Friday, 7 February 2014

Day 12

If you click on this link you will find Day 12!!!  Have fun!!!

First in this morning with her day 11 is Denise who says:-
"I seem to be having some trouble sending these lately, let me know if you got any.
Denise Brant"
They're coming through to me just fine, Denise.  I was in bed when this one arrived so maybe that's why you're worrying!!!

Next to arrive overnight is Jeff who has caught up with his days 9, 10 and 11.  He says:-
"Hi Jane!
I finally got caught up with the TIAS. I've been busy with work and I got a bit behind. Here are my days 9, 10 and 11 progress pics for the TIAS. I still have no idea what we are making.

First in with day 12 is Isa - again!!!!  This is so funny as I'm meant to be going to the market - not sitting here waiting for the first few in!!  What would I rather be doing?  Sitting here, of course!!!
"Good morning dear Jane, I'm ready to tatting since two hours  ago and waiting for TIAS day 12.
After TIAS I must hurry  to see my laundry :) Hope all of you enjoy Winter Olimpics today.
Have a nice day
Hugs to you and all the participants of TIAS's game all over the world :)
P.S Sending only one of two of my tattings TIAS
Send the other one after my laundry is ready. "

Following very shortly after is Val in Singapore who says:-
"Uhh, it's getting more mysterious by the day, Jane! Where are we going? Love the design. It's no easy guess this year, eh?

Next in is Surya with her day 11 and the following comment:-
"Hello Jane,
I'm sure my little lady will enjoy the motif, no matter what it is.  Here's my day 11.  Today, it made a nice inspiration for a doodle.  Now, I'm off to scrounge for a contrasting thread. I'm looking forward to day 12."
LOVE your doodle Surya.  

Umintsuru is next into my inbox with her day 12 and the following comment:-
"Dear Jane,
It can't be a flagpole to the flag? It must be something else. I know it is. Something more complicated.
Have a great day.

Jane is back once more but this time with her day 12.  She says:-
"Hi Jane, here's day 12. I'm earnestly trying to finish the lining for my shopping bag, but I was happy to take some time off to tat! Happy tats, Jane"

Finally in this batch is Kristen who seems to have go the Olympics on the brain!!!  Not surprising as she's living in Russia at the moment.  Here's her comment and that is followed by her picture:-
"Hello again Jane!
Here is my Day 12...thanks for the practice in untatting split rings ;) (We were watching the last of the new "Sherlock" episodes and I missed the third picot...oops! :-D)
Still stumped. 
Happy Olympics!

Back again and this time with Frances who says:-
"Good Evening Jane
well life has gotten in the way and my computer has been used for real work.  I now present you with days 6 to 9.  I am finished up to day 11 but have not gotten to take its picture.  hopefully some time to day

Sonja has just arrived from Holland and she has this to say:-
"Hello Jane
It looks more and more as a sailing ship.
Beautifull ship. with flowers on the sails. I love it.
Sonja from a again rainy Holland"

Back again with Isa who says this time:-
"Jane here it's me, again, with the second TIAS. I can tell you that I was very nervous this morning because in the first split ring the thread was not good and broken two times. Now my laundry it's ready and sending this second TIAS from me in a raining day in south of Sweden.
Isa "

Julie is in next with several days!  She says:-
"Hello Jane! Hope you're fine !
I'm very late with my TIAS, but I finally finished days 9, 10 and 11. 
I had to restart this second part cause I did the first SCMR the wrong way round!!!
I still think it's a sailboat ^_^"

Next in is Shelley who says this:-
"Hi Jane,
I have NO idea.  This is most interesting whatever it may be.  It has been a lot of fun too.  I check the blog daily to see everyone's comments and submissions.  I think you have us stumped this year.  Here are my Day 11 and 12.
aka skunklady"

Lesley's just arrived and is back to her guess on day 4 which is a yacht.  I'll let her explain!
"Dear Jane
Shopping had to take priority this morning so had to curb my impatience until I arrived home.
I’m going back to my guess on Day 4: a yacht for Ben Ainsley; although looking at the video on FaceBook posted by Chesil Cove – Daily Update he wouldn’t be out on the waters around Portland this week, the waves were crashing over the inn on the shoreline! (For our foreign friends, that’s where the sailing events at the 2012 Olympics took place.)"
Well at least there are blue skies behind your TIAS, Lesley!!!

