Thursday, 6 February 2014


Tomorrow will be DAY 12.

Only one person in while I was asleep last night.  Now I'm hoping this is because everybody's up to date and not that a lot of people have given up!!!!!  No matter - the game continues tomorrow if only to keep me amused!!!!  Here's Nikki's comment and two pictures:-

"Ok somewhere between my husbands Grandmothers doily and tatted jewerly set I got behind... but I'm cought up again! Here is my Days 10 and 11... shark fin done.... now where did I put that other fin????..."

Just arrived so hot off the press is Barbara's day 11.  She says:-
"Hello Jane,
It's raining in Northern California, which is good news since we're heading towards a drought.  The last time we had a bad drought was about 40 years ago.
Here's my Day 11.  It looks like an abstract mother in a long hoop skirt and her daughter, wearing a long skirt without a hoop."

ANOTHER rainy afternoon and I'm so glad that Denise has popped in to cheer me up.  She says:-
" A flower hill?
Denise Royal"

Next is Chantal with a fantastic drawing of the finished TIAS - well, that's what she thinks it is.  Also her comment in rhyme too:-
"Dear Tatters,

While I was eating with a fork,
I thought: this must be a stork!
Perhaps Jane will give it a towel for a baby,
For she is such a nice lady!
But, knowing her cunning brain,
This could also be a plane"

Judy has now arrived with her TIAS.  She says:-
"Okay if understand the need for the split ring but to me it is torture. As you can see the first set I made a mistake somehow on the placement of the split ring so it looks bad..
Now reading on for day 9 am I understanding that I make a loop. Chain 4 then do the ring then somehow do 4 more chains to end the scmr?"
That's right for the SCMR, Judy.  I'll email you to help you out with it.

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