Sunday, 2 February 2014

Day 10

Today is the day that you get the link for DAY 10!  Here it is!!!!

Before I start today I thought I'd copy and paste a comment that came in on the 'other' blog as it's relevant. I find it soooo heartening to find out that people who aren't involved with the tatting side of the TIAS are following the progress and the fun. Here's a comment from Ray:-
"Jane, if you are keeping track of those participating in this TIAS this "chap" from North Carolina is following along. My wife's guess is cat. I don't see what she does and I don't have a clue what it will be. I am just enjoying the journey and we will see what it is at the end. Thanks for all you do to keep this going.

Lelia is the first in with her day 9 this morning and is waiting for day 10 which has just gone 'live'. Interesting to see the practice pieces too, Lelia - thanks. She says:-

"Practice pieces, then Day 9.    Looking forward to Day ten.
Always Lelia blogging at
Stitches of Life II"

Barbara L is next with her day 9 and the following comment:-
"Hi Jane,
Lovely day in San Francisco, where I'm visiting my mom.  Finished #9 while we watched television.
I have no idea what we are tatting, but it's still a lot of fun.  This was my first encounter with the self closing mock ring.  It wasn't so bad after all, and I didn't need to dread it as I had been.
Thank you!

Another day 9 now - this time from Martha who says:-
"Dear Jane,
Here's my Day 9. I think that means I'm caught up?"
Ummmm, well no, Martha - day 10 is now out.  Sorry!

First day 10 is in!!!!  I've just had time to get breakfast and clear up the kitchen, throw a desultory hoover round the ground floor (which isn't very big, BTW) and Jane's already done hers!!!  Here it is:-
"Hi Jane, here's Day 10.  A bigger pixie's hat perhaps? Happy tats, Jane"

Next in with her day 10 is Val from Singapore.  She says:-
"I'd just enjoyed a cup of English Breakfast tea with a cinnamon and walnut muffin. :-P
Now, day 10 is here, and it makes me think it'll be someone wearing a pointy hat! Nice fun!
Thanks, Jane, and a very good morning!
"Oops, wait, there's another part waiting to be joined up. Hmm... how cool! Can't wait for the huge revelation. ;-)" 

Muskaan has dropped in next with her day 10 and her comment which is as follows:-
"Good Morning Jane !
Day 10 pieces are ready - missed siesta in order to send these in early ;-)
I keep thinking this is a sailboat or yacht. The 2 triangular elements form either side of a sail; & once these are complete, you'll ask us to change colours in order to tat the boat & mast pole joining the triangles.
One of the participants, a few days bqck, had drawn a very nice picture of this ... I just Have to go along with her guess.
Love & greetings to all

Next in is Sonja who says:-
"Goodmornig Jane
Here is my day 10. It looks more and more like a sailing ship, but you like surprises, so I’m not sure.
Happy tatting from a cold, but sunny Holland

Kristen is next with her comment and photo.  Interesting idea, Kristen.
"Hi Jane!
Here is Day 10...I'm back to my Nativity theory again--you see, there's Mary on the left and for the last few days we've been working Joseph (on the right). :)
Thanks much for the hint on which shuttle to start with probably saved me a lot of un-tatting with that small piece of information! :)
Kristen "

Not only is Angela FAST but she's managed to tat FIVE of the day 10's in such a short period of time!!!  That's what I call dedication and probably battery powered shuttles!!!
Here is my Day 10 progress!

Finally in this batch (just going to catch up with the ironing) is Isa who was so excited she dropped me a message earlier too!!!  Here's her full comment now.
"Good Morning Jane, I'm so exited with Sunday's TIAS, because I think it's something we eat in the summer :) I don't know I guess right but I said it's an icecream :).
My husband said also like me :) an icecream.
Have a wonderful Sunday and thanks for this fantastic game."

Ironing done and I'm back!!!
Roelien is the first in this batch and she says:-
"Hello Jane,
Here is my ninth day. And still I don't know what it will be.
Almost all the snow is away here. The sun is shining bright again.
I am longing for spring.
Many greetings,

Bettina has just arrived with her day 10 and she says:-
"Hia Jane (and everyone else to)
My day 10

Shelly is the next arrival in my inbox with her comment and picture.  She says:-
"Morning Jane,
I just knew day 10 would be there today.  I am staying current.  On other days I am tatting on my other projects.  You have me totally confused as to what this can possibly be.  I love some of the drawings and props people are using.  So fun to check each day.  I am no where near that creative.  Here is today's post:
Next to arrive is Emilia who has sent in days 9 and 10 and says:-
"Goodmorning Jane,
Catching up again. Attached day 9 + 10.  I think you are very cunning. Because I can’t see, my first guess (a bonnet) fit this figure. And I am still clueless.
I hope you release the next part soon.
Kind regards, Emilia"

Back to upload a few more.  First in this time is Ann-Sofie who has a great idea for what the TIAS is going to be:-
"Hi Jane!
Here is my day 10.  This time my guess is an entire church? Looking forward to day 11.
Have a very nice day!
Ann-Sofie Sweden"

Now I have Firanghish next in my inbox and she has this to say:-
"Good Evening Jane,
Here is my day 10 assignment. No clues, but just love to tat and waiting for day 11.

