on this lovely cruise.
It helped to chase away the winter blues.
When this journey we did start
I tatted along and followed your chart.
And a little yacht 
Was just a wishful thought.

With each new clue, a rhyme I penned 
And now that we have reached the end 
This will be the last one that I send

I’ve had a jolly time
sending you my little rhymes
And tatting up your grand design
Which I think is just DEVINE."

Isa is back with her second day 16 and this comment:-
"Dear Jane here it's my other last TIAS day 16. 
Thanks for all fun with the game :)"

Next in with her final part of this year's TIAS is Miranda who says:-
12.  "Good morning Jane,
Morning here, anyway. Here's my completed sailboat, although it could use just a touch with the iron. I used Lizbeth color 165 for the sail, and color 649 for the hull and mast.
If I were to tat this over, I imagine I would find it easier to tat the mast and hull first and finish with the sails. But doing the sails first certainly made for a better TIAS, as it kept us all guessing about what those little triangles were for. A thoroughly enjoyable experience, as always!
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA"
Good idea, Miranda.

Stephanie has just sent her final day in too.  This is what she says:-
13.  "Hi Jane!
I'm sailing your way with the completed 2014 TIAS.  This one comes from North Carolina, USA.  
Thank you so much for this fun game.  I can hardly wait 'til next year.  ;-)
Have a delightful week!
Big hug to you and all the other TIAS participants!

Bay has now arrived with her final part of the sailboat.  She says:-
14.  "Hi Jane,
Here is my sailboat, departing from Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington DC, USA. I've never participated in a TIAS before, and had been wondering if you were going to post your rendition of the boat when it was done. I'm so glad you did, as I like to see the artists rendition of their work.
I must say I've gotten better at joining to the second side of a split ring, and have some new ideas to use in designs of my own. I will be looking out for next years TIAS. 
Take care,

Kelli gave me an impossible task so I'm showing both her pictures - I'm sure you'll understand that I couldn't choose!
15.  "Hello Jane,
My little boat has been steamed (does that make it a steam boat?). I had a bit of fun with the photos. Choose your favorite. 
Pattern: Jane's TIAS Sailboat
Thread: Lizbeth size 20 in 644 Boysenberry and 185 Arctic Waters
Shuttles: Clover

Kelli aka Knitter Bunny
Banks, Oregon,  USA"

Melanie has now sent in her boat along with this comment:-
16.  "Hi Jane-
I've finished my boat. Now it's time to "come sail away.....come sail away.... come sail away with me......."
PS I didn't have the patience to sew in the short ends, so I got out the fray check. My bottle is done for. I guess I don't use it often teee heeee"

Leisa has now sent in a comment but she doesn't have a picture.  She says:-
17.  "Hi Jane!  thank you for the TIAS!  im from Michigan, USA.  I started shuttle tatting 2 years ago.
its nice to learn new things.
Leisa "

Nicola has just arrived in my inbox with another wonderful picture - you guys are so clever at making them interesting.
18.  "Yay, I passed the finished line, or finished my first TIAS, and what a sweet sailing boat it is.  Well done to everyone else who has taken part and, though it's a long way off, I look forward to the next one. 

Nicola,  (Brit living in central PA)"

Joanie has just sent her pieces up to day 11.  She simply says:-
"Here is through Day 11."
Thanks, Joanie.  Keep going!!!

Another completed sailing boat has now arrived from Szylvia.  She says:-
19.  "Hi Jane,
there was a very good game! I had fun well, and I learned it yet meanwhile.
Thank you!
Budapest, Hungary"

Jo is next into my inbox with this picture and comment.
20.  "Hi Jane
Here is my finished sailing ship of many split rings.
Jo from the UK."

Marie has now arrived with her finished boat.  She says:-
21.  "Jane,
Had lots of fun.  Tatted the little clipper ship with size 20 Coats and Clark crochet thread.
Marie McCurry
Weiser, ID  USA"

Claire is my final arrival today.  She says:-
22.  "Hello Jane and fellow tatters, 
Attached is a picture of my finished sailboat, and its related blog post
I really enjoy joining the TIAS adventure, and following each day everybody's progress on the TIAS blog. It was quite incredible to participate in this project, knowing that so many tatters all over the world shared those efforts.
Thank you Jane for creating and sharing this pattern, and organizing the TIAS event. It was a lot of fun.
Claire (Victoria, Canada)

Sorry, not quite the last as Margaret popped in just as I was going to turn off the computer!!!  She says:-
23.  "Dear Jane,
Here's another boat coming sailing your way from Norfolk U.K.  and it has been a great trip.
Thank you to everyone for all the rhymns and pictures.
The green thread is Coats and the red is Flora.

Goodnight all!!!  Back in the morning!!

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