Muskaan is next into my inbox with her day 12 and the following comment:-
"Hello Jane
Van Gogh is still annoyed with me & is messing with my color palette, throwing weird combos my way!

Little wonder you've chosen a sailboat - itching to sail away from all the rains you've been having :-)
On another note :
This cute day 12 SR row, can make quite a nice border edging for the entire pattern.

Love & hugs to all your Talented TIAS tatters

The next person into my inbox is Margaret here in England and who says:-
"Hello Jane, here is my Tias after day 11.
Margaret in Norfolk."

Angela's just popped into my inbox with her day 12 of the TIAS.  She says:-
Here is my Day 12 progress! I wonder what Day 13 will bring??

Next to arrive is Wanda.  She says:-
"Hello, Jane,  With the pieces like this it looks like parts of a butterfly but I don't think that's it.  Several have suggested a sail boat, which it still could be, but I don't see the picots lined up quite right for that. Hmmm, I still don't know. 
Now off to see what others are guessing.
Wanda in cold and snow-covered Kansas
aka tattrldy"

Miranda has come to the conclusion that she knows what the TIAS is.  Here's her comment:-
"Hi Jane,
Here's day 12, and it's definitely a sailboat now.

Next in is Claire who says:-
"Hello Jane and all fellow TIAS tatters,
It's under a few flakes of snow that I woke up this morning here on the West coast of Canada. Not enough snow to stay very long on the ground though.
Here is my day 12 picture, and its related blog post
I am (almost) convinced that it will be a sailboat. I say 'almost' because you might surprise us still in the next few days. 
Have a great day all!

Cheryl also seems to think the TIAS is a sailing boat.  Hmmmmm.  Here's her comment and picture:-
"Gotta go along with the people who’ve guessed that this will be a sail boat. I could be very wrong. But it’s all fun anyhow. I have done day 12, but I was painting on it on a paint site, so I covered some up. Ooops.

Helene has been ill and has now caught up with us.  Here's what she says:-
"Hi Jane,
I have finally caught up with all of you.  Have been sick with the flu, spent my time resting with no tatting.
Here is my day 10-11 and 12, and "je ne sais toujours pas" I still don't know! 
I think that the sail boat is a very good idea, but then, it could be something else, something only you know.
Sooo much fun.

Next in is Fran who says:-
"Dear Jane
It's good to be using a different colour and it is becoming more intriguing.  I am afraid I cheated and turned my tatting over so that the joins to the first piece of tatting were all on the first half of the SRs.
Fran UK"

Nikki's daughter is now helping with the TIAS.  She's offering advice!!
"Here is my day 12... my daughter thinks it will be a butterfly..."

Jo has just arrived in my inbox from another soggy part of the UK.  She says:-
"Hi Jane
Back home after detouring around some floods on the Herts/Essex border, here is my day 12, yet more split rings but I seem to be getting the hang of them again.  
Rather surprised to spot on the BBC website today that there was flooding around where I used to live - one photo looks like the flooding is at most only feet away from my old ground-floor flat if it isn't already flooded. Some flats almost opposite which I think are part of the conversion of the victorian hospital buildings had to be evacuated in the night by a rescue boat from Essex fire service. I lived there 8 years without seeing any sign of flooding and I guess they wouldn't have kept the hospital in that building for as long as they did if it was at risk of flooding.
Jo from the somewhat damp UK"

Marty is now the next to arrive.  She says:-
"It's a bird, it's a plane, IT'S SUPERMAN!  Or maybe not...  What is really is right now is begging to have the thread ends sewn in!

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