Next in is Sue Duckles with her guess - still much the same one!!!!
"Hi Jane. I think it's 10 anyway!! Are you quite sure that this isn't a duck house? It still looks like one to Mcvroom!! Lol. I am now beginning to think it may be a tatted bikini with sunflowers but that might just be because I saw our local drama group do calendar girls last night! Brilliant!"

A bit of background here.  Lesley used to go to school in Stratford and her Grammar school wore boaters like these
"Dear Jane
Well, we may be looking at the prospect of being able to grow rice on our allotment this year but my latest thoughts on the TIAS may come in useful! I’m thinking another form of transport – a gondola. Will just have to dig out a stripy top; unfortunately I threw away my boater from my schooldays and my singing voice is nonexistent, so no serenades as we go under the Rialto Bridge.
Lesley Still in suSpence  (sic!)"
Ummm, Lesley, next time you come up to Stratford - look out for the gondola that is often on the river here.  Yes, honestly there is one!!!!

I knew it would happen.  A problem with the TIAS that I can't help with.  Sorry, Claudia, I just can't can't suggest anything other than buying the kittie their own shuttle.
"Good afternoon Jane
My TIAS has to wait until tonight. I am doing catsitting, and it looks like she enjoys tatting. Ok, maybe in another way than we do, but never mind.

Next in is Tally Tatty who says this - in rhyme again:-
"Dear Tatters,

Could this be a garden GNOME
In front of Jane’s HOME?
Then, I should have chosen WHITE
For their long beards, as the fairy tales WRITE


Now I have Anne-Marie's days 9 and 10.  She says:-
"Hello Jane,
There are my days 9 and 10.
Suspense go on....
At each stage,we believe we'll go to clear up THE mystery ! But nothing..A snowman with his cap?
Which is amazing is that all over the world, there are investigators- tatters or not who think over, draw, rack their brain ....and don't find....
To-day  I make my day 10 taking my breakfast.I can't wait, not waiting more for SOLUTION. But no,nothing new....It will be for next time....
Good afternoon Jane.

The next day 10 to arrive comes with a story from our famous authoress - Fox.  She says:-
"Yup. Witch. House if Gingerbread with flower garden imprisoning children found carrying thread and a pop-a-bobbin. Shuttles were never seen again. Tragic end."

Jo is next in my inbox with two puzzled dogs looking at the day 10 she's just finished!!!
"Hi Jane
Here is my day 10. I still don't know what it is, and neither do these two guys.
Jo from the UK."
Soooo cute, Jo.

Sharren has just arrived in my inbox with her day 10 and the following comment:-
"Believe it or not, I am still caught up – here is Day 10!  Still don’t have a clue what it could be – this is the trickiest TIAS ever!!
No it's not, Sharren.  I know what it is!!!!

Next in is Claudia who has some great ideas!!  Here they are:-
"Good evening Jane
Here comes my Day 10. The idea with the garden gnome seems good, but I remember a mail from last year, you wrote something....
My guess is still a 3D-church or house, we are tatting the front and back, and with the other color, we will tat the sides.
Have a nice evening and a lot of laughs from our guesses
Thanks, Claudia - I will!!!!

Now it's Kelli's turn to be posted on the blog!!  She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is my TIAS Day 10.   I'm still stumped as to what it is.  Looking forward to new clues as I travel next weekend.

Miranda has just arrived now and she's beginning to think somebody else has come up with the answer before today.  Well, Miranda, yes they have but I'm not saying if that guess is the right one!!!!!
"All right, Jane, here's day 10, and I'm pretty sure that whoever suggested the Sydney Opera House is correct.

Now I have Roelien's day 10.  She was in earlier today with day 9 so has had a busy tatting day!!!
"Hello Jane,
Here I am again and now with my tenth day. Today I am quick is not it. An still I have no idea wat it has to become.
And.... I did not forget the picture this time!
Many greetings,

Next in is Wendy with her comment and picture.
"That last part could be an Umbrella or hat of some sort
Wendy x"
Yes Wendy, it could be but is it?!??!?!

IsDihara has just caught up with us!!!  I think she's been running!! Here's her comment and picture:-
Getting caught up on TIAS I just completed Day 9 when Day 10 was released.  Hurray! No waiting.
Hmmm, I no longer think it will be a robot.  (So long DALEK dreams...)  As you know, in years past I have guessed TIAS to be a Loch Ness Monster.  Could this be the year TIAS pays homage to Nessie?

Wanda's next and I see she's still watching the url's I've used!!!  Simple things amuse people, don't they Wanda!!!  So that makes two of us!!!!
"Good evening, Jane.  Day 10 - by itself this piece looks like ..... an open cookie jar!  I anticipate that it will be closed eventually but what that makes it I still don't know.
I've heard a saying "Another day, another dollar" but what has that to do with this TIAS? Just what was on your mind (or BC#3) when you named this pdf? (okay, I'm easily amused)
Wanda from Kansas
aka tattrldy
oops, almost forgot to add my attachment! "

Next to arrive is Anne with her day 10.  She says:-
"Excitement is mounting :)

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