Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sunday 23rd February

Welcome safely into harbour, Barbara. A happy start to the day to find another completed sailing boat arriving in my inbox!!

76. "Dear Jane, 
It is with mixed feelings that I send you my last picture of my finished sailboat. Thank you for spending the time offering this to all the tatters around the world. It was loads of fun tatting, following along with others from all over the globe, and I looked forward to each new clue like everyone else! If I ever get good enough to design my own tatting, it would be fun to offer a TIAS. Thank you for teaching me split rings and how to join in the second half of a split ring. Here's my sailboat with an inconsistent mast of split rings. I used Lizbeth "Tropical Punch" #132 Size 20 for the sails and Lizbeth "Lime Green" #679 Size 20 as the contrasting color.
Wishing you all the best!  May the sun come out to shine brightly on you this coming year.
Barbara in sunny California"

Next to arrive is Geraldine with her finished boat.  She says:-
77.  "Hi Jane
At long last I have finished my Boat. Family and work issues got in the way. I did say Boat at the beginning. But my boat did not realise what high sea's were in store for it. Around here in Leicestershire, England we could have done with the boat at times due to the weather that caused a lot of flooding. Please, please carry on coming up with T.i.a.s's I love the fun we all have. 
Happy tatting Geraldine.xx"

This picture and message from Deana is sooooo funny.  LOVE your icebergs!!!
78.  "MAYDAY!!!!!!!!MAYDAY!!!!!!!!MAYDAY!!!!!!......We are caught on an ice berg on our way to the TIAS 2014 dock......I sure did like participating in the challenge and really look forward to next years...we are just having more of a challenge bring it home......From London Ontario Canada where we are still under a few feet of snow....  Deana"

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