Monday, 10 February 2014

Day 13

Today it's day 13 and the link can be found here.

First in this morning with her day 12 is Judy who has had a few problems but has managed to get over them. Here's her comment:-
"Well, had to cut and tie to get to this point but I did what I had to do I wasn't going to make this second part again. But I am caught up art least until tomorrow morning."

Last one in (probably!) before day 13 goes live is Martha with her days 11 and 12.  She says:-
"Here I am with the last 2 parts, rushing to avoid the ignominy of having to send 3 together.  I know you don't mind and always take a better late than never attitude. I got a little preoccupied with the new issue of Tatting Times."

First in with her day 13 is Isa - again!!!!  She says:-
"Good morning Jane here it's TIAS day 13 !
I send in shortly my second TIAS :)
Here from a lovely morning.
Hope to be the first in this TIAS day 13 :)"

Second in with her day 13 is Val who says this:-
"What art thou? ;-)
I have no idea, Jane. Here's my progress anyway.
Good day.

Back again is Isa:-
"Jane I'm here again, this TIAS day 13 think it's easy and here it's my second one.
Send you my best wishes in this lovely day.

Jane has now arrived with her day 13.  She says:-
"Hi Jane, Day 13. I suspect my size 20 Milford might be slightly smaller than the Coats size 20. Oh well, I shall carry on regardless. Happy tats,

Next in is Umintsuru who seems to think it's a butterfly.  I can see why - but is it?
"Dear Jane,
I see it now, a beautiful butterfly?

Julie is the next person in my inbox with her day 12 comment and picture.
"hello Jane !
Here is my day 12, without problems this time ^_^"

Back again and this time the first person in is Firanghish.  She says:-
"Good Evening Jane,
Here is my 13th  Assignment  No idea what it is.
Have a nice day.

Next to arrive is Muskaan who has this to say:-"


My Day 13 pieces in duplicate !

This arrangement reminds me of 2 pet dogs or rooks for chess lovers :-)

But I will still go with boat where you are now having us nail the wooden boards !

Have a great day


Glad you've got a hammer, Muskaan - IF that's what we're doing!!!!!

Lesley has just arrived with her day 13 too.  She says:-
"Dear Jane

Aren’t we lucky! More practice tatting split rings.
My guess is still on the aquatic theme; top of the list is a gondola followed by a yacht.
What we do need down here is a kayak; the floods have arrived in Datchet which is only about two miles from us and where our son lives, about a 10-minute walk from the centre of the village which is under water.
I expect Waterside is flooded as usual, or have they done something to prevent it?
Best wishes
No, Waterside isn't flooded yet this time.  I'm wondering why, though!!!!  I'll go down and look tomorrow - I walked up the Birmingham Road to see a friend today - just to avoid water!!!!  Hope it doesn't reach you.

Fox is the next arrival in my inbox.  She's sooooo happy that it's infectious!!!
"Well, looks like I won! The prize? Oh, Jane, do tell me what I won for recognizing The a Owl and The Pussycat, as I am now absolutely sure this is what it is! I will be CRUSHED to learn of any other possibility. Just love being right!
Fox : )
p.s. What fun this year!"

Now I have Caroline who has just dropped in with her day 13.  Her comment and two pictures are here:-
"The sun is shining in so brightly this morning in my east window I decided to sit here at my computer and tat day 13.  Gracie came along and was trying to decide if she should help me or not.  The picture is not to clear as I was trying to take it one handed so she would not move.  If anyone needed practice with split rings you have sure given it to us.  I do not mind them at all but some people do.  I had to take my chain out and redo it as I had missed that it was in red.  I have been told my tatting is  nice but I should try front side back side.  This pattern gave me a chance to practice it.  Jane, do you count the join as the first half of the next stitch?  Sometimes it seems like the ring is a little lop sided.  Caroline H"
No, I personally don't count the join as the first half of the next double.  Not sure whether it matters or not but if you're consistent then it should be fine.

My next visitor is Wanda who has this to say:-
"Good afternoon, Jane.  Hmmm. it's looking more and more like a sail boat - it doesn't look like we'll be adding another row with our new color.  But you're a sneaky one so I'm not taking any bets yet!  And I hope 'tisn't bad luk, my day just started!
Wanda in Kansas with more snow
aka tattrldy"

Sonja has just arrived all the way from Holland.  She says:-
"Hello Jane
Not so much time today for tatting. The Olympics ask a lot of TV-time. “We” did well, I’m still tired 
The ship is growing, Will be a lovely one. Thank for all the work you did, I love the TIAS.
Sonja from a cold and wet Holland
(But not so much as in England)"

Next to arrive is Marla who is sending in her day 13 along with this comment:-
"Howdy Jane!  :)
Marty is really liking this TIAS!  And he has had sooooo many friends stop by to see the progress..... The problem is, no one can agree on what the outcome will be!
Frank the Sea Turtle heard about his dilemma and dropped in today to take a gander at what all the ruckus was about.  As soon as he saw what was going on he stated flat out, "Frankly, I see these everyday back home!...  and they're annoying when they land on your head!  It's a flying fish!"
That's a new idea - a flying fish!!!!

Anne has just sent in her photo of day 13 and here it is:-

Nest to arrive is Tove who says:-
"Dear Jane!
My day 13.
Today it was nearly spring here.
Tove Karlsson"

A really imaginative drawing comes next from Jo.  I wonder if she's right, though?
"Hi Jane
Here is my TIAS day 13,  I'm thinking sailing ship at the moment.
Jo from the UK"

Stephanie has just sent in her day 13 with the following picture and comment:-
"Hi Jane!
Finished my Day 13.  I'm going to go with a sailboat, but it could still end up being something completely different.

like this idea from Judy although I'm not sure if she's right or not!!"
"I still think it is a penguin on a pile of rocks." 

Next to arrive is Wendy.  She says:-
"Perhaps it's a wind surf boat ?
Wendy x"

Probably the last of the day as I'm heading for bed shortly is Claire who says:-

"Hello Jane and fellow tatters, 
Here is a picture of my day 13 (and its related blog post). 
I am a bit surprised that this row doesn't create any more picots on the bottom, making the 'hull' of the sailboat quite narrow. Could it be that I'm guessing wrong? Jane is known to have more than one trick up her sleeve.  
Have a great day all around the world.

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