Friday, 21 February 2014

A breeze in the sails!!

After yesterday morning's doldrums I'm pleased to report that this morning there's now a breeze sending the sailing boats my way!!!!

First in this morning is Nikki who says"-
73. "Ok sorry I'm late but I had a very sick child to attend to. But here is my final boat. It needs a bit of work with some blocking but when I get him sailing straight my son will love it! Oh I'm from the USA. Somewhere in Indiana!"

Next in is a whole fleet in it's own right!!!  This is from Angela who says:-
74.  "Jane,
Here are my 5 sailboats, coming to you from Bethel, Ohio, USA! For the solid-colored one, I used Flora thread size 20. For the rest, I used Lizbeth size 10. I really enjoyed tatting these, so thank you! Sorry I'm a bit late, but I guess the batteries wore out on my shuttles! ;)  Till next year - happy tatting!!

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